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RECOM’s Bifacial Panels to Power Latvian Wastewater Water Treatment Plant & Lower Electricity Costs

  • A 2.1 MW floating solar power plant has come up on the Slova WWTP in Latvia
  • It will enable WWTP operator Jūrmalas ūdens to reduce its electricity costs
  • RECOM has supplied its 550 W bifacial Panther modules for the project

French solar module manufacturer RECOM Technologies has supplied its bifacial solar modules for a project claimed to be the 1st floating solar power station in the Baltics. The 2.1 MW facility will provide clean energy to the Slova wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Latvia.

Completed by EPC DEREX, the project has come up on the water surface of the plant operated by local Latvian water utility Jūrmalas ūdens to help it lower its electricity costs and reduce its reliance on volatile market prices. Currently, the WWTP accounts for 40% of the utility’s total energy costs.

RECOM says each of its 3,820 half-cut mono bifacial double-glass frameless Panther solar modules installed at the station is rated for a power output of 550 W. Installed at an angle of 12° to optimize light from the sun, the panels sit atop a float made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

The French company says its modules will produce a minimum of 87.20% of their nominal power in the 25th year.

The unavailability of suitable land in the region, which mostly comprises water bodies and forests, led to the utility choosing this unused pond for the floating power plant.

“Floating stations have not gained significant popularity in Latvia and the Baltic region yet, although this is the safest option for the fragile ecosystems typical of the region. The ‘islands’ on the water protect the surface from excessive sunlight, preventing the growth of underwater vegetation and preserving the balance and purity of the water ecosystem,” said Project Manager and Director of the DEREX green energy division Yulia Nikulina.

Recently, SolarPower Europe published best practices guidelines for floating solar, listing experience from some initial projects installed (see SolarPower Europe Releases Floating PV Best Practices Guidelines).

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