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5 Key Women’s Loungewear Trends for Spring/Summer 2023


The key trends for women’s loungewear are one of the most eccentric clothing sets to hit the market. These items range from nighties to bodysuits and are gaining traction because of their creative and intricate designs. 

This article will discuss the top five trends in women’s loungewear for summer/spring 2023 so businesses and retailers can update their catalogs with the latest trends.

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How big will the women’s loungewear market be in 2023?
5 top loungewear apparel designs for S/S 2023
The bottom line

How big will the women’s loungewear market be in 2023?

Marketing experts predict the global loungewear market will reach over US $10 billion by 2027. They also expect it to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.6% between 2020 and 2027.

The industry has received a boost from rising loungewear demand for outdoor activities like gymming, yoga, and beach trips. The loungewear market also shows more potential as more celebrity promotions and sponsorships rise to drive its growth.

The market’s most profitable regions are North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. North America holds the most significant market share because of various leading manufacturers’ promotions. Increasing consumer awareness of new products is also contributing to the market’s expansion.

5 top loungewear apparel designs for S/S 2023

The 1990s nightie

Woman striking a pose in a silk nightie

The day-to-night 1990s nightie deviates from the norm and embraces comfort for everyday wear. There’s no limit to how women can rock this loungewear, especially those with an inclination for the 90s nostalgia.

The transparent nightie is a great way women can ease into the noughties. Consumers who love daring looks will go wild with this one. They can show off a sexy and flattering body without exposing too much by adding cute bras and panties. Alternatively, they can get more coverage by layering a jacket over the piece to accentuate its style.

Consumers who love showing off their silhouettes can rock a minidress nightie with cutouts. They can also use the piece as a comfy party outfit.

Woman sitting on a chair in pink nightie

Sheer fabrics give the 1990s nighties their unique look while adding improved coverage. The cutout details introduce subversive sexiness to the piece without spoiling its comfy feel.

Consumers who love a tighter fit can opt for long-sleeved cut-out nighties. They can step up the look with cropped jackets to enhance the feminine shape. Women can make a playful twist by using outerwear with similar colors to the minidress.

Natural-dye lounge set 

Woman lying down in a lounge set

The summer-spring cycle is witnessing many natural-dye apparel styles as women gravitate towards more sustainable fabrics. Interestingly, the natural-dye lounge set appeals to women with health and wellness priorities, and it passes the test for style, comfort, and simplicity.

Consumers who prefer retro aesthetics will fancy the subtle and feminine woven lounge set. This mixture of baggy silhouettes, prints, and patterns paints the picture of a boho-style lover.

Women who value monochrome styles may opt for single-color lounge sets. These can feature comfortable, boxy oversized shirts and matching pants. A print lounge set is more suitable for consumers willing to experiment with graphics.

Woman sitting on a bed in a flower-print lounge set

The crochet lounge set is another fantastic option for consumers looking for comfort and breathability. They can rock the ensemble as it is or separate the pieces for more comfortable outfits. 

Women can pair the tops with dolphin shorts or high-waist baggy denim for a dapper summer look. Or, they can spice up the look with a bodycon crop-top and crochet shorts combo.

Kidult bodysuit

Woman in a white bodysuit striking a pose

Bodysuits have been fashionable since the 90s and they are still making bold statements in recent fashion trends. Bodysuits are easy wardrobe staples that can look flattering on most body shapes.

Minimalism-driven consumers would love safer bodysuit options like the cutout romper. Women can easily pull off a trendy look by pairing the piece with high-waist pants. Or, they can rock a more formal outfit by layering a blazer over a bodysuit paired with baggy jeans.

More daring females will make waves with the transparent sleeveless bodysuit. Although the piece sounds like the ultimate sexy experience, consumers can pull off a casual look with this item. 

Ladies looking for a party-appropriate outfit can do justice to this bodysuit without modifications. But women craving more relaxed outfits can add ripped shorts or miniskirts to the ensemble.

Woman smiling while wearing a black bodysuit

Women can also show off their sexy silhouettes with the bodycon bodysuit. The piece can effortlessly highlight curves and voluptuous shapes. Cutout variants will appeal to risk-takers looking for a challenge to show some skin.

Regardless of how sexy the bodycon jumpsuit is, the item can still make some eye-catching casual outfits. Consumers can pair it with ripped jeans or shorts. They can also throw a bomber jacket over the outfit.

Pattern-clash pajama 

Woman posing in a yellow printed pajama

Pajamas have been in the fashion industry as sleep apparel. But updating the piece with the pattern-clash trends bumps pajamas up from nighties to loungewear.

Pattern-clash is all about mismatching tops and bottoms to create a contrasting appeal. Usually, the mismatched effect comes from clashing geometric, stripe, and floral patterns.

Consumers who prefer a retro resort vibe will favor pajamas with joyful clashing brights. These color splashes can make bold statements and effortlessly draw attention to the wearer.

Women with a thing for skin prints can opt for pajamas with magnified animal markings. Consumers can also indulge in more daring experiments, like pairing a psychedelic top with black and white print bottoms.

Ladies focusing more on silhouettes can opt for mismatched pajama sets. These outfits pair resort shirts with boxer shorts for contemporary comfort. Consumers can also try different print and color experiments with this set.

Regency robe

Woman wearing a sexy purple robe

Regency robes take a more romantic approach to loungewear, and women seem to love the idea. These items can help ladies create night dresses or dressing gown outfits with highlighted nuhistoric details and silhouettes.

A floral-patterned satin robe is a perfect item women can layer over their favorite black dress. Mini or maxi, sleeved or sleeveless, turtleneck or low-cut dresses will work incredibly well with this robe. Women can play around with letting the robe hang open, tying a knot in the front, or positioning the belt at the back of the outfit.

Women shouldn’t underestimate the stylishness of a classic t-shirt and denim combo. They can spice up the timeless outfit by draping a regency robe over the ensemble. Alternatively, consumers can wear the piece as a regular robe for stay-home activities.

Woman draping a floral robe over a classic outfit

The bottom line

Loungewear is moving toward the great outdoors, and women love the trend. Outfits with designs ideal for nighttime and indoor use are becoming fashion statements, and this shift is gaining worldwide traction.

These trends have multi-occasion styles and can accommodate home and smart-casual looks. The 1990s nightie offers a seamless transition from nighttime to comfy partywear. Kidult bodysuit and regency robe trends focus more on showcasing feminine sexiness with incredible style.

Pattern-clash pajamas allow for more personalized outfits, while natural-dyes lounge sets nod towards more eco-conscious consumers. Businesses can use these trends to attract consumers with updated offers when sales kick off for S/S 2023.

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