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Soccer Trends to Watch in Euro 2024: The Beautiful Game Evolves

Euro 2024

Table of Contents
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– Soccer Market Dynamics
– Technology and Design Innovations
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As we approach the highly anticipated UEFA Euro 2024 tournament in Germany, the world of soccer is buzzing with excitement. The European Championship not only showcases the continent’s finest talent but also serves as a platform for the latest trends, innovations, and top-performing products in the soccer industry. As a business professional or retailer, staying informed about these developments is crucial to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this quadrennial event.

Soccer Market Dynamics

Division of Soccer Equipment

1. Soccer Cleats: Essential for any player, soccer-specific cleats ensure proper traction, support, and ball control on the field. They should feature molded soles and shorter studs for safety and optimal performance, with a particular emphasis on avoiding a toe spike. The right fit is also crucial to prevent discomfort and the risk of injury during play.

2. Shin Guards: These are vital for protecting players’ shins from impacts due to kicks and fast-moving balls, a common occurrence in soccer. Most youth leagues mandate their use for player safety. Shin guards should fit snugly and be worn under long soccer socks to ensure full protection.

shin guards

3. Soccer Ball: Investing in a quality soccer ball is important, rather than opting for cheaper, less durable options. Proper inflation, typically between 9 and 10.5 pounds, is key to extending the ball’s lifespan. The size of the ball should correspond to the player’s age group, with size 3, 4, or 5 being the most common.

4. Uniform: A complete soccer uniform includes a jersey, shorts, and socks. While these are often provided by the league, there may be instances where they need to be purchased separately. Uniforms are specifically for game days, whereas regular athletic wear is suitable for practice sessions.


5. Goalkeeper Gloves: For those interested in playing as a goalkeeper, specialized gloves are a must. They provide wrist support and allow for finger flexibility, enhancing performance in this crucial position. However, for very young players in leagues where a specific goalie is not used, these may not be necessary.

6. Training Equipment: To improve skills, fitness, and agility, various training equipment such as cones, poles, hurdles, ladders, and rebounders are used. The specific items utilized can vary based on the player’s age and skill level, but they are integral to developing a well-rounded soccer player.

training equipment

7. Accessories: Beyond the basic gear, additional items like a water bottle for hydration, a soccer bag for organizing and transporting gear, and optional accessories like headbands, wristbands, and tape can enhance the playing experience. These extras ensure players are prepared for both practice and game days.

Market Status

The soccer balls market was valued at USD 5.9 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach USD 27.6 billion by 2030. From 2023 to 2030, the soccer balls market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 24%. The global football shoes market size was valued at USD 18.16 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.3% from 2022 to 2030 to reach USD 28.9 billion by 2030. The soccer shoes and cleats market is highly competitive, driven by innovation, brand endorsements, and global expansion. Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Under Armour are some of the leading players. Accessories and equipment are also experiencing steady growth, with a projected market share of 22% by 2024.

Europe dominated the football shoes market with a 30.83% share in 2021, attributable to the high popularity of football in European countries. The European soccer market continues to thrive, with a projected market size of €7.25 billion by 2024. The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2% from 2021 to 2024.


Technology and Innovations to Follow

Sustainability Focus

As environmental consciousness grows, soccer brands and governing bodies are taking steps to make the sport more sustainable, especially with high-profile events like Euro 2024. Adidas, the official match ball supplier for the tournament, has incorporated recycled materials into the ball’s construction. The Euro 2024 match ball features recycled polyester and corn fibers, reducing its carbon footprint and reliance on virgin plastics.

UEFA, the governing body of European soccer, has set ambitious sustainability goals for Euro 2024. They aim to make it the most environmentally friendly European Championship ever held. One key initiative is optimizing travel between the host cities in Germany. By carefully selecting venues and match schedules, UEFA hopes to minimize the distance teams and fans need to travel, thus reducing emissions from transportation.

Soccer Accessories and Other Equipment

As soccer technology advances, manufacturers are introducing innovative accessories and equipment to enhance player safety, performance, and comfort. One key trend in 2024 is the development of revolutionary protective gear that incorporates sensors and advanced materials to reduce injury rates.

Smart shin guards, for example, are being designed with embedded sensors that can track and analyze impact forces. This data can help coaches and trainers identify players at higher risk of injury and adjust training programs accordingly. Some smart shin guards even feature active protection systems that stiffen upon impact to disperse force and minimize the risk of fractures or contusions.

In addition to shin guards, manufacturers are experimenting with advanced materials in other protective equipment like goalkeeper gloves and headgear. Gloves with enhanced grip technology and shock-absorbing foams can improve a goalkeeper’s performance and reduce hand injuries. Lightweight, breathable headbands and caps with reinforced padding can protect players from head impacts while optimizing comfort.

Another significant trend in soccer equipment is the rising popularity of women’s football. As more women and girls take up the sport, there is a growing demand for specialized equipment designed specifically for female players. This includes cleats with narrower fits and additional support features to accommodate women’s foot shapes and biomechanics.

Women-specific soccer balls with slightly reduced size and weight are also gaining traction, as they can help female players develop proper technique and control. Brands are investing in research and development to create soccer apparel tailored to women’s bodies, with a focus on fit, flexibility, and moisture management.

girl soccer player running

High-Tech Official Match Ball:

The Adidas “Fussballliebe”, the official match ball for the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament, is a groundbreaking piece of sports technology. Unveiled by Adidas in November 2023, this high-tech ball features an innovative “connected ball technology” that promises to revolutionize the way the game is officiated and analyzed.

