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Razer Viper V3 Pro Launches as High-End Wireless Gaming Mouse


Razer Viper V3 Pro is here for the professional gamers who don’t want to make any sacrifices. With the help of a lot of pro eSports gamers, Razer has tuned the hardware inside the wireless gaming mouse. It aims to offer an even better performance than the non-Pro variant, which is a very popular option among competitive gamers.

Of course, given how pro-grade the Razer Viper V3 Pro is, its price is on the expensive side. The launch price of the wireless gaming mouse is $159.99, which makes it a direct competitor to the Logitech G PRO X Superlight 2.


There are a lot of things that Razer did with the Viper V3 Pro to make it the ideal pick for competitive gamers. First, you have a new optical sensor called Razer Focus Pro 35K Gen 2. Razer says it delivers the best-in-class precision with 99.8% resolution accuracy. The sensor also brings the ability to fine-tune the sensor according to their liking.

Viper V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

More specifically, the Viper V3 Pro offers 1-DPI incremental adjustments. Paired with a DPI sensitivity matcher, it becomes very easy to make the wireless gaming mouse perform how you want it to perform.

Viper V3 Pro

Besides, the gaming mouse supports the Razer HyperPolling Wireless Dongle. It enables the Viper V3 Pro to get up to an 8000 Hz polling rate, offering a very low latency wireless gaming experience. Button-wise, there are eight of them, which you can program with the bundled software.

Another highlight of the Razer Viper V3 Pro is that it comes with some design changes. The wireless gaming mouse has a relatively high rear-shifted hump. This contributes to better comfort during prolonged sessions. Also, the two main buttons have finger grooves, allowing gamers to get a better grip during clutches. It only weighs 54 grams, which enhances the ability to make quick flick shots.

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