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The Gradient Lip Makeup Trend and How to Achieve It

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A trend that has recently captured the attention of beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike is the mesmerizing technique of gradient lips, also known as ombre or popsicle lips. Originating from Korean beauty culture, this technique has transcended borders to become a global phenomenon, gracing the lips of celebrities, influencers, and makeup enthusiasts around the world.

Here, we’ll discuss what gradient lips are, why they’re popular, and what products consumers are using to achieve them.

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What are gradient lips?
Popularity of gradient lips
Types of gradient lips
How to achieve gradient lips

What are gradient lips?

Gradient lip, also known as ombre or popsicle lips, is a makeup technique where the color of the lipstick or lip tint is applied in such a way that it creates a subtle gradient effect on the lips.

The gradient typically goes from a darker shade on the outer parts of the lips to a lighter shade towards the center. This technique is used to add dimension and create a visually interesting and flattering look for the lips.

The reason why this look is sometimes referred to as a “popsicle lip” is because the gradient with the use of a pink color makes it appear as though the person has just sucked on a cherry popsicle. The result is a coquettishly innocent and alluring look. Others have embraced the gradient outside the pink hues to express their individuality.

Popularity of gradient lips

The gradient lip trend first gained popularity in South Korea and is often associated with K-beauty trends. South Korea has been a major influencer in the beauty industry, introducing numerous innovative makeup and skincare techniques.

Korean celebrities and K-pop idols have played a significant role in popularizing the gradient lip look. The trend emphasizes youthful and cute aesthetics, contributing to its widespread adoption not only in South Korea but around the world. As of this fall, #GradientLips has over 117 million views on TikTok, with lip gradient tutorials getting more than 1.5 billion views.

Types of gradient lips

Gradient lips

Gradient lips offer a versatile canvas for creativity and personal expression. Here are some popular variations and styles within lip gradient makeup:

  1. Two-tone gradient: Two distinct shades, often contrasting or complementary colors, are used to create a gradient effect. This style allows for a subtle transition between two colors, usually darker on the outer edges and lighter toward the center.
  2. Diagonal gradient: A unique and striking look, especially when using vibrant or contrasting colors, achieved by applying the gradient effect in a diagonal pattern across lips
  3. Multi-color gradient: A blending three or more colors to create a playful and artistic twist to traditional gradient lips. Incorporate multiple shades to create a more intricate and vibrant gradient effect.
  4. Reverse gradient: A bold and unconventional look that is achieved by inverting the conventional gradient style by applying a darker shade in the center and transitioning to a lighter color on the outer edges.
  5. Inner glow gradient: An illusion of a natural “inner glow” achieved by focusing on a soft and subtle gradient, where the inner part of the lips is slightly lighter than the outer edges
  6. Glitter gradient: Glitter or shimmer is added to the gradient lips for a dazzling and glamorous effect. This variation is ideal for special occasions or for when a more extravagant look is required.

Experimenting with these variations allows makeup enthusiasts to explore different techniques, color combinations, and finishes to achieve gradient lips that suit various preferences, occasions, and moods.

How to achieve gradient lips

Screenshot of a video from TikTok of a beauty influencer showing how to get gradient lips

Here’s a guide on achieving a gradient lip:

  1. Select colors: Choose two or more lip colors that complement each other. Typically, a darker shade is used on the outer corners, and a lighter shade is applied towards the center.
  2. Apply the darker shade: Start by applying the darker lip color to the outer corners of the lips – you can use a lip liner or lipstick for this step.
  3. Blend inward: Use a lip brush, fingertip, or the edges of a cotton swab to blend the darker color towards the center of the lips. The idea is to transition from the darker shade to the lighter one seamlessly.
  4. Apply the lighter shade: Apply the lighter lip color to the center of the lips to create the focal point and add the illusion of fullness.
  5. Blend again: Gently blend the lighter color into the darker one, ensuring that there aren’t any harsh lines between the two – the key is to achieve a smooth transition between the two shades
  6. Optional glossy finish: Some add a clear or tinted lip gloss to the center of the lips to enhance the gradient effect and add a touch of shine

Some people prefer a subtle gradient, while others prefer a more dramatic contrast between the darker and lighter shades. Gradient lips can be a fun and creative way to play with lip color and add a unique element to your makeup look.


By wholeheartedly embracing the ethos of celebrating individuality and self-expression, beauty businesses have the opportunity to meticulously curate product lines that deeply resonate with consumers actively searching for cutting-edge, trend-setting solutions.

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