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5 Hot Beach Chair Trends to Watch Out for This Season


Are you a business specializing in beaching gears and chairs looking for something new to add to your inventory? This article will take you through the latest beach chair trends and explain why having them in your showroom is a clever idea.

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What is the market saying about beach chairs?
Top 5 latest beach chairs trends
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What is the market saying about beach chairs?

With more people adding beaching to their bucket lists, the demand for beach chairs is on an inclined trajectory. Currently, beach chairs command over a $222.6 billion industry which is expected to grow to $317.3 billion by 2027 or at a staggering CAGR of 7.4%.  

The voracious appetite for beach chairs is attributed to increased disposable income and the growing awareness about the benefits of outdoor lifestyle and social media influence. Let us dive down to the latest beach chair trends in 2022. 

Top 5 latest beach chairs trends 

Customizable beach chairs stand out above the rest 

A tourist reading a novel on a customizable beach chair

The need for customizable chairs is taking a new phase and thanks to their splendid designs, customers love them. You can capitalize on this growing market by providing high-quality, durable, and stunning chairs. 

Other than that, customizable beach chairs have limitless functions, from making great gifts to being used as souvenirs. And because each option is identical to a customer, a natural bond formed between you and them skyrockets sales.

Everything about customizable or personalized beach chairs is absolutely flexible. Some are embellished in memorable logos and insignias, while others come in different materials. Customers may opt for wooden chairs covered in waterproof polyester or a simple ergonomic plastic chair. 

Backpack beach chairs are more portable than ever

Kids playing on backpack beach chairs; see the hanging straps

Customers love shopping for multipurpose utilities to save money, and nothing fits perfectly in that niche other than backpack beach chairs. They can be used on boat decks for fishing, camping, bonding around bonfires, and at home just relaxing and barbecuing with friends.

A classic backpack chair made from aluminum is reasonably light, rust-resistant, and durable. Diversify your pickings to include wooden and plastic chairs other than aluminum to satisfy a large customer base. 

This trend will live a little longer because backpack chairs are adapted for the outdoors. They feature insulated storage pouches convenient for keeping drinks and flexible straps for easy transportation. Add an adjustable sunshade canopy on the chair and air it out in your showroom; customers will pause to look at it and admire its uniqueness. 

Spring is around the corner and campers will be scouring the internet for backpack beach chairs. Why don’t you stockpile your showroom with them in preparation for the high season? 

The demand for folding beach chairs is on the rise

A stripped foldable beach chairs in a photo studio

Though backpack and foldable beach chairs are closely related, the latter is recognized for its simplicity, compactness, and adaptability, just what an avid camper needs. 

Foldable chairs prove popular as they are highly mobile, multifunctional, and offer a customer a variety of choices. Traditional lightweight, rust-proof, and camping-ready chairs are common. Nowadays, in addition to that, you can provide your customers with exquisite options that have shoulder straps, adjustable pillows, and rubber handles. 

Space-conscious beachgoers with camping vans are looking forward to having these chairs as they can fit in small corners of their vehicle. Thus, their versatility is unquestionable. 

Vintage beach chairs are reviving

Two turquoise blue antique beach chairs made of wood

As vintage or antique beach chairs’ stylishness continue to establish dominance in the high-end market, there is no doubt demand will expand rapidly. This fact is best explained by antique shop owners who, through sticking to the latest trends, dine on a ripe market by providing sturdy, stunning, and price-friendly pickings. 

People craving for a relaxed moment on the beach without diving into the ocean will always come for vintage chairs. Their colorful wooden planks, handcrafted skeletons, and exotic finishes like leather create a lovely scene. 

Some of them, like rattan beach chairs, are compact and expertly homemade using hardwood to provide longevity needed for an outdoor asset. They are also portable, adjustable using recline settings, and protected by UV-resistant paint. 

Classic leather beach chairs are setting new industry standards

Well polished leather beach chairs in a living room

Do you want the feeling of gentleness and royalness to envelop your customers as they relax on the beach? Leather chairs’ A-class designs with natural handcrafted materials got you.

They are handsomely made, versatile, and come in an impressive assortment of colors. Additionally, the skeleton, which is mostly hardwood, has smooth, natural grains blending perfectly with the leather seat. 

However, because leather is sensitive to the sun, you will find these chairs under beach pergola, canopies, and on decks. But that should not deter you from exploring the niche. Bring the redefined look and timelessness of leather chairs to resort owners, Hollywood stars, yacht tycoons, and seaside homeowners.

Take away

As we have seen, besides providing a comfortable place to sit down and listen to the roaring waves, beach chairs are stunning, tied to personalities and symbols of luxury. Such is the case of leather chairs. In the future, the above-named trends are expected to define consumption habits, and there is no denying that they will hold the key to successful transactions. 

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