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5 Slow Bathing Product Trends to Watch in 2023


Slow bathing is not just a self-care moment, but a method steeped in wonder, ritual, and escapism for stressed consumers. Slow bathing also expands into sexual wellness, appealing to consumers looking for intimate connections with sensual and hedonistic items.

However, slow bathing is not complete without the several products that make the ritual more calming than ever. Consumers can indulge in these beauty products to elevate their bathtime to a luxurious status.

Dive into five slow bathing products that can turn bathtime into healthy routines in 2023.

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An overview of the slow bathing product market
Slow bathing products consumers will love in 2023
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An overview of the slow bathing product market

Slow bathing takes the lead as more consumers look toward more relaxing and self-care routines. The global luxury bath and body products market had a $14.46 billion value in 2021. However, experts from Grandview Research expect the industry to witness an expansion with a CAGR of 7.9% from 2022 to 2030.

The increasing amount of self-care trends and demand for slow bathing products are factors propelling this market’s growth. And the rising number of product launches will also attract millennials and youngsters.

Businesses can bank on this market’s huge potential and expect more demand for these products in 2023.

Slow bathing products consumers will love in 2023

Soak Sunday

Woman posing inside a bath with flowers

Soak Sunday takes the win when it comes to sensuality. This British brand offers products that can turn any bathroom into an oasis of solitude. And consumers can enjoy a curated playlist to make the bath even more sensual.

The more recent Soak Sunday collection adds the art of seduction to slow bathing. The products have designs that allow them to heighten consumers’ senses.

Soak Sunday bathing products take inspiration from lazy weekends. These products also feature 98 to 100% potent botanicals, soothing ingredients, and aromatherapeutic blends. The Soak Sunday collection includes various vegan and cruelty-free products, including body oils, scrubs, butter, cleansers, and face masks.

Woman soaking in a milk-colored bath

The collection presents these products in three unique scents: Cleo’s paradise, Rose utopia, and Midnight storm. And each pack comes with different Spotify playlists to match the ingredients and fragrances.

Consumers itching for peak sexuality can indulge in Soak Sunday’s “The Seduction” collection, leading the way from the bathroom to the bedroom. Users can share the experience with a partner or enjoy it alone. The pack comes with bath and body oil, scented candles, a vegan silk blindfold, and a passionate R&B playlist.

Users concerned about the ecosystem have nothing to worry about. Soak Sunday products use recyclable aluminum and glass packs. The brand also provides refillable options.

Chasin’ Rabbits

Woman slow-bathing in blue bath waters

Fun and playful is the style of Chasin’ Rabbits products. This K-beauty brand offers joyful bathing moments with a touch of pleasurable moments. These products stick to a no-waste rule and opt for organic and natural ingredients.

Chasin’ Rabbits products are inspired by #kidult trends. They also appeal to the carefree and experimental Gen Z consumers looking to add joyful moments to everyday bath routines.

The brand offers three slow bathing products: Back bath bomb duo, Peace love groove cleansing bar, and Mindful bubble cleanse. The bath bombs have designs that showcase the Moon and Earth. And they have effervescent reactions that mimic naturally bubbling hot springs, giving the user the ultimate fun experience. The bath bombs also provide bright colors to transform bath water into gold or sea-blue colors.

Hand holding bath bomb over tub

The cleansers feature tie-dye and pastel color schemes, making them perfect for selfies. Consumers can use all Chasin’ Rabbits products from head to toe.

Chasin’ Rabbits takes its Gen Z appeal up a notch with paper-based packaging. All packs have easy peel-off labels that enhance recyclability. The products feature lightweight packages to help reduce CO2 emissions.

Inoki Bathhouse

Woman enjoying a bath with herbs and flowers

Traditional Japanese bathhouses appear in modern slow bathing trends through the Inoki Bathhouse. The brand’s premium blends draw inspiration from its founder’s experiences in Korea and Japan. These tea-like slow bathing blends motivate users to soak in aromatic herbal baths.

After its launch in 2021, the Canadian branch gave consumers stuck at home a way to find rest and peace in slow bathing. Inoki Bathhouse’s signature products provide a mix of tea-inspired herbs and flowers.

Consumers can enjoy two signature blends, including Mountain Fog and Garden Bathhouse. These blends come in large tea bags users can brew in hot baths to exude relaxing aromas. The products also include premium drinking tea, candles, mindfulness tips, and a calming playlist as part of the package—heightening the bathing experience.

Inoki Bathhouse focuses more on its ingredients. The brand offers a blend of ethically sourced herbs and flowers used for centuries to eliminate sleeplessness. The ingredients not only encourage rest but also present several skincare benefits. 

Anonymous woman holding flowers in a milky bath

Honey helps brighten the skin, chamomile reduces redness, and black goji berries improve hydration. Consumers can also enjoy limited-edition blends like the floral milk bath blend. This product got its inspiration from the founder’s trip to Bali.

UME Studio

Woman slow-bathing with flowers

UME Studio takes a more artistic approach to slow bathing. The brand presents a unique soap from the collaboration between artists and designers. UME Studio’s partnership with Tonic Naturals gave birth to this line of artisanal soaps.

The brand uses a mix of antioxidants, Tonic Naturals’ essential oils, and botanicals to make this product. The production process takes eight to ten weeks and includes setting, hand-cutting, batch stamping, and curing.

But that’s not what makes this product different. The central aspect of this soap is its tactile shape. It resembles mountain peaks, giving it a different feel. On top of that, UME Studio’s soap reveals complementary scents over time, making every experience with the soap different from the last.

Man relaxing during a bath routine

The brand believes that these unusual characteristics would invoke the subconscious act of mindfulness and force the consumer to be in the moment. However, this product is only available for a limited time.


Man submerged in a bath with lemons

Humanrace came from Pharrel Williams’ desire to create a gender-inclusive brand. The celebrity brand focuses on the several health benefits of well-being routines. Its evolution into bath and body care products aims at simplifying slow bathing and allowing wider audiences to enjoy the principles of self-care.

Humanrace’s signature products include two body care bars designed for all genders and races. Consumers can get the product’s full effects when used in a bath.

Users don’t have to worry about skin irritations and reactions. Humanrace’s body care bars are dermatologically tested and feature clean ingredients. The collection provides an “Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar” and a “Renergizing Whiteclay Body Bar”.

Close-up shot of different bath bars

Both bars offer soap-free options, ensuring the skin retains its natural oils. The charcoal bar features charcoal, rice powder, and jojoba seed oil, which help refine and smooth the skin. The white clay bar utilizes kaolin, shea butter, and snow mushroom extracts for skin hydrating and cleansing.

Together, both products offer the maximum soothing combo. The bars also have designs that fit into the consumer’s palm. Users can opt for a ceramic dish to place their products when not in use.

Closing words

Baths provide various health benefits, from improved sleep to increased blood flow and mood uplifting. With the sexual wellness market booming, more consumers are looking to purchase bath and body care products with connections to intimacy and luxury.

These brands are inspired by the skin care industry, delivering bathing products that prioritize soothing and skincare benefits for consumers. Both physical and mental benefits combine to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

2023 comes with an increasing need for self-care products. Businesses must capitalize on Soak Sunday, Chasin’ Rabbits, Inoki Bathhouse, UME Studio, and Humanrace bathing products that will appeal to slow bath lovers in 2023. 

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