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7 Useful Motorcycle Electronics Popular With Riders


To get the most out of a motorcycle ride, it’s vital to have the right equipment. With new advancements in technology, there are many more useful products in the market today than ever before, and riders are taking full advantage of that. When it comes to the best motorcycle electronics, heated grips, helmet accessories, and navigation tools are what consumers are looking for.

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Motorcycle products and electronics in today’s market
Popular types of motorcycle electronics 
What comes next for motorcycle electronics?

Motorcycle products and electronics in today’s market

Motorcycles have been a popular alternative to cars since they were first invented, and it’s not hard to tell that their popularity hasn’t dwindled. In 2021, the global market value of motorcycle electronics and products was worth approximately USD 8.39 billion. There was a slight increase by the end of 2022, bringing the value up to USD 8.84 billion

This number is expected to grow significantly by 2032, with sales projected to reach a value of USD 15 billion. This increase is down to a number of factors, such as a higher demand for protective equipment, newer technologies coming into the market, and riders of all ages and abilities purchasing motorcycle products that will enhance their overall driving experience.. 

Man handing over keys of a motorcycle to the owner

Modern motorcycles are being built in the same way that cars are, with new technologies that will help to assist the rider as much as possible. When it comes to motorcycle electronics, there are always new products coming out that can be used with any motorcycle or motorcycle equipment. Today’s most popular motorcycle electronics include helmet cameras and lights, GPS, heated grips, portable battery chargers, phone mounts for the handlebar, and motorcycle intercoms. 

Helmet camera

The helmet camera is proving to be a popular piece of motorcycle equipment among riders, as it allows them to fully record a journey and share it to social media quickly following a ride. It can also be used in the form of a dash camera, which allows the rider to drive with the peace of mind that any bad situations they get into will be recorded for playback. Not any type of camera will do though. Motorcycle cameras need to be able to withstand high speeds as well as all types of weather while recording in high quality. 

Action camera attached to the side of a motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle intercoms

The noise level of motorcycles is no secret, making it impossible for fellow riders to hear one another while they’re on the go. That’s where the motorcycle intercom comes in. The intercom works as a vital piece of communication between riders, as it allows them to talk to one another, hear GPS instructions, and in some cases listen to music. They’re becoming more and more popular with riders who travel in groups or that don’t have a GPS attached to their handlebars. 

Motorcycle rider with intercom on the side of the helmet


For riders who often travel long distances or to places where there isn’t much phone signal, having a GPS navigator is an important motorcycle electronic to have. Whereas phone apps rely on having a signal, satellite navigation systems use GPS, which is readily available and free to use anywhere. It allows riders to find the best route in a quick and easy way, without the added distraction of having messages popping up or calls coming through. 

For added security, some riders are also turning to GPS trackers, which give a piece of added safety to their bike. In case of theft, these trackers will alert the owner and provide them with the location, even when the motorcycle is turned off or out of phone range. 

Motorcycle with a GPS attached to the handlebar

Heated grips

For people who choose to ride in the winter, keeping warm can prove to be very difficult without the right clothing and equipment. Heated grips are a big trend when it comes to motorcycle electronics and are only growing in popularity. These grips are built to replace standard motorcycle grips and are powered by the bike’s battery. They’ll keep a rider’s hands warm for the duration of a cold journey and can be turned off when not needed. Some motorcycles are even beginning to have these built-in, much like heated car seats. 

Motorcycle with black heated handlebars in the winter

Battery charger

Having a portable charger is the norm for many people who have smartphones or tablets. But battery chargers are also proving to be a key piece of motorcycle equipment for many riders. Motorcycles have a much smaller battery than other vehicles that tends to break down more often too. Having a battery charger on hand can help to boost the motorcycle if the battery dies and can save a lot of money in the long run. The connection lead that these chargers come with make it easier than ever to attach them to a motorcycle battery, so there’s minimum effort needed to use them. 

Motorcycle being charged using a red battery charger

Motorcycle phone mounts

Riders who don’t use their bikes for long journeys are using their smartphones for GPS, streaming, and calling purposes rather than a GPS navigator or an intercom. Phone mounts for motorcycles are proving to be a big hit, and are being manufactured with useful features to help the rider have a seamless journey. Rather than having a standard phone mount for handlebars, these phone mounts are completely waterproof for use in all weather conditions and can often be used to charge a smartphone while on the move.

Phone mount on motorcycle handlebars with GPS being used

Helmet lights

Safety is key when riding a motorcycle, and these detachable helmet lights are helping riders to become more visible while on the road. These are specifically used during the evening, when motorcycle helmets aren’t as visible and when it can sometimes be more difficult to see a motorcycle with its low-bearing lights. These helmet lights are wireless and act as an added alert system for vehicles behind the motorcycle to let them know of a change of speed or that the motorcycle is changing lanes.  

Red light used for the back of a motorcycle helmet

What comes next for motorcycle electronics?

The amount of motorcycle electronics on the market has grown rapidly over the past decade, as new types of technology emerge. Products such as heated grips, helmet lights and cameras, motorcycle phone mounts, battery chargers, GPS, and motorcycle intercoms are all popular pieces of motorcycle electronics in today’s world. 

With the increasing use of smartphones and other devices in different aspects of life, motorcycle electronics are expected to continue their expansion as they aid motorcycle riders in their journeys and adapt to new consumer demands. 

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