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Trendy Types of Wooden and Bamboo Packaging


As consumers look to be more eco-conscious in all aspects of their lives, packaging is having to adapt too. Materials such as wood and bamboo can easily be used to replace non-sustainable packaging materials like plastic and metal. Switching to sustainable packaging is a big trend right now that many companies are starting to get on board with. 

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Market value of wooden and bamboo packaging 
5 types of popular sustainable packaging
Will wood and bamboo maintain their popularity?

Market value of wooden and bamboo packaging

Sustainable products and packaging are very popular with consumers in today’s environmentally friendly oriented world. People are increasingly choosing products that use eco-friendly or reusable materials in them over materials such as plastic, metal, and dyed paper, which are not made of renewable resources. And this does not stop with packaging.

By 2032, the bamboo packaging market size is expected to reach USD 895.1 million at a CAGR of 6.4%, which is significantly up from the CAGR of 4% between 2015 and 2021. In terms of wood packaging, the market is expected to grow to USD 4.21 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 5.39% between 2020 and 2025. These growths are down to a global preference for eco-friendly packaging across a wide variety of industries, fueled by consumer lifestyle changes.

Tiny round wooden box with latch in palm of hand

5 types of popular sustainable packaging

Wooden and bamboo packaging comes in all shapes and sizes and can be utilized in various industries. Today’s packaging market is seeing higher demands for wooden cosmetic and jewelry boxes, hinged boxes, bamboo wine boxes, and bamboo cream jars. These specific trends are growing in popularity and are ones to watch out for.

Wooden cosmetic box

In today’s society, it seems that everything is going eco-friendly, and that includes the cosmetics industry. The wooden cosmetic box is the perfect alternative to plastic or metal and can be adapted to suit a variety of different sizes of cosmetic bottles. The clean design of this packaging can easily be reused for another purpose or disposed of without worrying about it impacting the environment in the long term. Cosmetic packaging is increasingly becoming more sustainable and the market is seeing new trends emerge that line up with consumer demands.  

Set of three wooden compartments to hold cosmetic jars

Wooden hinged box

Wooden hinged boxes are the perfect type of durable packaging for breakables, jewelry, and craft projects. Regardless of what they are being used to transport, the retro lock closure on the front makes the packaging even more appealing. The wooden material used means that it can easily be transformed into an art project or be reused to hold other items in the household. In an age where people are progressively looking to repurpose things, this type of wooden packing is very appealing to a wide range of consumers.

Three wooden boxes with vintage metal latches on the front

Bamboo wine box

Bamboo is a more sustainable resource than wood as it grows exceptionally fast, so more and more people are turning to products made of bamboo. Traditional wooden wine boxes are now being made using bamboo and given a sleek finish with a silk interior.  

This type of bamboo packaging is perfect for gifts, carrying bottles of wine, and is also useful for storage purposes as it keeps the bottle secure. The bamboo wine box can also feature wine tools that help to enhance the overall aesthetic of the box and give it a higher quality appearance, especially for gift purposes.

Bamboo wine box being opened with bottle lying inside

Bamboo cream jars

Non-sustainable packaging is one of the main causes of pollution as most of it sits in landfills or is littered on the ground. And a lot of this packaging is used in the cosmetics industry. A larger number of companies are looking to take a more sustainable approach to their products though, as the demand from consumers for eco-friendly products grows.

Bamboo cream jars are just the latest bamboo packaging addition to hit the cosmetics and beauty industry. These jars help to cut down on metal being used by only using metal as a liner on the inside, with the majority of the packaging being bamboo. They come in a variety of sizes too, so they are perfectly adaptable to many types of creams. 

Small bamboo cream jar lying on a white towel

Wooden jewelry boxes

Jewelry boxes are known for being rather fancy and for making a statement in the bedroom. But the wooden and bamboo packaging market has seen an increase in demand for plain wooden jewelry boxes in recent years. These boxes are fully recyclable and can be made to suit any type of jewelry, from watches to necklaces to rings. The simple wooden design plays into the modern home decor trends that are popular right now as well. 

Different sizes of wooden bamboo boxes for jewelry

Will wood and bamboo maintain their popularity?

The global market is seeing a big demand for more sustainable goods across all industries, and now more than ever consumers are also looking for eco-friendly packaging that can either easily be recycled or can be repurposed. Jewelry boxes, cream jars, wine boxes, hinged boxes, and cosmetic boxes are all in high demand in both wood and bamboo with today’s consumers. 

In the next decade, wooden and bamboo packaging is expected to play a key role in the renewable packaging sector. This type of packaging is built to last and can be used for more than one purpose, making it a great addition to the new sustainable lifestyles that consumers are beginning to adopt. 

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