At the heart of the Fussballliebe is a sophisticated suspension system that houses a 500 Hz inertial measurement unit (IMU) motion sensor. This tiny but powerful chip is capable of sending precise ball data a staggering 500 times per second, recording every touch, pass, and shot with unparalleled accuracy. By capturing the exact moment of contact between player and ball, this technology will provide invaluable support to video assistant referees (VAR) in making split-second offside decisions.

The Fussballliebe’s eye-catching design is a vibrant celebration of the diversity and inclusivity of football. The bold graphics feature a mix of red, blue, green, and orange triangular patterns against a white base, symbolizing the coming together of the 24 participating nations. In a thoughtful touch, the ball also bears illustrations of each of the ten tournament stadiums, along with the names of the host cities, serving as a tangible connection to the host country of Germany.

Adidas has taken great care to ensure that the integration of the advanced sensor technology does not compromise the ball’s performance. Extensive testing has confirmed that the connected ball technology is imperceptible to players and does not affect the ball’s flight characteristics or durability. As the Fussballliebe takes center stage at the Euro 2024, it is poised to offer fans, players, and officials alike an enhanced, data-driven experience of the beautiful game.


Innovative Football Boots:

Major brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma will release new boot packs and collections ahead of Euro 2024. Expect to see innovations in materials, design and technology aimed at improving touch, control, speed and precision. These big brands usually lead the way of next level products and technologies. As business buyers, you may want to follow their actions to boost your own businesses.

Some anticipated releases include:

Adidas Predator 24 Pack:

The Adidas Predator 24 pack pays homage to the iconic 1994 Predator boot that revolutionized the soccer footwear industry. This modern interpretation features a striking red, white, and black colorway reminiscent of the original design. The boot’s upper is constructed with Adidas’ Primeknit technology, offering a seamless, sock-like fit that molds to the player’s foot for ultimate comfort and control. The Predator 24’s rubber elements on the instep and toe box provide enhanced grip and spin on the ball, allowing for precise passing and shooting. With its blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology, the Predator 24 pack is sure to be a hit among players and fans at Euro 2024.

Adidas X Speed Portal+: Precision Meets Power

Adidas’ X Speed Portal+ combines precision and power in a sleek design. The boot’s upper is constructed with a thin, lightweight material called Speedskin, which adapts to the player’s foot shape for a snug, comfortable fit. The Carbitex Speedframe outsole is the key innovation in this model, featuring carbon-fiber inserts that provide superior traction and energy return. The X Speed Portal+ is designed for players who rely on quick movements and explosive power, making it an ideal choice for forwards and wingers.

kicking the ball in the air

Nike Mercurial Zoom “Brilliance Pack” and Phantom GX/Luna “Hidden Gem Pack”:

Nike’s Mercurial Zoom “Brilliance Pack” is designed for speed and agility on the pitch. The boot features a lightweight Vaporposite upper that wraps around the foot for a secure, responsive fit. The soleplate is engineered with Nike’s Aerotrak 2.0 technology, which includes angled studs for explosive acceleration and quick directional changes. The “Brilliance Pack” comes in a striking metallic silver colorway with red and blue accents, making it a standout on the field.

The Phantom GX/Luna “Hidden Gem Pack” showcases Nike’s innovative Phantom design, which focuses on precision and control. The boot’s Flyknit upper is textured for enhanced ball grip, while the Ghost Lace system provides a clean striking surface. The “Hidden Gem Pack” features a dark green upper with iridescent accents, inspired by the hidden beauty of uncut gemstones.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 16 Elite: Speed Redefined

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 16 Elite is set to be a game-changer at Euro 2024. With its lightweight Vaporposite upper and innovative soleplate design, this shoe offers explosive speed and agility on the pitch. The upper is engineered with a new Vaporposite+ material, which is thinner and stronger than its predecessor, providing optimal ball control at high speeds. The soleplate features Nike’s Aerotrak 3.0 technology, with angled studs and a perforated sockliner for enhanced traction and responsiveness. The Mercurial Vapor series has been a consistent top-seller, and the latest iteration is poised to continue that trend.

soccer shoes

Puma Future, King, and Ultra Models in the “Forever Faster” Pack:

Puma’s “Forever Faster” pack includes updates to their popular Future, King, and Ultra models. The Future boot features Puma’s FUZION FIT+ technology, a compression band that adapts to the player’s foot shape for a personalized fit. The King model, a classic leather boot, is updated with a modern knitted tongue and a lightweight Pebax outsole for improved agility. The Ultra model focuses on speed, with a lightweight MATRYX EVO upper and a Pebax SpeedUnit outsole for explosive acceleration.

The “Forever Faster” pack comes in a bold yellow and black colorway, reflecting Puma’s commitment to speed and innovation. These boots are designed to cater to a wide range of playing styles and preferences, making them a versatile choice for players at Euro 2024.

Puma Future Ultimate: Adaptive Fit Technology

Puma’s Future Ultimate showcases the brand’s innovative Adaptive Fit technology. The shoe’s dynamic lacing system and FUZION FIT+ compression band work together to adapt to the player’s foot shape, providing a locked-in feel and optimal support. The upper is constructed with a soft, lightweight material called FUZION FIT+, which offers a comfortable, barefoot-like sensation. The outsole features Puma’s Dynamic Motion System, with a mix of conical and bladed studs for agility and traction on firm ground surfaces. With its cutting-edge design and performance features, the Future Ultimate is set to make waves at Euro 2024.

kicking soccer


Euro 2024 promises to be a thrilling showcase of soccer excellence and a catalyst for the latest trends and innovations in the industry. As a business professional or retailer, staying attuned to these developments is essential to seize the opportunities presented by this global event. By understanding the market dynamics, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and offering the top-performing models, you can position your business for success in the exciting world of soccer.

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