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Top 10 Gymnastics Training Equipment To Beat Olympic Records

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The mesmerizing and age-old sport of gymnastics has long been an integral component of the Olympics, capturing the hearts of spectators with its unique combination of grace and athleticism. The potential of this extraordinary sport continues to grow within the United States, where participation experienced a significant increase from 3.85 million in 2020 to 4.27 million in 2021. 

Relatively new disciplines, including rhythmic gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, and trampoline, continue to bring fresh and exciting facets of the sport to the fore. And while the foundational elements of talent and coaching undoubtedly shape a gymnast’s success, the role of the right training equipment cannot be overstated. 

From enhancing safety to boosting performance, high-quality gymnastics equipment can genuinely serve as a transformative force in a gymnast’s journey. From the newcomer just dipping their toes into the world of gymnastics, to the seasoned athlete honing their craft, here we look at the top 10 pieces of equipment that gymnasts should consider when training.

Table of Contents
Balance beams
Gymnastic bars
Pommel horses
Floor mats
Vaulting tables
Air tracks
Ankle weights
Gymnastic grips

Balance beams

Balance beams help athletes in strength training, skill development, and overall performance. Training on narrow balance beams not only enhances an athlete’s stability and coordination but also bolsters focus and concentration as they perform delicate and precise movements. 

Various types of balance beams are available on the market. The standard balance beam, with a width of 6.3 inches and a length of 47.2 inches, stands at approximately 9 feet above the ground. Therefore, low beams offer a safe and practical solution for beginners or casual practice sessions. 

gymnast training on a balance beam

Adjustable beams, on the other hand, are suitable for accommodating athletes of varying skill levels. Foam beams, valued for their portable nature, are suitable for home use. Finally, sectional balance beams can be configured in various ways to match specific training requirements.

Gymnastic bars

Gymnastic bars offer immense benefits to athletes, making them integral gymnastics accessories of any comprehensive training curriculum. They’re used to develop crucial skills such as upper body strength, core control, and agility through regular practice. Furthermore, the mastery of complex bar exercises encourages better bodily awareness, spatial orientation, and increased coordination.

Two primary types of gymnastic bars are used: uneven bars and parallel bars. Uneven bars consist of two horizontal bars set at different heights, allowing gymnasts to fluidly transition between them while executing dynamic swings, kips, and release moves.

parallel bars for gymnastics training

On the other hand, parallel bars feature two horizontal bars set at the same height, facilitating a plethora of swinging, balancing, and strength-based elements. As a staple of men’s artistic gymnastics, parallel bars enable athletes to build upper body strength, coordination, and control.

According to Google Ads, the search keyword “gymnastic bar” boasts a remarkable global monthly average search volume of 60,500.

Pommel horses

The pommel horse is an essential piece of apparatus for every gymnastics gym. They primarily assist in developing upper body strength, particularly in the arms, shoulders, and chest. Furthermore, they can help to cultivate superior hand-eye coordination and enhance balance, rhythm, and timing. 

Pommel horses are made from several materials. Traditional pommel horse bodies are often constructed with a solid wood core, offering durability and a sturdy foundation for intense practice sessions. Their dense makeup provides necessary firmness, aiding to optimize athletes’ performance. 

pommel horse with wooden body for gymnastics training

Modern versions are often encased in a layer of foam padding and a leather or synthetic cover. This softer makeup alleviates impact stress, protecting athletes’ wrists and hands while ensuring a solid grip.

According to Google Ads, there has been a significant rise in monthly average global searches, going from 1,900 in June 2023 to 4,400 by September 2023. This leap constitutes an approximate 132% increase within the short span of three months, underlining its relevance and importance in gymnastic routines.


Springboards are an indispensable part of gymnastics training, especially when practicing vaults. Perfecting springboard techniques allows athletes to achieve maximum lift and optimal air time crucial for executing complex vaults.

Springboard training also helps gymnasts develop spatial awareness, timing, and precision, as well as their explosive strength and flexibility – aspects that are key to higher-level gymnastic performance.

adjustable springboard for gymnastics training

Several types of springboards cater to the varying needs of athletes. For instance, junior boards offer an ideal solution for younger or less experienced gymnasts, providing a low-impact yet effective spring that facilitates learning basic vaults without causing undue stress on the body. In contrast, standard springboards deliver a more customized experience. They can be tuned to match the gymnast’s weight and skill level, enabling the athlete to achieve maximum rebound.

As per data obtained from Google Ads, the monthly average search volume for “springboards” in the U.S. market noticed a substantial hike from 6,600 in May 2023 to 9,900 by August 2023. This increase, falling within the prime training period for gymnasts, equates to a surge of approximately 50%.


Training with trampolines enables athletes to improve their gravity control and heighten spatial awareness. Regular structured trampoline training amplifies a gymnast’s body control, coordination, and balance. Moreover, the execution of tumbling skills and complex aerial tricks on a trampoline aids in the gradual build-up of confidence and precision needed for floor routines.

