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12 Key Jewellery Items Perfect for Spring and Summer 2022


Several notable jewelry trends are appealing for buyers in spring and summer 2022. Hoop earrings, vibrant statement pieces, and bold necklace chains are all in style. Selecting products from these categories can help attract buyers to your business. To assist with this, this article presents a selection of 12 key items of jewelry for women which are both popular and affordable. These trending products are practical choices to stock this spring and summer.

For those who like classic pendant necklaces and earrings 

Gold-plated pendant necklace and earring set with white stones

This pendant necklace and earring set is a versatile choice to market to buyers. Its classic design makes it suitable for special occasions during spring and summer. Its 18-carat gold-plated design and multi-colored stones also make it attractive for buyers.

For those who desire necklaces and earrings with shark designs

shark design

Some buyers prefer themed jewelry. Appealing to them is a suitable way to stand out from competing businesses. This is why this article presents a selection of animal-themed pieces. This shark necklace and earring set is an ideal statement piece. It will also draw attention to your business from buyers interested in sealife. 

For those with a passion for crabs

crab design

This crab-shaped jewelry combines color with boldness. That makes it a perfect item to offer to buyers looking to wear trendy statement pieces. The ruby-colored option pictured above is striking. The intricacy of the legs and pincers is another highlight of the design. Cheap necklaces and earrings like these will secure interest from buyers on a budget. 

For those who love fairy tales

Pendant necklace and earring set with fairy design

This gold-tone jewelry combines earrings for women with a necklace. Fairy designs like these will resonate with buyers looking for cute jewelry. This makes them a worthwhile choice to sell online or in-store. The necklace and earrings feature cubic zirconia plated in 18-carat gold. Semiprecious stones are tastefully inserted into the wings of the fairies.

For those who appreciate the beauty of serpents 

Gold-plated serpent-themed earrings with emerald stones for eyes

Another way to position your business is to offer eye-catching jewelry designs. Snakes may seem like an unusual choice for women’s earrings. However, they can look suitable depending on the style and design. 

The head of the serpent mirrors the appearance of an arrowhead and features tiny cubic zirconia eyes. These earrings can come in several different colors. Offering the whole range can intrigue personalized jewelry buyers who view your products.

For those captivated by butterflies in the garden 

Butterfly earring set with multicolored cubic zirconia stones as wings

When selling customizable jewelry, butterflies are a reliable option for spring and summer. They’re often chosen for jewelry products like hoop earrings and necklaces.

Offering recognizable jewelry is a useful method for bringing buyers to your store. This eye-catching butterfly earring set features cubic zirconia butterfly wings. The multicolored option encourages buyers who like customized jewelry.

For those who enjoy wearing earrings with colored studs

Huggie earrings with ruby and white cubic zirconia studs

Curating a jewelry collection can also involve offering earrings with studs. These give buyers another reason to browse your jewelry collection. This set is gold-plated and fuses a pair of small white studs with a larger ruby, emerald, pink, or white stud. It’s a brilliant style choice to offer buyers who want to combine elegance with style.

For those who wish to think of their family 

Children-themed earrings with white studs and gold-plating

Jewelry buyers sometimes have personal desires influencing their fashion choices. An example is family-focused buyers. Appealing to them with children-themed earrings in your collection is a suitable option. These cute earrings come in various colors.

For those with a preference for tortoises

Tortoise earring set with emerald stone and smaller decorative stones

This tortoise earring set is ideal to advertise as a statement piece for spring and summer. The tortoise’s shell shines brightly due to a large cubic zirconia stone. Along the sides of the tortoise, small white stones add decoration.

For those who find turtles the most appealing in jewelry 

Turtle earring set with pink cubic zirconia stone

This turtle necklace and earring set is a superb choice for selling in your business. Designs like these will encourage buyers looking for splashes of color to explore your offerings. Small cubic zirconia stones cover the limbs and the head, with a large one representing the shell. These contrast well with the 18-carat gold-plated design.

For those who seek peace in nature 

Gold-plated leaf earrings with 13 colored cubic zirconia stones

These leaf-themed earrings are a fitting choice to offer buyers in spring and summer. These leaf huggie earrings also come in a version with many colors. This makes them perfect for positioning as a statement piece for buyers. Each leaf includes 13 small stones placed to draw attention.

For those who only need a simple set of earrings 

Square earring set with white cubic zirconia stones

Not all jewelry needs to be colorful and appealing to others. Some earrings emphasize simplicity. These square huggie earrings are an appropriate example. Selling them will appeal to buyers looking to stay on-trend without complex designs. 

They feature plenty of decorative cubic zirconia stones. For extra color, there is an option to order this item with an emerald or pink stone in the center.

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