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Top Styles of Hats for Spring 2023


With spring comes many fashion statements, and that includes new styles of hats. The best styles of hats on the market today range from casual hats to more business savvy hats, but all are great options this spring, and consumers won’t want to miss out on them.

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Total market value of hats globally
Top styles of hats for spring 2023
The continuation of hats and fashion

Total market value of hats globally

Today’s consumer isn’t short on options when it comes to hats. Picking the right hat to accompany an outfit can be a difficult choice with so many styles on the market for both men and women. Whereas casual caps are one of the highest-selling choices among consumers, fashionable hats are also highly sought after and shouldn’t be overlooked. In many cases, a hat is seen as an investment more than a one-time-use accessory.

The hat market has continually grown for years, as people are drawn to not only the protection hats provide to the head and hair, but also to the unique styles and designs that are consistently brought out. The current market value of hats reflects the growing demand for them by consumers. The global market value for baseball caps alone is expected to reach USD 24.17 billion by 2026, with online searches for bucket hats up more than 30%. Collectively, hats make up an enormous portion of the market value of fashion accessories

Woman in a straw spring hat walking on cobbled street

Top styles of hats for spring 2023

There are many styles of hats to choose from for men and women, and new designs are coming out every season, but there are certain ones to look out for in the spring. The classic baseball hat, snapback hats, suede caps, trilbys, bucket hats, and trucker hats are expected to be the top styles of hats for spring 2023.

Baseball hats

One of the most popular types of hats on the market is the baseball hat. It’s worn by both men and women, and never really goes out of style. These hats are perfect for playing sports thanks to their breathable material, but they’re also heavily used for casual wear to protect people’s eyes from the sun or as the perfect accessory to complete an outfit in the warmer months.

Woman in black hoodie and baseball hat in strong pose

Snapback hat

Unlike baseball hats, the snapback features a flat brim that was brought to popularity in the early days of baseball as well as with rappers of the 90s. They’re very casual-looking hats and are often associated with skateboarders, street dancers, and other performers. They’re now making a big comeback elsewhere though, and the market is seeing more and more consumers of different ages and interests sporting the snapback look.

A black snapback hat with logo in white on front


Out of all of the styles of hats on the market today, the trilby is one of the best styles of hats for spring. This hat gives off a more professional vibe and is the perfect addition to a business ensemble or a dressed-up look. The trilby originated in the 60s and its popularity really hasn’t died down. Trilby hats can come in a wide variety of materials, making them a popular look in both winter and warmer seasons. It’s the perfect unisex hat to wear.

Man in suit wearing dark brown trilby with white ribbon

Suede cap

For consumers who really want to stand out while wearing a baseball hat, the suede cap is the perfect upgrade. This is a reimagined version of the classic cap, with a more structured front as well as a softer material on the exterior. The embroidered logo on the front adds to the fashionable look, making it a more dressed-up option and a more acceptable accessory to wear for a high-end event. 

Five different colors of suede caps with logo on front

Bucket hat

The bucket hat may not be in everyone’s wardrobe, but it’s still one of the best styles of hats for spring. Bucket hats provide a nostalgic value that isn’t seen with other types of headwear. They’re popularly used for activities such as fishing, but their increase in use in the pop culture scene makes them a top accessory to have at festivals too. The lightweight material and shape mean that they’re easy to fold and pack away when not in use, and they’re both durable and waterproof. 

Three colors of bucket hats with stamps of flags on

Trucker hat

The trucker hat continues to be a popular accessory in menswear and is a good alternative to baseball hats and snapback hats. The big difference between the trucker hat and a baseball hat is the broader front and the mesh back, whereas the back and front of a baseball hat are made of the same material. The wider fit makes it more comfortable to wear, and its breathability means that it’s less likely to wear out and stain as there is more air circulation. The trucker hat is a popular choice of headwear for men, but women are also beginning to add this fashion accessory to their wardrobe.  

Man with woman wearing a white trucker hat on dock

The continuation of hats and fashion

When it comes to hats, the variety available to consumers means that this popular fashion accessory will never go out of style. For spring 2023, the top styles will include trucker hats, bucket hats, suede caps of various colors, the classic trilby for both men and women, snapback hats, and the always popular baseball cap. 

For the foreseeable future, the global market value of hats will continue to increase along with the demand that consumers are placing on the industry. Each season brings with it a new range of hats to look out for, but some types of hats are timeless and will continue to be a hit with consumers, no matter their age and gender.

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