Understanding trampolines’ different shapes is vital for leveraging their best attributes. Rectangular trampolines often provide a more powerful bounce compared to their round counterparts, making them an excellent option for advanced gymnasts aiming to perfect more intricate maneuvers. 

round trampoline for gymnastics training

Rectangular trampolines also deliver a predictable bounce, allowing gymnasts to land consistently in the center. On the other hand, round trampolines are a safe bet for beginners; they deliver a gentler bounce and naturally guide the gymnast toward the center for safer landings.

Google Ads data demonstrates the ongoing interest in trampolines, which have a massive global search volume of 1,500,000.

Floor mats

Floor mats function as the primary landing surface for various tumbling and acrobatic skills, making them an indispensable product in all training gyms and improving athletes’ comfort and enhancing their performance. Thick floor mats offer shock absorbance and surface stability, essential for preventing injuries and promoting safer training conditions.

folding floor mat for gymnastic floor exercise

Floor mats come in various types. Folding mats offer excellent portability and are easy to store, making them ideal for home use and limited space scenarios. Roll-up mats, on the other hand, are often preferred for their simplicity and ease of installation, providing a quick solution for temporary or unprepared training setups. Inflatable mats have also gained popularity for their customizable firmness, allowing gymnasts to adjust the bounce to suit their skill level.

“Floor mats” boast an impressive global search volume of 201,000 on Google Ads, underscoring their importance in helping to improve athletes’ comfort as well as enhance their performance and provide a safer training experience.

Vaulting tables

Vaulting tables are more advanced and versatile than traditional vaulting horses, enabling athletes to refine their control of speed, power, and body alignment, which are all crucial for executing accurate and effective vaults. 

Besides the athletic gains, vaulting tables also encourage the building of mental fortitude. Launching oneself onto and over the table demands a certain level of courage and self-trust, promoting the all-around development of athletes.

standard vaulting table for gymnastics training

Many modern vaulting tables come equipped with height adjustability, allowing use by gymnasts of varying ages, heights, and skill levels. Lower heights facilitate beginners’ learning, while higher settings challenge advanced-level gymnasts. Additionally, the surface of these tables is typically fashioned from non-slip materials, ensuring a safer grip upon launch and landing.

Air tracks

Air tracks offer a soft, cushioned surface that is ideal for practicing tumbling skills. The enhanced bounce provided by these inflatable gymnastic mats is highly beneficial for perfecting back handsprings, back flips, and other aerial maneuvers. 

Moreover, the shock-absorbing properties of air tracks help to mitigate the impact on muscles and joints, reducing the risk of injuries and promoting longer, safer practice sessions. 

gymnastics air tracks in different sizes and colors

Smaller tracks are easier to handle, and useful for targeted practice or confined spaces, while larger variants provide ample room for executing extended tumbling sequences. An essential feature of air tracks is their inflation and deflation options. Swift and simple inflation saves valuable practice time, while easy deflation allows for convenient storage and transport.

Google Ads data shows that air tracks register an impressive global search volume of 165,000, highlighting the demand and appreciation of them within the gymnastics community.

Ankle weights

Ankle weights provide athletes with the means to build strength, increase resistance, and improve overall flexibility and endurance. Incorporating ankle weights into gymnastics training can enhance the intensity and effectiveness of conditioning drills, enabling gymnasts to accomplish more within a shorter time.

When picking ankle weights for gymnastics exercises, it’s important to think about comfort, adjustability, and their weight. Designs with adequate padding and secure closure systems, such as wearable weight sets, ensure long-lasting comfort and maintain proper positioning during exercise.

wearable gymnastic ankle weight in different colors

Adjustable weights offer the versatility needed to accommodate varying skill levels and workout intensities, allowing gymnasts to gradually increase resistance as they progress. It is essential to identify which weights are preferred by athletes, as they’ll require ones that challenge them without causing overexertion or compromising technique.

Google Ads data shows that ankle weights have a global search volume of 74,000, reflecting how many athletes seek to benefit from their usage in their training regimen.

Gymnastic grips

Gymnastic grips create a robust interface between the gymnast’s hand and the apparatus, helping to minimize the risk of rips, blisters, and other hand injuries. Moreover, grips allow gymnasts to hold onto the bars more firmly so that they can perform vigorous swings and transitions more confidently.

Three dominant types of grips are available in the market: dowel grips, palm grips, and loop grips. Dowel grips, favored by advanced-level gymnasts, have a small rod inserted across the grip’s width and a wrist strap for optimal hand support during swings. 

athlete wearing gymnastic grip and holding a bar

Palm grips, typically used by beginners, cover only the palm area and don’t feature a dowel. Lastly, loop grips are simple straps looped around the fingers to safeguard against blisters and rips, which come in very handy in intense training situations.


With the rigorous physical demands of gymnastics, the right  equipment can make all the difference for athletes at every stage of training. From balance beams to gymnastics grips, every piece of equipment plays a unique role in enhancing the training experience and supporting athletes in their journey toward gymnastics mastery.

Whether it’s for beginners just starting out in the world of gymnastics or pro athletes refining their skills, browse the world of cutting-edge gymnastics accessories and training equipment via the Alibaba.com showroom.

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