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Sleep Time Skincare: Why Is It Essential for Beauty?


The average consumer knows that a good night’s rest is essential for their overall physical and mental health, and these benefits extend to the skin. Studies show that seven-to-nine hours of sleep can better protect the skin and help it heal from injuries.

But the average beauty enthusiast wants to take bedtime up a notch, adding sleep time skincare products to their routine. Here’s what businesses should know about beauty sleep and the products to sell.

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Overview of sleep time skincare
Sleep time skincare products to offer

Overview of sleep time skincare

Sleep time skincare is a nightly beauty routine designed to be used around or at bedtime. Nighttime is when your skin best absorbs ingredients, making this routine effective and easy to implement. Consumers especially love easy-to-use products like sleeping masks, facial sprays, and bath products.

The target market for sleep time skin care is vast, ranging from consumers across various countries and ages. However, more American and British consumers are implementing this trend. Sleep time skincare is also popular among the 20-40 age group. All consumers, regardless of demographic, demand high-quality and affordable products. 

Why sleep time skincare is important

Sleep is essential for skin health, even without the extra products. During sleep, the body produces more collagen. Collagen is a naturally-occurring protein that repairs the skin, preventing many aging symptoms.

Consumers still want to take sleep care further with a proper skin health ritual. Sleeping with skin-healthy products maximizes the benefits one gets from a good night’s rest.

Today, self-care is less about looking great and more about feeling good. Many of these products, such as sleep-support sprays, relax and help users fall asleep faster.

What this means for businesses

Sleep time skincare is a big opportunity for businesses. Overnight beauty products are becoming more abundant and are easy to market. Salespeople can educate consumers, saying the products are easy to add to an existing nighttime skincare routine. 

Many brands also create nighttime skincare kits, making it even easier for starters to create a sleep time beauty routine. The average beauty consumer is more educated and knows the right ingredients though. This creates a new opportunity for businesses to sell products for experienced users as opposed to beginner’s kits.

Sleep time skincare products to offer

Sleep time skincare is diverse, and there are products for consumers of all demographics. Common products include repair kits, single-ingredient products, sleep sprays, overnight solutions, and twilight beauty. 

Repair kits

Man wearing a repairing skincare mask

Repairing kits are for consumers who want to achieve serious skincare goals. These kits contain stronger ingredients, such as retinol, that make skin sensitive to sunlight, which is why they’re ideal for nighttime use.

Active ingredients don’t have to be harsh anti-aging ingredients. Natural ingredients, such as turmeric, offer numerous skincare benefits, such as brightening and healing. These skincare kits are ideal for those new to nighttime skincare, and sleep can still boost the power of these ingredients.

Using repair kits also ties in with the sleeping trend. In this case, sleep is more about functionality as opposed to comfort. These products take time to work and are perfect for use before bed.

Single-ingredient facials

Woman wearing a skincare mask and reading a magazine

The average skincare enthusiast doesn’t want fillers in their products. They want to use potent ingredients to get faster results. Retinol and the plant-based alternative bakuchiol are among the most popular, though glycolic acid, various vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, CBD, and niacinamide are also in-demand.

Brands can offer retinol single-use serums to those who are serious about anti-aging. Hyaluronic acid is also a powerful anti-aging ingredient. It helps the skin retain moisture, making this the perfect ingredient for serums. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that brightens the skin and entices collagen production, making it another critical anti-aging ingredient.

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that resurfaces the outer layer of the skin. When using a nightly glycolic acid facial peel, users will experience smooth and even-toned skin.

For customers unsure of what they want, businesses can sell serum kits made with various targeted ingredients.

Sleep-support sprays

A spray bottle on a wooden board

Sleep-support sprays are multi-functional products that contain calming ingredients that support a good night’s rest. These can be used on the face and skin, as well as on pillows and bedding. Consumers love these sleep-support sprays because they can place them on their nightstands, spraying them whenever necessary.

The best sleep-support sprays contain ingredients that are good for the skin and produce a calming fragrance, such as lavender

Some users may only want a spray for the face and skin. These sprays contain moisturizing ingredients to spritz quickly before bedtime.

Overnight products

Close-up of serum bottles

Users apply overnight beauty products right before bed which are meant to be worn throughout the night. These products save time during a nighttime ritual, and users love waking up to a beautiful complexion.

There are various examples of these products. Acne hydrocolloid patches will extract the excess oil and sebum from a pimple overnight, so users wake up to less-noticeable breakouts. Users can apply an overnight serum and wake up to nourished skin. Overnight lip masks will also hydrate lips throughout the night.

Twilight beauty

Cream and candle next to flowers

Instead of having a nighttime ritual, more beauty and self-care enthusiasts are creating a twilight beauty ritual that lasts from sunset to bedtime. Many beauty enthusiasts also extend twilight beauty to the morning time, right after they wake up.

To create a twilight beauty routine, the user will need multiple products for healthy skin. Every skincare routine starts with a simple cleaner and a toner. Users should also apply a moisturizer or serum after cleansing. Businesses can combine more than one trend, such as offering an overnight eye mask to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Twilight beauty is more than a way to get beautiful skin. Users can use this time to relax and prepare for bed. Face and eye massagers are multi-function tools that improve the skin while relaxing consumers. Baths are also relaxing, and users may want to use bath bombs for more skincare benefits.


A good skincare routine is part of a healthy lifestyle, and many users understand the value of beauty sleep. Businesses can take advantage of this by offering targeted nighttime skincare solutions, products that support sleep, overnight skincare solutions, and products meant to support twilight beauty routines rather than a nighttime regimen.

Beauty businesses should pay attention to the latest trends to meet buyers’ demands. Continue reading the Baba Blog to learn the latest movements in beauty and personal care.

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