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Top 5 Electric Scooter Accessories to Improve Any Journey

White electric scooter stopped on orange gravel in a park

Electric scooters have quickly become a popular mode of transportation in urban areas, among both the younger generation as well as adults. Along with electric bicycles, electric scooters are a fantastic way for consumers to travel from place to place in an efficient way that doesn’t necessarily require much athleticism. Their growth in popularity has also sparked a rise in demand for electric scooter accessories that are built to enhance the riding experience, irrespective of whether the rider is a daily commuter or purely enjoys riding for leisure. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular electric scooter accessories.

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Electric scooter global market overview
5 must-have electric scooter accessories

Electric scooter global market overview

Four electric scooters lined up along a pavement

Electric scooters, also known as e-scooters, are in high demand among consumers due to an increased awareness of the effects of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Electric scooters are seen as an eco-friendly alternative to driving or taking public transportation in cities, which is why more and more adults now rely on scooters to get to and from work.

Woman getting electric scooter out of a car with helmet

By 2022, the global market value of electric scooters was valued at approximately US $33.18 billion, and between 2023 and 2030, that number is projected to increase by at least a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.9%. According to Open PR, electric scooter accessories are also set to increase in value in the global market. Between 2023 and 2030, the market is expecting a CAGR of 7%, thanks in part to a rise in disposable incomes among consumers as well as a desire among buyers to improve their scooters’ functionality and safely.

5 must-have electric scooter accessories

Yellow electric scooter with light and matching yellow helmet

There are a wide selection of electric scooter accessories for consumers to choose from in today’s market. These accessories range from safety-minded and more practical accessories to accessories that are designed to improve the overall aesthetic of the scooter rather than serve a specific function. With electric scooters growing in popularity, there’s a seemingly endless choice of accessories, depending on the consumer’s personal preference and style. 

Small red lights on the back of an electric scooter

According to Google Ads, “electric scooter accessories” have an average monthly search volume of 6,600 searches. Between March and September 2023, searches increased by 19%, from 6,600 to 8,100 searches, respectively.

As for specific accessories, “scooter helmets” had a monthly search volume of 22,000 searches, followed by “scooter lock” with 6,600 searches, “scooter phone mount” with 3,600 searches, “scooter lights” with 2,400 searches, and “electric scooter bags” with 1,900 searches. These searches show that consumers seek practical electric scooter accessories, such as helmets, above all else.

Scooter helmets

Woman putting on white helmet before riding electric scooter

Regardless of the age of the rider, helmets are an essential electric scooter accessory. Helmets have the ability to protect the head of the rider if a fall occurs, and in some countries, it’s actually mandatory for riders to wear a helmet, especially in bustling urban areas. 

There are a few important features that consumers are likely to look for when they’re deciding which helmet to purchase. Namely, electric scooter helmets come in different sizes and fittings, so it’s important that the consumer purchases one that comfortably fits their head and features suitable ventilation to keep the head cool (especially in hotter climates). Consumers will also look for helmets with safety certifications and that have adequate padding, which is crucial for comfort during longer rides. Some of the more advanced helmets will also include noise reduction elements and a visor to protect riders from debris.

Between March and September 2023, there was a 33% increase in searches for “scooter helmets,” from 14,800 to 22,200 searches, respectively.

Scooter lock

Person putting a blue lock around their electric scooter

Compared to manual scooters, electric scooters have a significantly higher price point, as you’d expect given their valuable parts. It’s then sensible for consumers to purchase a scooter lock to ensure that their scooter is safe when left unattended. There are various styles of scooter locks for consumers to choose from, including cable locks, brake locks, and chain locks, each of which is made of durable materials such as steel or alloy to make them much more resistant to tampering attempts. 

Most locks will have a security rating on them, which allows the consumer to gauge their effectiveness prior to purchase. Consumers also tend to look for locks that are easy to use and have features such as a quick-release mechanism, locks made of weather-resistant materials, a reliable locking mechanism, and improved portability. Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to scooter locks, helping to put the rider’s mind at ease knowing that their scooter is safe while they’re away.

Between March and September 2023, there was a 45% increase in searches for “scooter lock,” from 5,400 to 9,900 searches, respectively.

Scooter phone mount

Woman using phone mount on electric scooter to navigate

Phone mounts are a popular accessory not only electric scooters but also for bicycles and motorbikes. There are many different styles of scooter phone mounts available, with their primary purpose being to make sure that the mobile phone is held securely in place while the scooter is in motion. Phone mounts also need to be easily adjustable so that riders can choose an angle that’s best for them, as well as easy installation that doesn’t require too many tools.

Not all scooter phone mounts will be compatible with each type of phone, so consumers will need to double-check that the mount is suitable for their individual device. Another key feature to consider is the phone mount’s grip, which must be non-slip to ensure that the phone remains safely in place and can be used while on the go. Overall, scooter phone mounts are the perfect accessory for riders who use navigation apps or frequently track their journeys.

Between March and September 2023, there was a 46% increase in searches for “scooter phone mount,” from 2,900 to 5,400 searches, respectively.

Scooter lights

Man riding a scooter with a bright light on front

As well as helmets, scooter lights are an essential accessory for consumers looking for added safety when riding their electric scooter, making them more visible in low-light conditions. Ideally, a light will both help a rider see where they’re going as well as alert oncoming people or traffic to their presence.

For full visibility, some consumers will opt to have lights on both the front and back of the scooter. These lights come with different light modes, allowing the user to choose between a steady, pulsing, or flashing light. Scooter lights should be easy to mount as well as easy to adjust. In keeping with the eco-friendly trend that many industries are witnessing, some scooter lights are fully rechargeable without needing to use batteries – a feature many consumers prefer.

Between March and September 2023, there was a 33% increase in searches for “scooter lights,” from 1,600 to 2,400 searches, respectively.

Electric scooter bags

Woman riding electric scooter with small green front bag

One of the most popular electric scooter accessories in today’s market is the electric scooter bag. These bags are the perfect storage solution for personal belongings, and come in various sizes. For example, small-to-medium bags arepredominantly used for other scooter accessories or smaller personal goods, while larger bags are able to hold items such as groceries, laptops, and other bulkier goods.

Electric scooter bags should also be weather resistant so belongings are kept safe even in bad weather conditions. Ideally, the bag will also be padded for added protection and may also include reflective strips, making the rider more noticeable at night. In some cases, electric scooter bags will include added security features, such as a lock, to ensure the goods are protected. 

Between March and September 2023, there was a 16% increase in searches for “electric scooter bags,” from 1,600 to 1,900 searches, respectively.


Man riding a black scooter through a large public square

Certain electric scooter accessories are crucial for adding safety to the riding experience whereas others are more practical, such as providing storage or a place to put your phone. As electric scooters continue to grow in popularity, we can expect a wider selection of scooter-specific accessories to enter the market designed not only make the riding experience more enjoyable but also provide riders more safety while they’re on the go. 

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