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Winter Hats: 5 Stunning Trends Revving the Fashion Industry


It’s essential to cover all body parts during winter, including the head. For this reason, winter hats are necessary for anyone hoping to step out into the snow.

Winter hats come in various designs and styles, from functional to playful. This article explores five winter hat trends making a scene and trending across all genders and ages. But first, examine the potential of the winter hat market below.

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A breakdown of the hat market size
Five lovely winter hat trends worth investing in 2022
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A breakdown of the hat market size

In 2021, the global winter hats market accumulated a $25.7 billion value. However, experts predict the industry will register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% from 2022 to 2030. Factors like changes in environmental temperatures are responsible for driving this market’s growth.

Experts expect regions with colder temperatures to increase demand for winter hats. They’re also perfect for protecting from dust and dirt. The rising influence of social media platforms is another significant contributor to this market’s expansion.

Beanies generated the highest revenue in the winter hats market. The segment accounts for over 40% of the total revenue share in 2021. Wool material also dominated the market by registering over 54% of the total value.

Men dominate the winter hat market, but the women segment follows closely behind. Experts predict Asia Pacific will exhibit the fastest CAGR of 4.6% over the forecast period. Europe also shows promising stats—it registered the highest regional revenue share in 2021.

Five lovely winter hat trends worth investing in 2023

Fur hats

Woman wearing a golden yellow fur hat

Fur hats offer the best of comfort and style. These glamorous items burrow their way into the hearts of consumers looking for more formal winter hats. Originally, fur hats were unisex items, but updates and innovations make the accessory more feminine than usual. These hats, also known as cossacks, mostly don’t have ear flaps but can cover the ears to keep them toasty.

These gorgeous accessories usually feature natural fur. However, animal lovers feeling apprehensive about the idea can opt for faux fur variants or other synthetic blends. Whether natural or artificial, fur hats need extra care to keep them looking glamorous.

Woman wearing a white fur hat

Natural fur hats don’t mix well with chemicals like perfumes, makeup, and hair products. Consumers should shake off the extra water if the item gets wet before drying. Faux fur hats are not as demanding and can be machine- or hand-washed. These hats look elegant paired with fur coats and other formal winter staples. 

Bobble hats

Man posing with a black bobble hat

Bobble hats are a variety of knitted headwear designed to provide warmth in chilly conditions. They have pompoms on their tips that look fashionable. But these items weren’t always in the spotlight. In truth, many classified the bobble hats as geek & nerd items and generally unpleasant.

However, bobble hats rose in popularity after the geek-chic trend. They became fashionable items that made a statement with various winter outfits. These hats have military origins and have since evolved to accommodate diverse designs and colors. In addition, bobble hats can take some punishment without losing their structure.

Woman wearing a blue bobble hat

Consumers may easily fold and store them in purses or bags and release their beauty when needed. Bobble hats were top picks for kids, but now adults want in on the fun. These hats look particularly good on oblong or oval-shaped faces. They also easily complement other face shapes.


Woman posing with a deerstalker hat

Deerstalkers have a mysterious air surrounding them, but it doesn’t stop these pieces from looking fantastic. They’re famous for resting on the head of the historical figure Sherlock Holmes. Deerstalker hats also have incredible practicality, making them acceptable in most situations.

The deerstalker hat often goes by the name “Sherlock hat.” These items have distinctive features making them easy to recognize. Their low brims facing downward are one characteristic that defines deerstalkers

In addition, deerstalker hats are mostly multi-paneled. They can accommodate six or eight triangle-shaped panels, rounded and sewn at the top. The result is a slightly puckered feel, perfect for deer hunters needing something warm and comfortable. Deerstalkers also have rear and front visors that make them unique.

Deerstalker hat on a leather bag

Ear flaps are also a thing with deerstalkers, which helps to increase the item’s winter appeal. Deerstalker hats feature neutral colors and may even accommodate classic patterns like plaid and houndstooth. They may also use heavy or lightweight wool fabric. Some variants have Teflon treatments to prevent damage from snow or rain.

Watch caps

Woman posing with a red watch cap

Watch caps are better known as beanies and the most worn winter accessories. They often feature acrylic, polyester, fleece, and wool. These hats may feature cuffs, lining, and even bobbles. Watch caps may come in simple designs and plain colors or bolder patterns and text designs.

Wearing this hat without cuffing is the simplest way to rock a watch cap look. Consumers will get the most warmth since the item will cover the ears while resting above the eyebrows. The single-cuffed style also offers similar protection levels. But it’ll rest halfway across the ears and on the wearer’s head.

The classic fisherman look is also possible with the watch cap. The look involves styling a rolling or cuffing the item twice. Wearing this style forward will offer the most warmth, while taking it backward would be stylish—since it reveals some of the wearer’s hair.

Man looking towards the sky with a yellow watch cap

Consumers can also rock a high-top style with watch caps. The hat stays on the wearer’s head and rests slightly above the ears.

Ushanka hats

Woman playing with snow in a white ushanka hat

Ushankas are traditional Russian hats with ear flaps for extra warmth. They’re also called shapkas and come with fasteners allowing consumers to secure the flaps under the chin. These details can easily keep the wearer’s neck and ears warm.

These warm beauties mostly use furry materials. Rabbit, muskrat fur, and sheepskin are popular fabrics for ushanka hats. Shapkas were widespread among the military and Soviet leaders. But in the 20th century, these accessories permeated streetwear and other winter outfits.

Close up shot of a woman in an ushanka hat

In addition, ushanka hats are still trendy in contemporary fashion. Both men and women can rock these hats and enjoy function and style. Fresh updates allow the item to come in various colors. Some models accommodate bold prints for more daring consumers. Shapkas also look fantastic with fur scarves for more extreme weather conditions.

Bottom line

Fur, wool, and other warm fabrics dominate the winter hats market and create warm & toasty updates. Social media trends indicate a rise in trendy hat styles protecting wearers while looking stylish.

Focus on items with extra details providing more warmth and comfort. Users demand versatile and durable hats to see them through their various winter activities. Ear flaps and pompoms are details to look out for—so businesses can meet up with demands and avoid losing out on massive sales this season.

Fashion retailers must consider investing in fur, bobble, deerstalkers, watch caps, and ushanka hats for an updated winter accessory catalog.

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