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The Most Popular Farm and Garden Tractors


The farming business has been growing, and many are still drawn to agriculture. Tractors are among the essentials of a fruitful farming business as they make work easier and faster. Different tractor manufacturers have come into the industry to produce affordable, manageable, and flexible farm and garden tractors. Currently, there are tractors of different forms and sizes produced by different companies. 

Here, we will focus on the most popular tractors in the world. Additionally, we will look at the tractors’ market share and expected growth rate in the next five to seven years. 

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Tractors market share, size, and expected growth
The most popular farm tractors 
The most popular garden tractors

Tractors market share, size, and expected growth 

A man on a tractor cutting grass

Farm tractors provide power for agricultural activities like plowing, tilling, harrowing, and planting. The global growth in the agricultural sector has increased the demand for farm tractors. Also, most governments have supported agriculture by offering credit incentives to motivate farmers to use agricultural equipment. 

The global farm tractors market size was valued at USD 59.1 billion in 2021. According to AMI, it is projected to hit USD 97.8 billion by 2031, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6% from 2022 to 2031. Regionally, the Asia Pacific is expected to register the highest CAGR (6.3%) over the forecast period. 

Garden tractors, also called compact utility tractors, are designed to mow the grass and perform other functions. Modern garden tractors have advanced technologies and new capabilities like blading, snow removal, and grading. Interestingly, the popularity of golf courses worldwide has led to a surge in demand for garden tractors. 

MMR reported a global garden tractor market value of USD 33.48 billion in 2021. It is anticipated to reach USD 49.13 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 6.6%. The North American region accounted for 51% of the international market. It is also expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% by 2027.

1. Yanmar USA YT347C compact tractor

The YT347C has an enclosed cab; thus, an operator can work under any weather condition. It has a 39.5 hp four-cylinder diesel engine that can be transformed effectively from a four-cylinder diesel engine by i-HMT to the required energy to perform functions like plowing, lifting, mowing, and carrying.

At the front is a uniquely curved-glass windshield that enhances vision. The tractor is also equipped with an autothrottle that manages the engine and movement speed by use of the drive pedal. When lifting or digging, the anti-stall system keeps the engine running. 

2. FARMALL Model H

International Harvester produced Farmall Model H from 1939 to 1953. It was preceded by Farmall 340 and replaced by Farmall Super H and later the Farmall 300 and 350 models. The tractor has a 24-hp overhead valve engine and a five-speed gearbox. It marked the second International Harvesters legendary letter tractor series. This model of a tractor is a great fit for mid-sized row crop farming. 

The original H model used an International Harvester C152 4-cylinder in-line engine. The propulsion rested on the front wheels. It has a forward speed of 16.3 miles per hour and a 2.7 miles per hour reverse speed. The front wheels are closely spaced nose wheels with single-wheel or wide front axle options.

3. FORD Model 8N

Ford Model 8N was manufactured from 1947 to 1952. It was among the Ford-N Series tractors which also spanned the 9N and 2N models. The 8N featured more power and transmission compared to the other models. The tractor picked so much popularity that it accounted for 25% of all tractors manufactured in the U.S. However, in 1953, the N-series tractor was replaced with a new model dubbed the Golden Jubilee or widely referred to as the Ford NAA.  

The tractor is equipped with manual drum brakes. It has a tweel drive steering capability. Also, it has a rear PTO transmission with 545 rpm. The wheelbase is 70 inches. It is powered by the Ford 2.0L four-cylinder gasoline engine or distillate. 

4. John Deere 4066M heavy-duty compact tractor

A row of John Deere farm tractors

The John Deere 4066M, part of the 4M series, is a four-wheel drive small utility tractor. It was initially manufactured in 2014 in Augusta, Georgia, U.S.

A 2.1-liter four-cylinder diesel engine powers it. It comes with a hydrostatic transmission with unlimited reverse and forward gears or a power shuttle transmission with a wet disc clutch and 12 reverse and 12 forward gears. Moreover, the machine has a Category 1, Category 2, or a three-point hitch. It has a 24-inch backlink arm with a capacity lift of 2,500 pounds.

5. Mahindra 3640 premium compact tractor

Mahindra farm tractors in an exposition

The Mahindra power shuttle tractor has a 37-kilowatt Tier 4 direct-injection engine. The steering is hydrostatic and extremely sensitive to industrial and agricultural activities. The wet clutch shifting controls its large amount of hydraulic power (41.6 liters per hour).

A fast hitch-and-attach system on the front self-leveling loader simplifies changing from buckets to pallet forks. The cat 1 and 2 ball ends can be readily changed to fit the size of the implement by easily turning the ball. Also, the three-point linkage enables telescoping links and a linkage lift capability of 1402 kg at each ball ends. 

1. TYM’S T255 compact tractor

The T255 is a flexible subcompact tractor well-suited for sports turf and private estate activities. It has both manual and hydrostatic transmission to meet grass care requirements and is an excellent machine for any landscaper’s needs.

It is powered by a 25.3 hp Yanmar diesel engine manufactured in Japan and adheres to Stage V regulations. The Tier 4 certified engine provides greater torque at a lower rpm. A mid-PTO at 2000 rpm and a rear-PTO at 540 rpm can be utilized to perform various functions simultaneously. The T255 has a standard single pair of spool valves.

Other features include a conveniently placed parking brake, differential lock, accelerator, and brake pedals. It also has a spacious cabin for good vision with rightfully attached controls. 

2. John Deere 3038E compact tractor

The 3038 compact tractor is flexible as it performs several tasks. It can provide services to both grounds care and landscape needs. Therefore, it is well-suited for individuals who work mostly in their cabin in the woods. 

A powerful Stage V diesel engine handles the tractor’s performance. The hydrostatic transmission enhances efficiency with Twin Touch foot pedals, so the operator easily selects the required speed for every task. An independent PTO can be engaged while the tractor is in motion for a stoppage and clutch operation. 

Additionally, a 300E front loader was developed. It has rugged components and a curved boom. The 37.2-hp engine propels the tractor without a load, and the narrow turning feature ensures convenience while handling this tractor. 

3. Kioti Premium CS2220 compact tractor

Kioti tractor mows grass in a park

Kioti in the United Kingdom manufactures the Premium CS 2220 compact tractor, which meets the Stage V regulations on the environment. Kioti models in general have a technological comparative advantage. 

A Kioti 21-hp three-cylinder engine powers the tractor. The high-quality steel bonnet with an integrated loader joystick enables the installation of two spools. It also has an adjustable steering wheel, a high-comfort seat, and an electro-hydraulic PTO. The primary features include a rear differential lock, a quality water-cooled engine, an ergonomic driver platform, and a mechanical gearbox with two reverse and six forward gears.

4. Farmall 45C CVT compact tractor

The compact Farmall 45C with a 45 hp engine is manufactured and ergonomically designed by Case lH for ease of operation. A control pod guides a CVT gearbox, and buttons on the pod enable the driver to customize the speed, 2WD/4WD, response, and cruise control functions.

It is equipped with a heavy-duty 3-point hitch lift capability for hauling rear-mounted devices like tillers, mowers, and rotary cutters. Telescopic stabilizers make attachments easy to connect because of the flex-end lower links. Tiny CVT tractors generally have a PTO, a two-position drawbar, and hydraulics to willow maximum productivity.


The choice of tractor highly depends on the working and the tasks to be undertaken. Various manufacturers offer different tractors performing both farm and garden tasks with varying specifications to be well-suited for buyers’ needs. The above guide shows the models available in the market for the farm and garden tasks of your customers. To find these tractors and more, visit Alibaba.com.

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