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Rhythmos.io and Qmerit Partner to Advance Electric Mobility Infrastructure

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With the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on U.S. roads expected to climb to 35 million by 2030, Rhythmos.io and Qmerit are paving the way for electric mobility through a new partnership aimed at overcoming charging-related challenges such as grid capacity constraints and charger availability and maintenance.

The Rhythmos.io Cadency EdgeAI software platform is a utility-driven optimized charging and energy management solution that can more than double EV charging capacity without costly and time-consuming infrastructure upgrades.

Together with Qmerit—one of the US’ leading charging implementation providers for residential and commercial applications—fleet and utility customers will access services from each company to help reduce deployment barriers and enable a streamlined approach to charging management.

Leveraging Qmerit’s electrification implementation capabilities, Rhythmos.io will offer its customers an end-to-end solution for site inspection, implementation, and maintenance of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) chargers. Access to Qmerit’s national network of certified electricians will help deliver a seamless process, saving customers time and money.

Rhythmos.io’s optimized EV charging software ensures predictability, flexibility and real-time transparency in managing EV charging operations, complementing Qmerit’s electrification services and mission to accelerate the energy transition. Qmerit’s customers will have the option to join Rhythmos.io’s Cadency EdgeAI software platform to optimize EV charging strategies, offering benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced costs and improved grid stability.


The Cadency EdgeAI platform harnesses data from various sources, such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) smart meters, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Outage Management System (OMS), and Graphical Information System (GIS) to provide insights from the grid.

Additionally, Rhythmos.io incorporates market and dispatch signals from system operators, and API integrations across the emerging EV charging and vehicle telematics ecosystem. Through data collection, the Rhythmos.io Cadency EdgeAI platform offers a view into the electric grid, enabling utilities to identify, characterize, quantify and forecast EV charging needs.

Source from Green Car Congress

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