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Top Things To Consider When Buying a Smart Doorbell

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Smart doorbells are a major upgrade to your standard push-and-ring bell systems, combining home security systems with additional technology such as wireless and remote control capabilities, cameras, motion detectors, and two-way speakers. Homeowners can use these innovative devices to see and talk with visitors through a smartphone or any other connected device, even while they’re away from home. A smart doorbell can also offer live images and motion detection messages. 

This guide focuses on some of the key things that you’ll want to consider before stocking smart doorbells.

Table of Contents
How a smart doorbell works
Overview of the smart doorbell market
Top things to consider when buying a smart doorbell
The different types of smart doorbells

How a smart doorbell works

A smart doorbell combines the functions of a conventional doorbell with advanced technology to offer features like video tracking, remote access, and superior protection. Equipped with a built-in camera, microphone, and speaker, most smart doorbells are able to capture video, pictures, and audio and connect to the property’s Wi-Fi network, enabling seamless two-way exchanges via a phone, etc. 

Through a devoted app, users can receive real-time alerts when motion is detected or when a person rings the doorbell. These apps also enable a live video feed, allowing house owners to observe their front door remotely.

Some smart doorbells offer cloud storage alternatives for recorded pictures, ensuring that users can evaluate visitors or disturbances even if they’re not at home. Integration with smart home ecosystems permits comprehensive home automation, whereby the smart doorbell can work with other connected devices. 

Overview of the smart doorbell market

Waterproof 2K video smart doorbell

A report by Grand View Research shows that as of 2022, the global smart doorbell market was valued at USD3,480 million, a figure that is expected to grow at a CAGR of 33.4% between 2023 and 2030. 

Smart doorbells are increasingly in demand as people’s concerns grow about their home security. Also, the convenience and ease of video streaming, motion sensing, and connections via smartphones have further led to the adoption of these devices. Significant markets are found in Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe, where urbanization, technology advances, and a greater emphasis on home security have resulted in thriving smart doorbell demand.

The Asia Pacific region is expected to experience the fastest CAGR, at 35.8%, during the forecast period. There is a rise in crime rates, and the need for increased domestic security measures in countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, India, the Philippines, South Korea, Qatar, and China is also projected to help boost the adoption of doorbell cameras.

In 2022, North America held the highest market share, constituting approximately 35% of the total. The increasing trend of smart homes, incorporating home automation solutions, and growing concerns about home security are driving the demand for doorbell cameras in the region. For example, based on a report from the U.S. Department of Justice in 2017, burglaries accounted for 18.2% of estimated property crimes in the U.S. Additionally, nearly 57.5% of burglaries involved forcible entry, 36.2% were unlawful entries, and 6.3% were deemed attempted forcible entry. Consequently, the region contributed significantly to the market’s revenue generation in 2022.

Top things to consider when buying a smart doorbell

1. Video quality

Wireless IP44 waterproof smart doorbell

A smart doorbell’s video quality must be compatible with the user’s surveillance requirements, providing clear images for accurate identification.

Peephole or door viewer cameras capture decent videos, but their resolution often falls below the standard of 720p HD. These cameras, while effective for basic surveillance, may lack the clarity desired for detailed monitoring. 

Wired smart doorbells excel in delivering sharp images, boasting resolutions that span from 1080p HD to Ultra HD. This higher resolution ensures that the captured footage is crisp and detailed, providing enhanced security and surveillance capabilities.

For doorbell cameras relying on rechargeable batteries, users can expect good picture quality with resolutions ranging from 720p to 1080p. This flexibility allows for a balance between video clarity and battery life, catering to different user preferences and surveillance needs. 

Hybrid doorbells, which integrate both wired and battery components, maintain video quality comparable to their wired and battery-powered counterparts. The blend of power sources ensures continuous functionality, offering users the benefits of wired reliability along with the convenience of battery-powered flexibility. 

2. Cost

The price of a smart doorbell will depend on its features and capabilities, for example:

  • Wired smart doorbells with advanced features can range from USD50 to USD100 
  • Battery-powered doorbells range from USD10 to USD25 or more
  • Doorbells with a hybrid model can cost anywhere between USD100 and USD200 
  • More concealed peephole or door viewer cameras cost about USD20 to USD50 

3. Motion detection

Waterproof smart doorbell EU UK US

Smart doorbell motion detection is found in most doorbell models. Motion detectors in wired smart doorbells, battery-powered doorbells, and hybrid models provide an alert each time there is a movement. This further improves the doorbell’s proactive security, sending alerts and prompting necessary action from the property owner. Ensure that a doorbell’s sensitivity and selectivity meet your requirements when assessing various smart doorbells.

4. Night vision

Plug 58 ringtones battery outdoor wireless doorbell

The ability to capture images at night is very important for total protection. This is why a smart doorbell should have night vision capabilities that allow an optimal view of a person, even during total darkness.

While peephole or door viewer cameras may capture good daytime videos, their night vision capabilities may be limited, offering basic visibility in low-light conditions. Users should consider the specific model and features to ensure adequate nighttime surveillance.

