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The New Trend of Electric Motorcycles

Man in blue jacket riding electric motorcycle on road

Electric motorcycles have become increasingly popular due to the growing emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Additionally, there’s been a sharp increase in fuel prices, which makes electric motorcycles — which run on batteries — a cheaper and more sustainable option than their gas counterparts.

The environment-friendly regulations to reduce carbon footprints will also bring a surge in market statistics in the future.

This article will explore the growth potential for wholesalers in the electric motorcycle market and the key features for sourcing the best electric two-wheelers.

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An overview of the electric motorcycle market
Why are electric motorcycles important?
Key features of electric motorcycles

An overview of the electric motorcycle market

Global electric motorcycle market research from 2022 to 2029

A report on the analysis and dynamics of the electric motorcycle market has revealed that it hit USD 31.5 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow to the value of USD 57.44 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 7.80%.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels and the noise pollution that gas vehicles ensue. This has brought about increased demand for noise-free and eco-friendly electric vehicles. Governments are also launching initiatives to increase the market demand for electric two-wheelers.

The world’s largest electric motorcycle manufacturers are some of the key players in the industry. These companies are looking to launch new models that offer more energy-efficient, noise-free, and environmental-friendly options.

Since the market is only expected to grow in the coming years, there’s immense potential for wholesalers to tap into it and increase their sales.

Why are electric motorcycles important?

Black electric motorcycle in a showroom

Electric motorcycles have risen in popularity after technological advancements in battery and charging; in some cases, they have become a superior alternative to gas-operated vehicles.

Some stark differences make electric motorcycles a preferred alternative to gas vehicles.


Electric motorcycle charging on road

Electric motorcycles are battery-operated vehicles that take commuters from point A to B with zero exhaust and they also do not release any harmful greenhouse gasses into the air.

Commuters are now moving towards eco-friendly modes of transportation to significantly reduce their carbon footprint on the earth.

Electric motorcycles are impressively silent, which makes them an ideal choice for a noise-free and eco-friendly ride among consumers.

Faster travel

Man in blue jacket riding an electric motorcycle on road

Urban areas are getting more congested by the day. Traveling by car has become a pain for commuters in these areas as they can move at a maximum speed of 50 mph and with frequent halts.

A study revealed that a 25% shift to electric motorcycles can completely bring an end to congestion; making travel easier and quicker for commuters.


A man repairing a motorbike

From a pricing standpoint, electric motorcycles are expensive, but they make up for the costs in other ways. They do not require fuel, which significantly reduces the cost of running.

Gas-run motorcycles require frequent upkeep for coolants, oil changing, and other services. Since the battery-operated two-wheelers do not have several moving parts, they can go months without needing a repair.

Battery charging and standard maintenance for wear and tear of brakes and tires are their only maintenance costs.

Key features of electric motorcycles

Here are some points to consider when sourcing an ideal electric motorcycle.

Battery and recharging

A green charging spot on a gray wall

The battery for electric motorcycles can last 30 to 100 miles. Also, it can provide a longer runtime depending on the usage.

It takes a good lithium-ion battery 3.5 to 6 hours on average to recharge completely, which makes it a common option among consumers. If there’s some juice left, it recharges faster.

A fully charged battery can run on a single charge for a couple of days.


A man in black denim jeans on a motorcycle

Electric motorcycles are lighter than traditional motorcycles, which provides a swifter commute and makes the vehicles easy to ride. Electric motorcycles have a smaller engine, fewer components, and no gas tank; the only heavy part is their battery.

Given all of these features, electric motorcycles are a better option between the two.


An electric two-wheeler has greater acceleration than a petrol-run motorcycle. The harder a commuter pedals, the faster the ride. However, electric motorcycles are speed-controlled. As a brilliant safety measure, they cannot cross a certain speed limit.

A majority of them can travel at 20 to 28 mph of maximum speed. At this speed range, the motor stops moving, ensuring a safe and smooth ride.

Motor placement

There are different standard types of motors in electric two-wheelers that assist in covering multiple types of terrains and distances.

Mid-drive motor

A mid-drive motor assists in climbing steep hills and reaching the top speed on flat terrains.

Rear-hub motor

A rear-hub motor strengthens the grip on the rear tire and ensures a safe ride all the way. It is, however, a little difficult to repair.

Front-hub motor

A front-hub motor eases traveling on snow, dirt, gravel, mud, and rocks, ultimately giving an all-wheel drive effect.

All-in-one wheel motor

It has everything (motor, battery, and controller) packed inside the wheel.

Pedal power assistance

There are electric motorcycles that have a feature like those of bicycles: a powered assist through pedaling.

The assisted power is essentially helpful in climbing steep hills where an extra push is needed to cross the terrain.

With technological advancements in new electric motorcycles, pedaling does not feel strenuous, which is why it’s a common option among consumers.

The pedal also allows commuters to control the speed through their feet.


The electric motorcycle industry is booming, and as more consumers continue to be aware of their carbon footprint, they will shift to more sustainable and eco-friendly modes of commuting like electric motorcycles.

Ensure customers are met with high-quality electric two-wheelers, so they can bring forth some levels of carbon neutrality to the world.

To keep up with more updates on electric vehicles and their charging stations, check out this EV buying guide. 

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