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Trendy Mascara Wands Worth Investing in in 2024

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Mascaras are one of the most popular eye cosmetics out there, so it makes sense that quality applicators are also sought after. While mascara wands may not be able to create real spells, a quality applicator can magically light up a user’s look with fuller lashes in just one stroke.

Because wands come in an almost infinite variety of shapes and sizes, it pays for businesses to do a little research and choose the ones right for their target customers.

Here we’ll help you do just that, highlighting five amazing mascara wands and an overview of their likely financial returns in 2024.

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Why now is a good time to enter the mascara wand market
5 mascara wands worth purchasing in 2024

Why now is a good time to enter the mascara wand market

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The global mascara wand market is experiencing huge growth, making it a great time to invest. Market research forecasts that the wand market looks to grow from USD31.2 million in 2022 to USD50.8 million by 2032, at a 5% CAGR.

Reports also suggest that demand for mascara wands is increasing due to growing disposable incomes, as well as rising cosmetic use among millennials globally. In addition, product innovations and technological advancements also remain significant drivers for the global market.

Europe is currently the largest regional market, with reports showing it held 35% of global sales in 2022. However, experts predict the Asia Pacific region will witness a strong growth rate (4% CAGR) over the forecast period.

5 mascara wands worth purchasing in 2024

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Classic comb-like wands

Regular comb-like mascara wand with black container

Classic comb-like mascara wands are the go-to for lash enthusiasts. Praised for their ability to add both length and volume, comb-like wands create adds definition to lashes for a fuller-bodied look.

But there’s more. Their structure ensures precise application, coating each lash individually for maximum impact. The pointed end is especially useful for reaching even the smallest lashes in the eye’s corners. The result? A comprehensive and dramatic look, emphasizing the eyes and creating a captivating gaze.

Their versatility makes them a top choice for various makeup looks, from everyday elegance via subtle enhancement to glamorous evenings with bold, dramatic effects. 

Bottom lash wands

Mascara wand with yellow handle

For consumers who find applying mascara to lower lashes tricky, bottom lash wands are the answer. As the name implies, these specialized tools help to provide smudge-free mascara application to the lower lashes. This is achieved via a smaller wand head featuring fewer bristles, reducing the risk of smudging and providing better control during application. 

Bottom lash wands make coating lower lashes – while avoiding the delicate under-eye area – a piece of cake, which in turn enhances the overall eye makeup experience.

Curved wands

Curved mascara wand on yellow background

Curved mascara wands are cleverly designed to lift and curl lashes, creating a beautifully defined and eye-catching look. Mimicking the natural curves of lashes, these wands work seamlessly with the lash line, coaxing each one upwards for an elongated and curled effect.

One significant benefit of curved mascara wands is their ability to reduce clumping. The wand’s design helps separate individual lashes, reducing the chance of clumping!

Curved wands are the go-to choice for consumers desiring a more feminine, fluttery lash look, effortlessly elevating the eyes with elegance for everyday wear or special occasions.

Thick fiber brush wands

Various thick fiber mascara wands on a brown table

Thick mascara wands can significantly boost lash appearance, providing luxurious and fuller lashes. The thick fibers on these brush wands help eliminate any gaps between lashes, creating a doll-eyed aesthetic that’s striking and alluring.

By rotating the wand when applying their favorite mascara, users can separate lashes and prevent clumping for more a smooth, defined finish.

No dream look is too big for these mascara wands. Whether it’s bold, glamorous looks or accentuating natural beauty, thick fiber brushes are here to add a little drama.

Ball/ball-tip wands

Ball-tip mascara wand on a beige dish

Ball wands have bristles arranged in a spherical shape, while ball tip wands feature long handles with rounded tips. Both styles bring a distinctive yet targeted approach to mascara application, helping users reach the root of the lash and ensuring thorough coverage from base to tip. Ball wands’ spherical designs make them especially great at precise and strategic maneuvering for a more defined and separated lash look, enhancing eye definition.

While ball-tipped wands offer similar advantages (reaching every lash with precision), they’re more suited for reaching and coating small, hard-to-reach lashes, creating a fuller and more expansive lash line. 


The mascara wand market offers various designs to cater to the evolving demands of beauty enthusiasts. Classic comb-like wands provide length and volume for fuller lashes, while specialized bottom wands offer smudge-free solutions for lower lashes.

Meanwhile, curved wands are the best options for curling lashes without clumps, while thick fiber wands provide an attractive yet effortless voluminous effect. Finally, ball/ball-tip wands are the go-to for reaching those annoying little lashes.

By adding a range of brushes to your inventory, you’re more likely to ensure that there’s a brush for every consumer. Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find the right wand for your business among the thousands of options on Alibaba.com.

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