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How To Select Mascaras That Consumers Will Love in 2024


Mascara is the perfect makeup choice for consumers who don’t or can’t use lash extensions but still want to enhance their lashes. These cosmetic products can make lashes look thicker, more defined, longer, or curled, giving a beautiful look in just a few minutes.

But like other cosmetics, mascaras are not a one-size-fits-all product. Sellers must consider various factors and understand the differences between different varieties before investing.

Luckily, this article will provide everything businesses need to know before stocking up on mascaras their customers are bound to love in 2024.

Table of Contents
Overview of the mascara market in 2024
5 major types of mascara on the market
Factors businesses must prioritize when selecting mascaras

Overview of the mascara market in 2024

The global mascara market is gearing up for a huge growth explosion, with industry experts projecting an increase from 2023’s US $7.62 billion to US $13.77 billion by 2032 at an impressive 6.09% CAGR. 

Key factors driving this expansion include a surge in innovative products and a growing population of working women across the globe. Based on distribution channels, the store-based mascara market has the largest share, accounting for 75% of the global revenue. 

Regionally, experts predict Asia Pacific will register the fastest CAGR over the forecast period due to increased awareness of various cosmetic products and the availability of customized eye makeup.

5 major types of mascara on the market

Tubing mascaras

Tubing mascaras are made from various polymers that wrap around individual lashes, making them look longer and more awake. As such, they are used like regular mascaras, although they may require that the user learn a different technique to lay a solid foundation.

The cool thing about tubing mascaras is how easy it is to put on a second coat without clumps or flakes. Consumers love them because they give a natural, super-long lash look that doesn’t smudge, lasts a long time, and comes off easily.

The tube application also gives a neat, separated look that holds a curl well. As a result, tubing mascaras are a must-have for simple, natural, and durable eye makeup looks. 

Tubing mascara’s growing popularity is backed by data from Google Ads, with searches rising by 80% in two months, from 60,500 in September to 135,000 in November 2023.

Volumizing mascaras

The world of mascaras offers unlimited formulas that offer different effects. But when consumers want something dramatic and eye-grabbing without reaching for lash glue, volumizing mascaras are the best bet.

These mascara formulas are the secret behind crafting false lash looks without extensions. Beyond their eye-enhancing effects, volumizing mascaras are the go-to for most cosmetics consumers. Hence, it’s no surprise that they dominated the global mascara market in 2022, accounting for US $3.67 billion of the market’s total revenue.

Volumizing mascaras have such a high status because they’re a great way to draw attention to the eyes without much effort. The best part is most volumizing formulas come with built-in curling and lengthening benefits – an all-around solution for smoky lashes.

According to Google Ads, volumizing mascaras attracted a whopping 201,000 searches in November 2023 alone.

Curling mascaras

Lady applying curling mascara

Since many women love luscious, curly lashes, they often use eyelash curlers to get their desired looks. However, curling mascaras can help them enhance their natural lash curls without the hassle.

In addition, the consistency of these mascara formulas is slightly thicker than others, helping to maintain the curly effect. But that’s not all. Curling mascaras also work for artificial lash curls. 

However, some users find that curling mascaras have a higher chance of clumping because of the extra thickness. Nevertheless, these formulas are the go-to for consumers looking for fresh, wide-eyed appearances.

Waterproof mascaras

Mascaras labeled “waterproof” usually feature formulas that won’t dissolve in water, versus traditional, non-waterproof mascaras, which are usually oil-based and therefore don’t hold well in wet conditions.

To solve this issue, manufacturers use a formula for waterproof mascaras that cuts down on the oil content, with some even doing away with oil completely.

More importantly, most consumers use waterproof mascaras to make their lashes more supple and smooth. True to their name, these formulas can withstand situations like taking a dip, sweating, or crying.

Google Ads data shows that waterproof mascaras performed well in 2023, attracting 33,100 searches in October and November.

Clear mascaras

Versatile, neutral, clear mascaras are the ultimate formulas for crafting no-makeup looks. With all the benefits of colored variants, clear mascaras curl and define the user’s lashes while leaving a polished and fresh finish.

The lack of color makes this formula the perfect option for pool/beach trips, and even better than waterproof variants. But there’s more. These mascara formulas can double as brow gels, easily handling brow sculpting.

Finally, clear mascaras can also serve as lash primers, creating an impressive base for colored mascaras. Using them this way is a great way to make lashes look longer and more voluminous.

Based on Google Ads data, clear mascaras search interest has been consistent since March 2023, receiving 49,500 searches in November.

Factors businesses must prioritize when selecting mascaras

Mascara brush type

Mascaras come with different wands, with each type offering something different. Some may help maximize formula use, while others simplify the application process. Check the table below for all the main types of mascara brushes and their uses:

Brush typeDescription
CurvedBest for consumers with naturally straight lashes or who want an extra lift
SpiralThe perfect brush type for creating lift and volume
TaperedHelps users coat their outer and inner lashes without touching the lids or under area
HourglassBest for pulling the outer and inner lashes upward, creating volume and curling effects
Inverted coneA less common brush type that helps maximize volume and length
BushyCan create dramatic volume while reducing application time
Ball-tippedThis brush type may look outlandish, but it helps reach ticky lashes without hassle

Mascara formula

The preferred formula mostly depends on the look target consumers prefer. The cool part is that most mascaras can offer one or more formula benefits.

Formula benefitsDescription
LengtheningSuch formulas are ideal for consumers with short lashes, as they help extend the natural lash length
ThickeningThis formula is perfect for consumers with fine or sparse lashes easily creating thicker lash looks
LiftingMascara formulas with this effect make the eyes look more wide awake
CurlingCurling formulas offer eye-opening effects for straight-lashes consumers
Lash-definingThis formula focuses on separation and length


While black mascara is the usual choice for defined eye looks, consumers have other options. For instance, brown mascara is great for fair-skinned users due to its softer appearance.

Consumers feeling adventurous can go for bold fashion mascara colors. For example, blue is a popular choice that can make eyes stand out.


Mascaras bring a unique twist to the eye cosmetic scene. Their expansive selection of formulas and textures make them a great way to enhance natural lashes without adding extensions.

The best part is that various types exist, meaning businesses can offer a huge range of volumizing, tubing, clear, curling, and waterproof mascaras. But before deciding which varieties to stock, retailers must consider multiple factors to ensure that they choose the right ones for their target audience.

By considering the various factors above, sellers can have a better idea of which mascaras to sell in 2024. For a huge range of mascaras and other beauty products, head to Alibaba.com.

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