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Samsung W25 & W25 Flip: Foldable Innovation With a 25W Power Boost

Samsungs W25 and W25 Flip

Samsung’s W25 and W25 Flip foldable screen phones have passed the Chinese 3C certification. The W25 received certification on July 1, while the W25 Flip did so on June 27. This marks a big step for Samsung as it gets ready to launch its latest foldable devices.



The CQC China Quality Certification Center website confirms that the Samsung W25 foldable screen mobile phone model is SM-W9025, and the W25 Flip model is SM-W7025. Both models come with the original 25W EP-TA800 charger and are made by Samsung Vietnam.

Samsung W25 foldable phones


IT Home noted that these two folding screen phones have not yet received the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s (MIIT) network access license or CMIIT model approval. These approvals are key for the devices to be sold and used legally in the market.



The Samsung W25, internally codenamed Q6A, is expected to have a titanium metal frame. This design choice promises durability and a high-end feel. However, the W25 will not support the S Pen stylus, a feature some users might miss.


The W25 Flip model also follows a sleek design, with a focus on being easy to carry and use. Like the W25, it includes the original 25W EP-TA800 charger, ensuring fast and efficient charging.



Both the W25 and W25 Flip models are produced by Samsung Vietnam. This facility is known for its top-quality manufacturing standards, ensuring that these new foldable phones meet Samsung’s strict quality control measures.

Samsung charger



For reference, the previous generation Samsung “Heart of the World” W24/Flip foldable screen mobile phone was released in September last year, with a starting price of 9,999 yuan. This sets a benchmark for the pricing of the new W25 and W25 Flip models.


With the certification process underway, the launch of the W25 and W25 Flip is anticipated soon. The market eagerly waits for these new models, expecting them to offer significant advancements over their predecessors.



Both the W25 and W25 Flip will come with the original 25W EP-TA800 charger. This inclusion ensures that users can charge their devices quickly and efficiently, a key feature for modern smartphones.


While the devices have yet to receive network access licenses, they are expected to support a range of modern connectivity options. This will include support for WCDMA and LTE networks, ensuring strong performance in various network conditions.



Samsung’s W25 and W25 Flip continue the company’s tradition of innovation in foldable technology. These devices are expected to offer better durability, enhanced display quality, and a more seamless user experience.


The use of a titanium metal frame in the W25 model is a notable innovation. This material choice not only provides a premium look and feel but also boosts the durability of the device, making it more resistant to wear and tear.



The foldable screens of the W25 and W25 Flip promise to deliver an immersive viewing experience. These devices are designed to provide vibrant colors, deep blacks, and sharp details, enhancing the overall user experience.

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The foldable design of the W25 and W25 Flip makes them compact and easy to carry. This portability, combined with their advanced features, makes them ideal for users who need a powerful yet handy mobile device.

Samsung W25



The launch of the W25 and W25 Flip is expected to strengthen Samsung’s position in the foldable phone market. These new models, with their innovative features and high-end design, will likely attract a wide range of users.


Consumers have high expectations for the W25 and W25 Flip, given Samsung’s reputation for quality and innovation. The success of these models will depend on how well they meet these expectations in terms of performance, design, and user experience.

As the launch date approaches, the anticipation continues to build. Samsung’s strategic decisions in design, production, and feature set indicate a strong understanding of market needs and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile technology. The W25 and W25 Flip are more than just phones; they are a glimpse into the future of mobile computing.


The upcoming launch of Samsung’s W25 and W25 Flip foldable screen phones marks an exciting development in the world of mobile technology. With their top features, premium design, and innovative foldable technology, these devices should make a decent impact on the market. As the certification and approval process progresses, consumers eagerly wait to experience these new models firsthand.

Samsung’s W25 and W25 Flip represent the latest in foldable tech. These devices not only build on the success of their predecessors but also introduce new features and improvements that set them apart. The use of a titanium frame in the W25 model, for instance, highlights Samsung’s commitment to combining durability with style.

The foldable design of these phones makes them unique in the market. Users can enjoy a larger screen without the bulk, making them perfect for both work and play. The vibrant display quality ensures that everything from movies to games looks great. The ease of carrying these devices around adds to their appeal, making them suitable for a wide range of users.

In conclusion, Samsung’s W25 and W25 Flip foldable screen phones should make a big splash in the market. With their cutting-edge features, premium design, and innovative technology, they promise to deliver an unmatched user experience. The shift towards more portable and versatile devices is evident, and Samsung is at the forefront of this change. As consumers eagerly wait to get their hands on these new models, the future of foldable tech looks brighter than ever.

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