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Top 5 Phone Repair Tools to Stock in 2024

A man fixing a device with a phone repair tool

Not every phone user can afford to buy a new phone whenever they have a slight issue, which is why phone repair tools are trending. With the right tools, DIYers and smartphone fixers can easily recover smartphones without breaking the bank.

So if you’re looking for ways to enter the phone repair market, then check out these top five phone repair tools to leverage in 2024.

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Phone repair market overview for 2024
Top 5 tools every phone repair shop should stock
Rounding up

Phone repair market overview for 2024

Technician repairing broken smartphone with phone repair tools

Smartphones are quite pricey, and even budget options aren’t cheap to buy consecutively. As a result, it’s no surprise that the phone repair industry is seeing large profits. 

The global phone repair market generated 1.3 billion in 2022, with 66% of consumers worldwide reporting having damaged devices, and 30% having cracked screens. 

According to industry reports, this market will exceed USD 210 billion by the year 2027, which means that it will continue to grow as the number of smartphone users also increases.

Top 5 tools every phone repair shop should stock

Soldering station

A black digital soldering station

When a phone has broken parts and loose components, a soldering station is the perfect repair tool to piece it back together. The station comprises a tip, wires, and a little power generator that gets it running.

The best part is soldering stations come with control options to help users adjust the tools’ heat, meeting the requirements of various soldering jobs. Because of this feature, most consumers see these stations as more convenient than traditional soldering.

In addition, soldering stations may be analog or digital, depending on how they operate. More importantly, each type offers different temperature control and accuracy. For example, analog soldering stations turn on and off to keep the device at the recommended temperature, while digital variants use PID controls for more precision. 

While a soldering station is a must-have (Google ads say it has a consistent monthly following of 27,100 searches) tool for phone repairs, it is important to ensure it’s ESD-safe. A poorly built soldering station can risk damaging sensitive phone parts.

Screwdriver kit

A set of screwdrivers on a blue background

With an impressive monthly search average of 74,000 (based on Google data), a screwdriver kit is an indispensable tool for phone repairs. A screwdriver kit comes with screwdrivers in different sizes to help with phone disassembly and reassembly.

Since phones have little screws that can be hard to reach, businesses should source for kits with slim, long screwdrivers with anti-slip grips to help increase work efficiency.

Here’s a table showing all the possible screwdriver types and sizes that come in screwdriver sets:

Screwdriver typeDescriptionTypical size
PentalobeFive-pointed star screwdriverPentalobe 0.8mm
Tri-pointThree-pointed star screwdriverTri-point 0.6mm
PhillipsCross-head screwdriverPhillips #000, #00, #0, #, & #1
FlatheadFlat-head screwdriverFlathead 1.0mm, 1.5mm, & 2.0mm.
TorxStar-shaped screwdriver with a central pinTorx T1,T2, T3,T4,T5,& T6.
HexHexagonal screwdriverHex 1.5mm & 2.0mm
Security torxStar-shaped screwdriver with a pin in the center and a tamper-proof mechanismSecurity torx T5, T6, & T7.

Plastic triangle opening tool

A man holding a plastic triangle opening tool

While opening a smartphone seems easy, the truth is that it’s quite difficult. But that’s why people who repair phones need plastic triangle opening tools.

As the name implies, they are plastic tools in triangular shapes, with each corner having prying abilities. But that’s not all. They also help consumers install replacement parts easily and safely.

Although usually small, lightweight, and user-friendly, plastic triangle opening tools can easily separate outer glasses on all touch screens. With it, users can easily maneuver and slide around any device’s housing—they can do all these without risking damage to the glass screen, LCD, or other important components.

Despite its unassuming appearance, plastic triangle opening tools generate buzz in the phone repair industry (Google ads shows consumer interest leaped to 90 searches in October 2023 from 30 in 2022).

Precision knife set

A silver precision knife isolated on white background

Precision knife sets are indispensable in phone repair and handy for any phone or tablet repair. Usually, the multi-use set consists of a durable metal handle and up to six different blades. As a result, consumers can handle various tasks, from opening devices to removing old, dirty adhesives.

But that’s not all. Precision knife sets are also useful in screen repair, especially when consumers have to cut tiny strips of double-sided adhesives. Here are some knife blades businesses can add or find in a precision knife set:

Blade typeDescription
#4 flat bladeGeneral-purpose blade for cutting various materials.
#11 steep-angled bladeFine-point blade for detailed cutting.
#3 steep-angled blade (thin)Thin blade for precise cutting and delicate work.
#12 off-set angled bladeBlade with an offset angle for angling cuts and reaching into tight spaces.
#10 curved bladeCurved blade for cutting curved lines and around edges.
#1 angled bladeAngled blade making precise cuts at an angle.

Google data records that a precision knife set has a humble following of 390 monthly searches, but that doesn’t belittle its importance as a phone repair tool.

Fine-tipped curved tweezers

A man using fine-tipped curved tweezers to disassemble a phone

Smartphones have very tiny parts that are impossible to pick with your hands. But they can be handled easily with fine-tipped curved tweezers.

These tweezers have curved tips that make it easy to pick up and handle tiny components/screws. They also provide improved visibility, access, and control in any repair job.

Fine-tipped curved tweezers can also help with delicate repair activities, like removing tapes, reseating flex cables, and releasing connections. The best types of fine-tipped curved tweezers are made of stainless steel, ensuring both durability and a long shelf life.

Rounding up

As long as smartphones exist, phone repair tools can never go out of trend. Phone repair tools are what those who repair phones need to help smartphone owners save money and retain their data.

Regardless of the phone’s condition, consumers need these tools to fix the problem efficiently. Screwdriver kits handle the phone’s disassembly/assembly, while triangle opening tools or precision knife sets help release the adhesives.

Fine-tipped curved tweezers help consumers pick up tiny, delicate parts, and soldering stations are necessary for installing replacement parts. As a result, these are the trends that are worth embracing for more profits and sales in 2024.

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