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How to Select a Great Universal Car DVD Player


Car DVD players now have many features that make driving more convenient and enjoyable. They are more popular than ever, thanks to 4k resolution images, high-quality audio, GPS navigation, radio, and smartphone integration, among other exciting features. 

However, due to the overwhelming number of models on the market, selecting the best options can be difficult. Continue reading to learn how to select a great car DVD player and provide an excellent catalog for your customers.

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Car DVD players: why they remain popular
What to look for when purchasing a car DVD player
Sit back and relax: we’ve got you covered

Car DVD players: why they remain popular

A grey 2 DIN car DVD player

While most cars are equipped with cutting-edge gadgets, older cars, and even some newer models, may not have all the best features. One device that many customers look for when it comes to upgrading is DVD players. They provide a host of features and are perfect for entertaining kids and passengers on road trips. 

However, not all car DVD players are the same, and there are several important factors to consider before purchasing a model, as they may not be compatible with all vehicles and may not have all the desirable features. 

So for those looking to source car DVD players, this article will help you find the leading models for your customers.

Five types of car DVD players

A car DVD player with a large screen

1. In-dash DVD players: These are an excellent choice for vehicles with limited space behind the front seats and can be installed in the center console near the front compartment. However, this device can distract some drivers when the video playback is on.

They also come in two formats: a double DIN head unit with a screen, amplifier, and player that takes up twice the space of a single DIN due to its height. The second option is a single DIN head unit, which provides the same audio quality but with different functions and with a more compact design.

2. Headrest DVD players: These devices can be placed behind the driver’s and the front passenger’s headrests. This option is helpful for rear passengers because they can watch high-quality videos with excellent audio.

3. Flip down DVD players: They are mounted on the vehicle’s roof, above the passenger seat, and generally require more space. Thus, they are an excellent option for watching movies in commercial cars such as SUVs or MPV rather than in smaller vehicles.

4. Rearview mirror DVD players: Functioning as a half-screen and half-mirror, these DVD players are easy to install on the rearview mirror. The device can also be turned off, leaving only the mirror visible when not in use. However, the videos may be distracting, given the location and proximity to the driver.

5. Portable DVD players: The portable DVD player does not require installation and can be carried anywhere. Simply plug the power cable into the cigarette lighter socket to connect the device to the car.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Car DVD Player

There are a few crucial factors to consider when looking for the best car DVD players. This checklist will help buyers find the best option. So read on to learn more about the essential attributes of a good DVD player.

A car DVD player playing music

Screen size

When it comes to DVD players, the screen is arguably one of the most important factors. The viewing experience will undoubtedly be influenced by the size and quality of the screen, and DVD players typically have a diagonal screen size of 7 to 9 inches.

These screens, like TVs, tablets, and computers, are available in various resolutions, including HD and 4k. A higher resolution, of course, results in a more detailed image.  However, touchscreens, HD quality, and larger screens have a higher price tag.

Audio quality

The audio quality, in addition to the video, completes the media experience. Different models take different approaches to audio, with some having built-in speakers and others having a headphone jack so that the audio connects directly to the user while not disturbing other passengers. Regardless of the audio format, the delivery should be free of noise and with volume control that is easy to use.

Before purchasing a device, ensure that it supports all playback formats. The audio is encoded in various forms, and the format type determines the audio quality. The most common formats are MP3 and AAC, which provide standard quality, while WAV, FLAC, ALAC, etc., offer higher quality. It is also critical to determine whether the device supports various audio sources such as radio, AUX, Bluetooth, and SD card.

Placement of the device

Devices that must be mounted on the dashboard or the ceiling are not universal because they may not be compatible with all vehicles. Portable DVD players and headrest models on the other hand are excellent choices because they can be used in almost any vehicle, and can be quickly strapped into an existing space.

Easy app integration

Many customers appreciate devices that can be integrated with and work alongside their smartphones. Check to see if the DVD player supports this feature before making a purchase. 

One of the most recent developments in this space is smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These were designed to make driving easier and to provide a more seamless driving experience.

Radio service

Many people enjoy listening to the radio while driving because it provides a quick source of information. Traditional radios have been replaced by digital radios, frequently featured on various devices. Many DVD players include radio services with improved audio quality, allowing consumers to enjoy music without having to shift the focus from driving.

GPS Navigation

A GPS is beneficial as it allows users to navigate roads easily and focus on the streets. Many DVD players include a built-in GPS, and users do not have to pay extra. With smartphone integration becoming more common, GPS navigation can be accessed via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.


The head unit serves two purposes: the first is to accept input from the audio source, and the second is to output the audio to the car’s speakers via an internal amplifier. This amplifier comes with two power ratings: RMS and peak power. Peak power is the maximum amount of power an amplifier can produce, while RMS is the amount of power an amplifier consistently has with regular use.

Higher RMS power is generally better because it allows for more volume without reaching the amplifier’s limit and distorting the audio quality. More wattage, however, does not imply better audio quality. Various factors, including the audio source, digital-analog converter, equalization, and the car’s speakers, influence it.


DVD players with decent screen size and picture resolution start at US $100 and go up. For shoppers willing to splurge a bit more, DVD players between US $100 to US $200 are good options as they have bigger screens and advanced features. It is easy to find flip-out players with in-built infotainment systems at this price range. 

Furthermore, DVD players above US $200 are usually designed to be permanently installed in the vehicle or are high-tech portable DVD players with HD images.

Sit back and relax: we’ve got you covered

A multi-featured car DVD player is ideal for shoppers looking for the best infotainment while driving, while headrest DVD players are suitable for smaller vehicles. On the other hand, roof-mounted devices are perfect for larger vehicles such as SUVs, whereas portable DVD players are excellent alternatives for those concerned about vehicle compatibility because they do not require installation. 

Ultimately, for those aiming to cater to this market, it is important to make sure there is a wide range of selections at different prices to meet the budgetary needs of every customer.

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