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Axpo’s 10 MW Alpine Solar Plant for Mountain Railway in Switzerland’s Disentis Ski Area

  • Axpo will build a 10 MW solar power plant in Disentis ski area to power mountain railway
  • It will help the railway be powered entirely by locally generated solar power
  • Construction is scheduled to kickstart in the spring of 2024 and commissioned in the fall of 2025

Swiss utility Axpo has announced plans to build a 10 MW alpine solar power plant at an altitude of 2,100 meters near the La Muotta peak in Switzerland that will power the mountain railway that takes visitors to Disentis ski area in the Canton of Grisons.

The Ovra Solara Magriel Alpine Solar Plant will cover an area of 80,000 sq. mtr. and is designed to generate 17 GWh annually.

Axpo says this project will enable the railway to meet its annual electricity requirements for operation entirely with local solar power. Its location will allow for the utilization of the existing infrastructure as the power grid making it simpler to construct the project here.

Construction is planned to be launched in spring of 2024 and the initial section commissioned in the fall of 2025. It will come online in fall of 2026.

Axpo also plans to build another 10 MW ground mounted solar plant near Nalps reservoir in the Canton of Grisons in the town of Tujetsch as of fall of 2025. The company already operates a 2.2 MW AlpinSolar Project which back in 2022 was touted as Switzerland’s largest alpine solar plant.

Part of the utility’s ‘solar offensive’, these projects contribute to Axpo’s overarching target to develop 1.2 GW solar capacity in Switzerland by 2030 including both ground mounted and rooftop solar facilities. It translates into some 4,200 solar projects in Switzerland’s mountains and midlands, according to the company.

“We are rigorously pursuing our solar offensive and ensuring more winter power in Switzerland,” said Axpo CEO Christoph Brand.

Using solar power to generate electricity, especially during winters when the sky is clearer high up in the mountains, is part of Swiss government’s own ‘solar offensive’ strategy to speed up its renewable energy generation capacity.

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