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The Best Snorkeling Masks for Kids

Kid swimming in ocean with yellow snorkeling mask

Snorkeling is one of the best ways to enjoy underwater exploration. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages and makes for great entertainment for kids at the beach.

The ideal snorkeling mask for kids is designed with comfort and safety in mind, allowing them to explore the sea freely and with peace of mind. Here, we’ll outline the best styles of snorkeling masks for kids in 2024.

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Global market value of snorkeling equipment
Unique snorkeling masks for kids

Global market value of snorkeling equipment

3 kids with different snorkeling masks on their heads

As an in-water activity, snorkeling requires a high degree of safety to undertake. And while it’s unlike diving and scuba diving, taking place instead on the surface of the water with just the head and nose submerged, the equipment used must still be safe, putting parents’ minds at ease.

As more people go on summer holidays around the world and take an interest in water sports, the demand for snorkeling gear continues to rise.

Young child swimming underwater wearing bright snorkeling mask

In 2023, the global market value of snorkeling equipment was worth USD 2.4 billion, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.45% to reach USD 3.5 billion by 2032. Snorkeling is therefore rapidly becoming one of the most popular leisure water sports globally, both for adults and children.

Unique snorkeling masks for kids

2 children laying in sand wearing snorkeling masks

There are a few different snorkeling mask designs to choose from. Each of these designs offers unique features and fits; by offering a variety of masks, as a seller you can ensure that consumers have more chance of finding a mask that suits them.

Young boy wearing snorkeling mask and watermelon floatation ring

According to Google Ads, “snorkeling masks” have an average monthly search volume of 40,500, with most searches, at 60,500, occurring in August, followed by July and September with 49,500 searches.

Google Ads also reveals that the most searched for types of snorkeling masks for kids are “full-face snorkeling masks” with 22,200 monthly searches, followed by “goggles and snorkel” with 4,400 searches and “anti-fog snorkeling masks” with 720 searches. Read on to learn more about each of these popular snorkeling masks for kids.

Full-face snorkeling masks

Young boy wearing a light blue full-face snorkeling mask

Full-face snorkeling masks offer a number of unique features not found in traditional snorkeling masks, namely, a wide field of vision.

By covering the entire face rather than just the eyes and nose, these masks provide a panoramic field of vision, helping the wearer to fully immerse themselves in the underwater landscape. The snorkel in full-face snorkeling masks is also integrated into the design, enabling effortless breathing through both the mouth and nose – a feature that makes it easier for children to snorkel unencumbered.

Young girl wearing white and pink full-face snorkeling mask

Meanwhile, the dry-top design and silicone skirt that acts as a seal between the mask and the face prevent water from entering the mask, making them air-tight and comfortable for children from ages 4 and up.

Finally, anti-fogging technology in the form of special coatings or ventilation systems help the wearer maintain clear vision. Consumers will also look for masks that have adjustable straps to accommodate various head sizes as well as hardy construction.

Typically, the mask body will be made from silicone, and the lense should be made from shatterproof polycarbonate to ensure added longevity. Basic full-face snorkeling masks can be sold for around USD 25, while premium masks can be as expensive as USD 150 or more.

Snorkel and goggles

Young girl with blue goggles and snorkeling mask in ocean

The most traditional type of snorkeling gear is composed of a separate goggles and snorkel. This can make them more difficult to put on, so younger children should be supervised to ensure the fit is correct.

The goggle lenses are typically made from tempered glass or polycarbonate which both provide durability and clarity underwater. The mask’s skirt forms a seal against the face and should be made of a material that’s gentle on the skin, such as soft silicone or hypoallergenic rubber, which also helps to prevent water from entering the mask.

Blond boy wearing blue and yellow goggles with snorkel tube

The snorkel tube itself is often made of a lightweight material such as plastic or silicone, adding extra buoyancy. A purge valve can often be found at the bottom to allow the wearer to clear any water that may have seeped in. The mouthpiece is usually made of similar material and is designed to comfortably fit a child’s mouth so that they’re able to breathe naturally.

A set of goggles and snorkel tube can cost anywhere from USD 15 for basic sets to over USD 100 for sets that include a carrying case and other snorkeling gear such as fins.

Anti-fog snorkeling masks

Girl snorkeling underwater with anti-fog snorkeling mask

Having clear vision while underwater while snorkeling is essential, not only for safety but also for enjoyment. Anti-fog snorkeling masks are designed to prevent fogging of the mask’s lense, achieved via a special coating that works to reduce the surface tension of water droplets that can form on the inside.

Some masks may also feature a ventilation system to reduce humidity. Vents are often placed around the mask’s frame to allow fresh air to circulate and moist air to escape, while the soft silicone or rubber skirt holds the mask tightly in place.

Girl wearing anti-fog snorkeling mask in a pool

Anti-fog snorkeling masks aren’t necessarily sold with a snorkel tube. Like all the masks on this list, they come a variety of colors appeal to different ages and genders, with prices ranging from USD 20 to USD 150 for masks that feature premium materials.


Girl wearing white snorkeling mask with tube on the beach

Snorkeling masks for kids now come in a huge range of different varieties, with each having features that will appeal to specific consumers. Traditional snorkeling masks are still very much in demand due to their ease of use and cheaper prices, but more advanced technologies like anti-fog snorkeling masks and full-face snorkeling masks are becoming increasingly popular, especially as prices fall due to competition.

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