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Skimboarding: 5 Products Needed for the Perfect Experience

Man holding a wooden skimboard

There’s nothing like hitting the waves with a skimboard. Despite the number of surfers that exist globally, skimboarding tends to attract advanced-level surfers who want to be more daring—and it’s also popular amongst swimmers who want to make the most of their time in the waves.

However, what defines the kind of experience consumers will have is their accessories—and for skimboarding, they’ll need a few. This article highlights five essential skimboarding products consumers need when hitting the waves and waters in 2024!

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How big is the skimboarding market?
5 skimboarding trends to offer consumers in 2024
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How big is the skimboarding market?

Skimboarding is a summer board sport, making it a healthy segment of the global board sport market. Experts valued the market at US$ 20.4 billion in 2022, expecting it to grow significantly and surpass US$ 35 billion by 2030. They also predict the global board sports market will register this growth at a 6.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period.

Based on the same report, summer board sports began to dominate the market in 2023, with projections showing it will grow at a tremendous 7.5% CAGR. Based on that, experts believe the summer boardsport segment’s market value will be US$ 32.8 billion by the end of the forecast period—2030.

Also, the report includes that the U.S. board sports market reached US$ 10 billion in 2022. And experts project it to continue its tremendous growth due to the country’s strong industry presence. China will also experience impressive growth over the forecast period. Research suggests the market will reach US$ 2 billion by 2030 at a 7.7% CAGR.

5 skimboarding trends to offer consumers in 2024


Multiple sunscreens on a blue background

Although skimboarding is a water sport, consumers will likely expose themselves to sunlight for extended periods. That’s why experts recommend skimboarders pack quality sunscreens to reduce all potential of getting sunburnt—as pain shouldn’t follow fun in the waves!

The best part about sunscreens is that consumers can choose the type that suits them best. For instance, consumers who feel uncomfortable with cream-based products can choose chemical variants instead. Chemical sunscreens (22,200 searches in February 2024, according to Google data) use many different ingredients that get absorbed into the top layer of your skin. These ingredients then react with your skin to soak up the harmful UV rays from the sun and turn them into a different kind of energy that’s not harmful to the skin. Usually, chemical sunscreens come in facial skin care products, but consumers can also find them in spray bottles.

If consumers prefer the creamy variants, they will want natural or mineral sunscreens. Physical sunscreens (49,500 searches in February 2024) are often called “natural or mineral” sunscreens because they contain only two ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These ingredients don’t soak into the skin like chemical sunscreens do. Instead, they sit on the skin like a shield, bouncing the sun’s rays away.

Powder sunscreen (12,100 searches in February 2024) is another great alternative for consumers who don’t love greasy, sticky lotions. They are mineral-based solutions shielding the skin without breaking down as fast as chemical variants. In addition to being easy and convenient, powder sunscreens are also great for kids.


two skimboards resting on a wall

These boards look like watered-down versions of surfboards without the fins! But there is a good reason for this design choice. Skimboards are smooth enough to allow consumers to glide across various surfaces, usually water at a beach. They are intuitive enough for everyone, regardless of skill level.

Now, the difference comes in when looking at what manufacturers make these boards. The most common type consumers can get is plywood skimboards. They are the most affordable variants and are favorites for beginners. But, if consumers want to skimboard on waves, they need something harder, like fiberglass.

However, the last material, carbon fiber, is mostly reserved for professionals. Carbon fiber skimboards are also the most expensive since manufacturers build them for high performance and durability. Skimboards started 2024 on a great note. While they rounded up 2023 with 74,000 searches, they upgraded to 90,500 inquiries in January, carrying over that performance to February 2024.

Traction pads

Person preparing to use a skimboard with traction pads

When skimboarders need that extra grip, traction pads are always there to save the day. These accessories are a big game changer that have transformed board surfaces from a slippery hazard to non-slip comfort. Traction pads are necessary for consumers hoping to pull off high-speed maneuvers and agile turns.

Additionally, traction pads come in various materials, shapes, and sizes, adding a bit of variety to an otherwise standard accessory. However, one popular style is a diamond or hexagonal pattern, which offers enhanced grip while minimizing water absorption. Interestingly, grip is not the only thing these babies provide.

Traction pads also help reduce foot fatigue. The comfortable and stable platform they offer helps consumers skim longer without experiencing those pesky foot pains. Not to mention, they also increase board safety! The extra grip and comfort lowers the chances of slipping and sliding injuries—so no more strains, sprains, or serious accidents.

Although some skimboarders prefer using the feeling of wax on their boards, others are on the hunt for the perfect traction pad for their skimboards. So how many people are searching for them? According to Google data, up to 3,600 skimboarders are searching for these products in February 2024. Additionally, that stat increased from 2.900 in January 2024.

Skimboard bags

Man opening a green skimboard bag

Skimboards are not something consumers want to travel with bare and unprotected. Although they look sturdy, they can get nicks and debts that may negatively affect skimboarding performance. Thankfully, consumers can protect their boards while moving (or storing) them with skimboard bags.

Skimboard bags have special designs that can easily carry and protect skimboards. Typically, they have padded interiors, preventing skimboards from breaking during transportation. But there’s more. These bags also come with pockets or compartments for storing various accessories.

Even better, skimboard bags often come with handles or straps for easy carrying. They may also have additional features like ventilation to prevent mold or mildew growth. These bags may not be as popular as the boards they protect, but they still draw in enough performance to be profitable. Based on Google data, they have raked in 18,100 searches in February 2024.

Skimboarding wax

Mam using wax on his board

Traction pads are not the only way consumers can get a grip on their boards. In fact, there is a more classic approach. Surfers have been using wax on their boards since the 60s, and it’s safe to say that tradition has been passed on to skimboarders!

Usually, manufacturers make these waxes from paraffin, beeswax, or other hard waxes. Although paraffin is still the major ingredient for skimboard waxes, many manufacturers are trying other alternatives. For instance, some brands add petroleum jelly to make their waxes softer than others.

More importantly, many manufacturers are shifting towards eco-friendly alternatives. Now, consumers can get 100% natural skimboard waxes. These variants come packed with organic substances, like vegetable oils, tree pulp, beeswax, pine resin, and natural essential oils. And if consumers want a more pleasant smell, some skimboarding waxes have exotic scents, like coconut or bubblegum, to make them more attractive.

Waxes have become a popular way to increase grip and stability while skimboarding. According to Google data, skimboarding waxes accumulated 8,100 searches in February 2024. And so although businesses can still profit from traction pads, waxes may be the more popular way to go.

Wrapping up

The best thing about skimboarding is that it’s more open than surfing. If there’s enough land to gain momentum, consumers can throw their boards and ride the water. However, the skimboarding experience becomes even better when consumers have the right equipment—and Google data proves that many people out there are searching for these awesome accessories to elevate their skimboarding experience. So, businesses can capitalize on sunscreens, skimboards, traction pads, waxes, and skimboard bags to attract more customers and boost their sales in 2024.

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