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Swiss Energy Group Proposes 70 MW Alpine PV Plants To Generate Close to 100 Gwh/Year

  • BKW has proposed to develop around 70 MW solar PV capacity in the Swiss Alps 
  • The individual capacity of the 6 projects that will bring this capacity online ranges from 8 MW to 12 MW  
  • It says 3 of these projects have already been approved by respective municipalities 

Switzerland-based energy and infrastructure group BKW has announced a solar offensive to install 6 alpine solar power plants in the country’s Bern canton, with an aggregate installed capacity of around 70 MW. 

On completion, all 6 projects will generate close to 100 GWh annually with almost 45 GWh expected during the winter months of October to March. At least 10% of the total expected production will be consumed on site or fed into the grid by 2025-end, which will grow to 100% by 2030-end. 

BKW said it does not plan the systems to be as large as possible, instead these will be optimally tailored to electricity generation grid capacity and environment protection. 

The proposed projects are as follows:  

  • 11 MW Adelboden Schwandfäl at Adelboden BE 
  • 8 MW MontSol at Saint-Imier  
  • 12 MW Schattenhalb Tschingel Ost at Schattenhalb BE  
  • 12 MW Schattenhalb Tschingel West at Schattenhalb BE 
  • 12 MW Grindelwald Gemschberg at Grindelwald BE, and  
  • 10 MW Grindelwald Oberjoch at Grindelwald BE 

BKW claims to have the approval of respective municipalities for the Adelboden Schwandfäl, MontSol and Schattenhalb Tschingel Ost. Currently, the company has 480 MW solar PV capacity installed in its supply area. 

Switzerland is seeing an increase in the number of alpine solar power plants proposed as studies show their potential of generating more solar power during winter months above the fog line. These can also make use of existing hydropower station infrastructure for power evacuation thus making these financially viable (see Swiss Experiment Shows High Potential For Alpine Solar). 

Recently, another Swiss energy group Axpo announced plans to deploy 45 MW alpine solar PV in the form of 2 projects of 30 MW and 15 MW capacity (see Axpo Continues With Solar Offensive In The Alps). 

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