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Top Products to Sell for Easy Makeup Removal in 2024

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After a long day, ladies must remove their makeup to ensure their skin breathes and renews itself while sleeping. But makeup removal doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Since using water would only lead to a frustrating experience, women need better ways to cleanse their skin.

That’s why many women turn to makeup removers. However, the market is fragmented with various types, making choosing the perfect makeup remover to sell tricky.

But fortunately, this article highlights six profitable makeup removers that make the face-cleansing process effortless.

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Will the makeup removal product market remain profitable in 2024?
Makeup removers: 6 amazing products worth selling in 2024
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Will the makeup removal product market remain profitable in 2024?

According to reports, the global makeup remover market accumulated a US $2.3 billion value in 2021. Experts predict makeup remover sales to surpass US $4.3 billion by 2023, expecting a 6.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period.

Demand for waterproof cosmetics has surged recently, eliminating water as a viable makeup remover. This, in turn, has boosted demand for makeup removers. Social media influences and innovations in makeup remover formulations also drive market growth.

Europe’s makeup remover industry accounts for the largest share of global market sales. The region owes its impressive stats to the rising demand for cosmetics and the large population searching for convenient ways to remove makeup.

Makeup removers: 6 amazing products worth selling in 2024

1. Makeup remover wipes

Lady using a makeup remover wipe

Single-use wipes are lifesavers when ladies only want to jump into bed without undergoing long makeup removal routines. Makeup remover wipes can handle everything from simple foundations to waterproof mascaras in a few wipes!

These time-saving products are little sheets soaked in a solution to easily and effortlessly dissolve and wipe makeup. Makeup remover wipes take the spotlight because they don’t require any preparation and are intuitive to use!

However, these products don’t replace the facial-cleansing step. Remover wipes are a quick way to prepare the face for the next part of the removal process. Regardless, they’re an awesome quick fix for situations without water or on late nights.

Makeup remover wipes also have impressive search performance. According to Google Ads data, they averaged 18,100 searches monthly in 2023 and may rake in higher search interest in 2024!

2. Cleansing foams

Smiling lady using cleansing foam

Now, if consumers have some time to remove their makeup, they’ll want something more effective than facial wipes. That’s where foam cleansers come in. Cleansing foams are deep-cleaning makeup removers that create a foamy lather on the user’s skin.

Although some skin types may see these removers as “too harsh,” they are the best products for consumers with oily, acne-prone skin. Cleansing foams can easily remove excess dirt and makeup from the user’s face, keeping the skin fresh and clean for a good night’s rest.

Generally, cleansing foams contain soap or surfactant to give them their satisfying lather when mixed with water. It’s also why they can easily remove makeup and dirt from the face.

However, these cleansers are not recommended for consumers with dry skin, as they remove a lot of sebum from the skin, leaving it dehydrated. And if they use it, they’ll need a moisturizer afterward.

Cleansing foams were incredibly popular in 2023. They consistently attracted 201,000 monthly searches from January to December.

3. Oil cleansers

Hand holding a bottle of oil cleanser

Oil cleansers, especially those with easy-to-wash-off formulas, can be a fantastic addition to any woman’s skincare routine—whether they use them alone or in a double cleanse. Oil cleansers help remove surface debris and makeup in a hassle-free way.

While they sound similar to foaming cleansers, oil cleansers help remove makeup in an entirely different way. Traditional cleaners come packed with soaps or surfactants that interact with makeup, oil, and surface debris, suspending them and allowing water to rinse them.

On the other hand, oil cleansers may contain surfactants, but they’re not the main course—the oils are the ingredients under the spotlight. While foaming cleansers dry the skin, oil cleansers moisturize the skin while dissolving makeup, dirt, and excess oil, leaving the skin soft.

While all skin types can use oil cleansers, they’re especially useful for dry and acne-prone skin. Oil cleansers experienced steady growth in 2023. They started the year with 110,000 searches but closed it with 201,000 inquiries (based on Google Ads data).

4. Cream and milky cleansers

Lady applying a cream cleanser on her face

If consumers want something mild, businesses can offer them cream cleaners. These products may have thicker, creamy textures, but manufacturers formulate them with ingredients to help the user’s skin retain moisture.

Also known as “milk cleansers,” cream cleansers are incredibly gentle. They’ll help clean makeup from the skin without robbing it of its natural oils. Common cream cleanser ingredients include petrolatum, waxes, mineral oils, and water.

Cleansing creams are the go-to remover for consumers with sensitive or dry skin. Even better, they’re beneficial for other skin types, too! They can easily hydrate the skin while dissolving stubborn, waterproof makeup, excess oils, and dirt.

Milk cleansers also retained a significant interest in 2023. For a good portion of the year, they maintained 40,500 monthly searches. But towards the end (November and December), they raked in 49,500 inquiries monthly.

5. Cleansing balms

Lady getting ready to use a cleansing balm

What if ladies want something to remove their makeup and make their skin feel soft, fresh, and bouncy? Cleansing balms are the go-to products! These oil-based balms (not the same as oil cleansers) easily dissolve heavy makeup while training the skin’s natural moisture.

They can remove everything from full-face makeup to stubborn formulas like sunscreen and waterproof mascara. As consumers massage the balm on their skin, the formula’s oils will melt makeup and dirt, leaving nothing but soft and bouncy skin behind.

Cleansing balms are also compatible with all skin types. They won’t clog the pores, meaning even oily-skinned women can use them without worries, especially the ones with lighter plant-based oils.

These makeup removers experienced an interest surge in December 2023. They boosted from 110,000 monthly searches (from January to November) to 135,000 in the final month! (according to Google Ads data).

6. Micellar water

Man holding a bottle of micellar water

When it comes to versatility, micellar water takes the win. This multipurpose skincare product has taken the hearts of many beauty gurus and dermatologists—and no, it’s not just water.

Manufacturers make micellar water from purified water, mild surfactants, and moisturizers (like glycerin). Mild surfactants are the major agents responsible for removing dirt and oil from the skin. Although they won’t lather like foaming cleansers, they’re effective enough to cleanse properly.

Micellar water is incredibly gentle and one of the most effective ways to remove makeup, dirt, and oil. The product can also clear out pores and tone the skin. But there’s more. Micellar water is alcohol-free, meaning it helps promote skin hydration while reducing irritation and inflammation.

According to Google Ads data, micellar water is a very popular product, which is a testament to its effectiveness. The product started the year with 246,000 searches and closed 2023 with 368,000 inquiries—a whopping 40% search interest increase.

Wrapping up

Ladies don’t have to spend hours removing their makeup, no matter how heavy it is. And the makeup removal process shouldn’t deter women from looking their best. That’s why manufacturers create makeup removers to make the cleansing process hassle-free.

Want to enter the makeup remover market in 2024? Focus on makeup remover wipes, cleansing foams, oil cleansers, cream cleansers, cleansing balms, and micellar water to attract women looking for effortless makeup cleansing routines.

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