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Top Tablet PC Stands for Home Use in 2024

A tablet on a wooden tablet PC stand

In today’s electronic era, more and more people are glued to their gadgets, whether for work, school, or fun. Unsurprisingly, this change in consumers’ daily habits results in many slouching and dealing with various associated health problems.

Tablet PC stands are becoming popular these days, and for good reason. They help improve your posture and enhance any workspace’s aesthetics while doubling as a handy carry-on when consumers are on the go.

Given their benefits, it’s no surprise that the market for tablet PC stands is overflowing with choices. As a result, this article aims to help buyers find the best options available. 

So read on to explore five tablet stand trends worth an investment in 2024.

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A brief overview of the tablet stand market
Five tablet PC stands businesses shouldn’t miss in 2024
Leverage these products

A brief overview of the tablet stand market

A tablet with a white screen on a stand

Consumers are searching for ways to boost their productivity without ending up with a sore back. That’s where tablet PC stands come into play, and they are in high demand.

From 2019’s market value of USD 5.06 billion, tablet PC stands are set for an accelerated increase, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5% from 2022 to 2030. The Asia Pacific region, in particular, is also set for major expansion during this time.

This rapid growth is thanks to the surge in tablet and electronic device sales and the ever-increasing appetite for multimedia content. And it’s a trend that’s got some steam!

Five tablet PC stands businesses shouldn’t miss in 2024

Desktop stand

A home office desk setup with wooden desktop stand

A desktop stand is a great invention to hold devices in place and prevent one’s back from bending at an uncomfortable angle. Depending on several factors, aesthetics being one, desktop stands are made of materials such as rubber, aluminum, and wood.

Consumers can choose between either of these desktop stand designs depending on the function they wish for it to perform.

A laptop on an aluminum desktop stand

For example, wooden desktop stands are a picture-perfect choice that can add to the aesthetics of any home office. They are sturdy enough to carry the weight of any device. However, some consumers may not find this the best choice because wood is a heavy material that is often not travel-friendly.

In contrast, some consumers may opt for aluminum desktop stands because they are lighter to carry. They are also the great shock absorbers known to offer great grip. Unfortunately, aluminum desktop stands are not known for their durability.

According to Google Ads data, these stands have caught people’s attention. In May 2023, there were about 40500 searches for them, but fast forward to September of the same year, and that number jumped to 49500 inquiries. It’s safe to say they’re trending!

Foldable stand

A middle-aged man using a tablet on a foldable stand

Foldable tablet stands to provide a hands-free option for using a tablet with less discomfort, perfect for consumers tired of holding their tablets in their hands. The foldable tablet stand reduces strain on the user by providing a stable platform for the tablet to rest on. 

These stands assist the user to better level their eyes to the screen and to maintain a less strainful posture. Foldable tablet stands are desired because they come in different sizes that accommodate various device models. 

A tablet on a foldable stand with other accessories

The foldable tablet stand is easy to set up. As an advantage, its collapsible feature allows consumers to store them anywhere in the home without occupying excess space. The downside to the foldable tablet stand is its lack of stability, as it isn’t the best choice to carry heavy weighing devices.

Foldable tablet stands might not steal the spotlight, but they don’t go unnoticed. Google Ads data says these stands are getting an average of 720 searches monthly, and they’ve been holding steady at that search volume since 2022.

Lifted stand

A white tablet on a black lifted stand

Devices are prone to overheating, and lifted tablet stands are the consumer’s best choice to protect against heat damage. The lifted tablet stand elevates the device and provides good eye-to-device contact, making use more comfortable.

Consumers find the lifted stand the best for viewing pleasure as the stand can be picked up and placed in any direction or angle in a room.

A metallic lifted stand with a tablet frame

Because the lifted tablet stand elevates the device, more stability is provided to reduce the risk of a device falling. Lifted tablet stands come in different sizes, but as a major drawback, they are often not travel-friendly and tend to take up desk space.

Although lifted tablet stands have a few downsides, they still grab attention. According to Google Ads data, their popularity has increased, going from 33100 searches in 2022 to an impressive 40500 inquiries in September 2023.

Adjustable stand

A tablet on an adjustable stand on a yellow background

As the name suggests, the adjustable stand can be ‘adjusted’ to fit the consumer’s preferences. Whether its height or a specific angle is desired, the consumer can achieve it by loosening the screws on the stand.

Like any other type of tablet stand, the adjustable stand is made of metal, wood, or plastic. However, the ease of adjustment depends on the material used to make the adjustable stand and the manufacturer’s precise calculations and engineering.

A silver adjustable stand with ventilation holes

While the adjustable stand is a champ regarding setting the table at a perfect angle, it’s not the most portable option. Usually, it’s bulkier and heavier than other tablet stands. But, if consumers plan to keep them in one spot, like on a desk, it’s the perfect fit.

Adjustable tablet stands are catching some attention, although they might not have as big of a consumer base as other types. According to Google Ads, these gadgets get around 1300 searches each month, and they’ve been holding steady at that level since 2022.

Stump stand

A black tablet on a black stump stand

The stump stand boasts the simplest design of any tablet PC stand. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity—-this little guy is quite impressive. Manufacturers design them to look like their name suggests, a tiny tree stump. It’s circular and crafted from sturdy rubber or silicone material.

The cool thing about the stump stand is its versatility. Consumers can plop almost any device onto it, and it’ll work magic. And they’ve got two main options: users can set their device upright or give it a little lean. Whichever way they prefer, consumers will enjoy their device hands-free.

A pink rubber stump stand on a grey background

Because the design of the stump stand is simplistic, it is the most travel-friendly and occupies close to no storage space in a home. The stump stand is also durable and requires minimal maintenance.

Stump stands are the least popular but shouldn’t be underestimated. Google Ads reveals that they’ve been quietly maintaining a steady level of interest since 2022, with a solid 210 monthly searches. So, they might not be the trendiest, but these stands have a loyal following.

Leverage these trends

Tablet PC stands are not a new creation, but there is no denying that the demand for this product has risen in the past few years as everything goes digital. With the sale of tablets and PCs increasing, user discomfort and other health issues have become more widespread.

Tablet PC stands come in various types and styles to match consumer wants and to help keep their backs straight. Whether they want them adjustable, foldable, or in the shape of a little stump, the market is bursting with possibilities. 

So don’t get left behind. Consider embracing these trends to capitalize on the tablet PC stands’ profit potential in 2024.

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