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The Ultimate Guide To Buying the Right Dumbbell Sets

Blue and black 60Kg dumbbell set

Dumbbells are hugely popular in the fitness industry, helping people to improve their strength, endurance, and overall health at both home and in the gym. However, their prevalence means that there’s almost a never-ending amount of options out there, making selecting the right weights for your business more difficult than ever.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the factors you’ll want to consider before stocking up.

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Dumbbell market share
Types of dumbbell sets
The ultimate guide to buying the right dumbbell sets
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Dumbbell market share

Hexagonal dumbbell set with rack 10kg 20kg 30kg rubber hex dumbbells

According to Technavio, the dumbbell market is forecast to have a CAGR of about 2.92% between 2023 and 2028, with a projected incremental gain of US $267.66 million. 

The high demand for dumbbell sets is fueled by an increased preference for at-home personal training, providing a more comfortable and private environment. In addition, consistent product development, incorporating new designs and high-end features, attracts buyers to replace their devices over time.

Types of dumbbell sets

1. Adjustable dumbbell sets

1Kg 5Lb increment adjustable dumbbell set

Adjustable dumbbell sets provide a flexible option for exercises of varying intensities. Each set comes with multiple weight plates that can be added or removed – often via dial pins for rapid changes – depending on how much the user wants to lift. 

The plates are usually made from durable metals that ensure durability. While the grip types vary, most are ergonomically designed for extra comfort. Finally, prices range from as low as US $200 to US $500. 

2. Hex dumbbell sets

Hex dumbbells set for gym use

Hex dumbbells have a flat, rounded base instead of a square edge, which means that they don’t roll. These cast iron sets are perfect for various exercises such as bodybuilding and cardio training. Generally, they cost between US $1.50 to US $2.50 per dumbbell, depending on their weight. The hexagonal shape provides stability and efficient storage as it is possible to stack them easily.

3. Rubber-coated dumbbell sets

Rubber-coated solid steel weights dumbbell sets

The cast iron core of these dumbbells is surrounded by a rubber coating to protect them. The coating reduces noise, helps to reduce floor damage, and increases bodybuilding strength. These dumbbell sets cost between US $2 and US $3 per pound. The rubber coating makes them more comfortable to hold, making these dumbbells popular for use at home or in the gym.

4. Cast iron dumbbell sets

Cast iron dumbbell set 20kg

Cast iron dumbbell sets are a classic choice. These sets are known for their durability and are usually much cheaper than their rubber-coated counterparts, costing around US $1 to US $2 per pound. What they lack in the luxuries of other types of dumbbells they make up for in being rugged, durable, and dependable.

5. Chrome dumbbell sets

Chrome steel dumbbell 55kg set

Thanks to their chrome plating, chrome dumbbell sets have a smooth and shiny look. This adds beauty to their aesthetic, while also protecting against rust. The quality finish and the components used can make them a bit more costly, with chrome sets retailing at around US $3 to US $5 per pound. Chrome dumbbell sets are a good choice for people who like to work out with added style.

The ultimate guide to buying the right dumbbell sets

1. Weight range

Customers will look for dumbbell sets that reflect their lifting goals. That’s why it can help select sets that allow for flexible weights. Similarly, an adaptable weight range makes weights suited to a variety of exercises for all fitness levels. Consider buying dumbbell sets that weigh between 5 to 50lbs, which should be sufficient to cover a complete workout regime.

2. Material

TOPKO gym equipment fitness dumbbells

A dumbbell sets’ quality will largely depend on what they are made of. Cast iron is one of the most commonly used materials for dumbbells, while rubber-coated and chrome-plated also help to protect the weights. Cast iron is durable and cheap, making it a good option if you are looking for a good all-rounder. Meanwhile, rubber-coated dumbbells help to protect floors from scratching and reduce noise while protecting the bells as well. If you want nice-looking sets with added rust protection, then you may also want to consider chrome-plated sets. 

3. Grip type

Look for dumbbell sets with ergonomic or contoured grip, which helps them to sit comfortably in the user’s hand. Grip also includes features like texture and design, helping to reduce the chance of weights slipping, especially during more vigorous exercises. 

4. Shape

ODM/OEM customized dumbbell and barbell equipment

The shape of dumbbells transcends aesthetics and dictates how they perform during exercise. For example, a hexagonal dumbbell eliminates annoying rolling, adding stability during exercise and storage. On the other hand, if you prefer simplicity, round dumbbells might be a better option, although they lack this added stability. Consider how the dumbbells will be used and stored when choosing a shape. 

5. Durability

Gym fitness training dumbbells set 1-5kgs

Examine how the dumbbell set fits together while also considering their strength and material quality. Rubber-coated or chrome-plated dumbbells have a longer life as they are less susceptible to rust. Due to their moving parts, adjustable dumbbell sets may be more prone to breaking.

6. Price

Cast iron dumbbells with 15/20/30kg weights

Dumbbell sets of higher quality may also come with more innovative, costly features, potentially bringing greater exercise satisfaction and even saving you money in the long run. Satisfaction with the final product is likely dictated by a balance between price and features. 

Be prepared to pay between US $200 to US $500 for adjustable dumbbell sets, US $1.50 to US $2.50 per pound for hex dumbbell sets, and US $2 to US $3 per pound for rubber-coated dumbbell sets. 

Final thoughts

Choosing the right dumbbell set requires buyers to consider everything from weight and material to grip type and shape and durability to price. 

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect set for your business, visit Alibaba.com to explore thousands of options catering to a huge range of budgets and needs. 

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