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Top 5 Fishing Accessory Trends to Know in 2024

Fishing accessories laid down on gravel

Fishing is a wonderful experience that gets even better with the right gear. This is because no matter how skilled people are at fishing, they will still need a range of fishing accessories to make the most of their adventure.

And with technology advancing rapidly, consumers can now access even better offers to enhance their fishing game. So read on to discover five must-know fishing accessory essentials that are trending in 2024!

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An overview of the fishing accessory market
Fishing accessories: 5 essentials needed for the best experience
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An overview of the fishing accessory market

The global market for fishing accessories was worth US$ 12.7 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow to US$ 17.8 billion by 2030 at a 4.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). More and more people, especially younger folks (millennials and Gen Z), are getting into outdoor activities like fish hunting. Plus, as more people go on trips and vacations, they try fun activities like fishing. Experts say the growing interest in fishing increases the demand for fishing accessories, boosting market growth.

Fishing reels were the most popular fish accessories in 2021, making up over 28.2% of all total revenues. Conversely, bait and lures will grow at a 4.7% CAGR over the forecast period. The North American fishing accessories market will account for the highest regional revenue and maintain dominance at a 3.5% CAGR. However, Europe is following closely behind as experts say the region will register the fastest CAGR (5.2%) over the forecast period.

Fishing accessories: 5 essentials needed for the best experience


Various baits arranged on display

Fishing bait can be something natural (like worms or little fish) or something artificial made to look like food. Generally, artificial baits last longer than natural ones. The main purpose of bait is to attract fish to the target spot. Some baits only make the fish come closer without hooks, allowing anglers to catch them through other means.

Bioluminescent baits are one of the hottest trends in 2024. These baits glow in the dark, allowing consumers to attract fish in low-light conditions. Bioluminescent baits are the perfect choice for night or deep-water fishing. The sustainability trend is also present in the bait world as plant-based alternatives are readily available. Manufacturers make plant-based bait from natural ingredients like soybeans, corn, or insects—all eco-friendly alternatives to traditional protein-based options.

Microbaits are also a thing in 2024! They are the go-to for targeting smaller fish, with manufacturers making them in various forms like jigs, flies, and worms. Fishing baits registered a popularity uptick in 2024. They closed January with 450,000 searches but rose to 550,000 inquiries in February.

Fishing rod and reels

Angler using a black fishing rod

While baits help attract the fish, rods, and reels do the job of catching them. Fishing rods come in huge varieties, but all of them do the job of casting the fishing line and offering support to secure the catch. The best part is fishing rods are enjoying innovations in 2024. For starters, technology is making its way to this market through smart fishing rods. These accessories feature sensors for monitoring environmental conditions, water temperature, and fish activity.

Travel-friendly and specialized rods are also gaining momentum as fishing tourism becomes more popular. Consumers increasingly demand rods with easy-to-transport designs suitable for specific environments. These trends include collapsible rods for backpackers, ultralight options for kayak fishing, and specialized ice fishing rods for winter anglers. Fishing rods are quite popular, with this search term drawing in 301,000 searches in February 2024.

While some fishing rods come with reels already attached, others do not. Such rods give consumers more freedom to choose their perfect reel. They can opt for spin cast reels (ideal for beginners), spinning variants (the most popular type), and bait casting models (for advanced anglers). Fishing reels have gotten 110,000 searches in February 2024 based on Google data.

Lures and weights

Different lures on a green background

Manufacturers use plastic, metal, or wood to make fishing lures in various shapes and sizes. Lures are specially designed to catch a fish’s attention with their shiny look and wiggly movements. People use them when fishing from shores or piers in addition to baits to increase their chances of attracting fish.

But even something as simple as lures has received a major upgrade. Manufacturers now make them more sophisticated, incorporating realistic 3D printing, intricate scales, and lifelike color patterns to mimic real prey with mesmerizing detail. Bluetooth-enabled lures are also popping up, offering real-time data on water temperature, depth, and fish strikes. Lures with integrated LED lights are also making it big for attracting fish in low-light conditions.

Fishing weights are important, too. They help the bait to sink into the water to reach the level of the fish. Consumers can choose from different weights, like ones made of lead or steel shot. There’s also tungsten, which some people call “tink” weights. However, concerns about environmental impact are pushing consumers away from traditional tungsten, with options made from recycled lead, steel, or brass gaining traction. And if consumers want completely eco-friendly solutions, weights made from plant-based materials (like corn or hemp) are emerging.

Fishing lures are attracting significant attention. Google data shows they’ve already gotten 165,000 searches in February. Conversely, fishing weights are not that popular but still draw impressive performance. Up to 18,000 potential customers have searched for them in February 2024.


Person using a fishing plier to cut a line

Fishing pliers are special tools that help consumers pull out objects stuck on fishing hooks. There are two main types: one for pulling and the other for carefully taking fish out of nets without causing more damage. A pair of these pliers can make fishing easier for consumers, making them really handy tools to offer in fishing kits.

Multifunctionality is a major trend driving innovation for fishing pliers. Manufacturers are increasingly adding extra features like crimpers, line cutters, split-ring openers, and bottle openers, making these tools more valuable and convenient. High-quality, corrosion-resistant materials like titanium, stainless steel, and tungsten carbide are popular choices for fishing pliers, offering increased strength, durability, and saltwater resistance.

Lighter pliers are also gaining traction, especially for kayak fishing and backpackers. These tools are less popular than others but still attract an impressive audience. According to Google data, they have raked in 8100 searches in February 2024.

Fishing hooks

A fishing hook in water

These are the main accessories that trap fish after they take the bail. They are metal pieces with a sharp, pointy end and little loops on the other side. Manufacturers make them from different metals, like stainless steel or steel, depending on consumer preference. Some anglers think certain metals are better for catching specific kinds of fish.

Hooks also come in various shapes and sizes, from 3 inches to as long as 8 feet. Most anglers prefer hooks ranging between 6 to 8 inches long—as this size is not too heavy but strong enough to catch fish. Fishing hooks are the most popular accessories! They’ve consistently gotten 201,000 searches since 2023—the same in 2024!

Final words

These five fishing accessory trends are revolutionizing the angling experience, offering anglers new tools and technologies to enhance their fishing adventures. These trends cater to modern anglers’ diverse needs and preferences, from advanced fishing electronics to eco-friendly bait options. Embrace these trends to help consumers elevate their fishing game and increase sales in 2024! The more time they enjoy on the water, the more profits sellers will make from recurring purchases!

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