Doorbell cameras using rechargeable batteries also offer decent night vision, with performance varying based on the specific model. While not always as robust as their wired counterparts, these cameras can still provide reliable nighttime surveillance for users with varying lighting needs.

Wired smart doorbells typically excel in night vision, providing clear and detailed footage in low-light or completely dark environments. The reliable power source allows for consistent and effective night vision capabilities, ensuring enhanced security during nighttime hours.

Hybrid doorbells, which blend wired and battery-powered components, maintain effective night vision capabilities similar to their wired counterparts. This ensures consistent and reliable surveillance during nighttime hours, combining the benefits of both power sources for comprehensive security coverage.

5. Field of view (FOV)

FOV is the space covered by a smart doorbell’s camera. Wired, battery-powered, and hybrid doorbells have a wide field of view, usually from 160 to 180 degrees, ensuring complete coverage of the entryway. Door viewers or peephole cameras are designed explicitly for covert installations. They can have a small field of vision but enough to monitor adjacent areas. Buyers should select a smart doorbell according to the required coverage area and the entrance size.

6. Two-way communication

Home security smart doorbell system support IOS

Doorbell systems like wired smart doorbells, battery-powered, hybrid doorbells, and peephole cameras come with inbuilt microphones and speakers, enabling remote communication between owners and visitors. This feature allows users to talk to the individual outside without opening the door. 

Before purchasing, make sure that a smart doorbell’s two-way communication is clear and fast enough to communicate clearly with visitors or delivery people.

The different types of smart doorbells

1. Wired smart doorbells

Wired Smart IP Video Doorbell 7 Inch with 1080P

Homeowners who demand continuous monitoring of their homes often opt for wired smart doorbells for their use of a dependable power source. These doorbells connect directly to a home’s electrical system, providing constant monitoring.


  • Wired smart doorbells are connected to the home’s existing electrical wiring, ensuring a continuous power supply without the need for battery replacements
  • Since they are not dependent on batteries, wired doorbells provide consistent and reliable performance, ensuring uninterrupted operation
  • Wired models can support advanced features such as higher-resolution cameras, constant video recording, and continuous monitoring capabilities
  • Easy integration with existing doorbell wiring simplifies installation for homes with wired doorbell setups

2. Battery-powered smart doorbells

Top quality battery-operated wireless doorbell

Battery-powered smart doorbells are easy to install as they do not need to be connected to the mains. Despite this, the video quality of most battery-powered doorbells is still usually very good, varying between 720P and 1080P HD.


  • These doorbells offer a wire-free installation, making them suitable for locations without existing doorbell wiring or for those who prefer a simpler setup
  • Battery-operated models allow for more flexible placement options since they are not constrained by the location of existing wiring
  • The absence of wiring simplifies the installation process, making battery-powered smart doorbells a convenient choice for homeowners who want a DIY-friendly solution
  • Battery-powered models are often more portable, allowing users to change their location easily without the need for rewiring or professional assistance

3. Hybrid smart doorbells

YOUHE Tuya smart lock automatic biometric lock

Hybrid smart doorbells combine the best features of smart or video doorbells and wireless technology, providing users with the choice to either utilize battery-operated functionality or use it in addition to the existing wiring.

The video quality of hybrid smart doorbells is similar to wired and battery-operated doorbells, having resolution options from 720p to 1080p HD. Hybrid models typically incorporate two-way communication, night vision, and motion-sensing capabilities. 


  • Hybrid smart doorbells combine both wired and battery-powered options, offering users the flexibility to choose between continuous power or a wire-free installation
  • When connected to the wired power source, hybrid models provide the reliability of continuous power, ensuring consistent performance
  • Users can switch to battery power in locations without existing wiring, providing versatility in installation options based on specific needs or preferences
  • Hybrid smart doorbells are adaptable to different home configurations, making them a suitable choice for various installation scenarios

4. Door viewer cameras

2K wifi video intercom home talking doorbell camera

Door viewer cameras are tiny cameras that are installed in small spaces, making them perfect for people living in apartments or without much space. The average price for door viewer cameras is between USD20 and USD100. Door viewer cameras are a good option for those who value simplicity, discretion, and stylishness.


  • Door viewer cameras act as both a peephole and a camera, offering an enhanced level of security by providing a peek at visitors before opening the door
  • Many door viewer cameras allow for real-time monitoring through a connected mobile app, enabling homeowners to see who is at the door from anywhere
  • Some models feature motion detection capabilities, alerting homeowners to any activity at the front door even if no one rings the bell, enhancing overall security
  • Door viewer cameras are often designed for easy retrofitting, allowing homeowners to upgrade their traditional peepholes without major modifications to the door


Selecting the right smart doorbell includes careful consideration of various factors that contribute to the overall effectiveness of a property security system. Video quality, motion detection, night vision, field of vision, two-way communication, and cost are key elements that must align with a consumer’s surveillance needs. Whether choosing the superior abilities of wired doorbells, the flexibility of battery-powered models, the versatility of hybrid models, or the discreetness of peephole cameras, first understand the nuances of each to ensure it ticks all the boxes. 

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