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Unique Inflatable Pools for Adults To Enjoy

Man sitting in donut inside a small inflatable pool

Inflatable pools aren’t just for children. In recent years more and more adults are enjoying all that inflatable pools have to offer and are taking full advantage of the latest fun styles that have entered the market and that are catered towards a mature audience. 

Whether consumers are using their inflatable pools to cool down during the heat of the summer or using them as a centrepiece for a get together with friends, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Keep reading to learn all about the world of inflatable pools for adults.

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Global market value of inflatable pools
Unique inflatable pools for adults

Global market value of inflatable pools

Blue inflatable pool for adults with umbrella set up

Inflatable pools are a temporary solution that can bring a lot of fun to an outdoor space. Used by both children and adults, inflatable pools can be used to help children learn how to swim as well as adding a centrepiece to a garden for adults to enjoy when they have a group of friends or family members over in the warmer months. There are a lot of great options in today’s market when it comes to what inflatable pools consumers are buying.

Woman hanging out of small inflatable pool in yard

By 2023 the global market value of inflatable pools reached USD 2.6 billion. Over a 10 year period, by 2033, that number is expected to rise to at least USD 7.5 billion, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.1%. These numbers show just how popular inflatable pools are becoming among consumers who don’t have the space or budget to install a permanent pool.

Unique inflatable pools for adults

Standard blue inflatable pool setup in a garden

Inflatable pools, when paired with fun pool accessories, are a great addition to any backyard and can provide hours of entertainment as well as being a fantastic way to improve cardio if they are big enough for swimming in. The most unique inflatable pools for adults will have features for relaxation and entertainment that help to create memorable experiences. 

Round inflatable pool in garden with woman relaxing inside

According to Google Ads, “inflatable pools for adults” has an average monthly search volume of 9900, with the most searches coming in July at 27100.

Google Ads also shows that the most popular inflatable pools for adults include “large paddling pool” with 2900 searches, “inflatable floating island pool” with 1900 searches, “inflatable pool spa” with 1300 searches, and “inflatable party pool” with 1000 searches. Keep reading to learn more about the key features of each of these unique inflatable pools for adults.

Large paddling pool

Large blue and orange paddling pool with parasol over top

One of the most common types of inflatable pools for adults is the large paddling pool. This inflatable pool is similar in design as those for children but on a bigger scale to accommodate groups of adults or large families. The large paddling pool is designed with relaxation in mind and is very easy to set up with an easy to use drainage system as well.

The reinforced seams help the pool to withstand heavy weight and pressure from the water as well as the people inside it. These pools aren’t designed for swimming in but are ideal for cooling down and relaxing during the summer months. Some designs will also incorporate inflatable seating into them as well as cup holders.

Google Ads shows that searches for “large paddling pool” peaked in July at 14800.

Inflatable floating island pool

Friends relaxing inside large inflatable floating island pool

Inflatable floating island pools are a fun way for adults to relax in the open waters without the need to rent a boat. These floating islands are incredibly spacious with enough room to seat multiple people thanks to the built-in seating areas with backrests that also include handy cup holders. 

The inflatable floating island pool is considered a luxurious item and is often found in beach areas and resorts where consumers can rent them out for a set amount of time. If they’re being used in open water it’s important that they have an anchor point attached to them so that they can be tied to a stationary object for safety reasons.

Google Ads shows that searches for “inflatable floating island pool” were highest in the late summer, with August registering 5400 searches.

Inflatable pool spa

Small inflatable pool spa with four people inside

The inflatable pool spa is a unique type of pool for adults that can also be used like a hot tub. These smaller pools will include features such as massage jets to promote relaxation as well as a built-in heating system so users can adjust the temperature to their liking. These pool spas also incorporate comfortable seating into the design and need to have a water filtration system to maintain clean water.

The more high-tech inflatable pool spas often come with LED lighting as well as bluetooth capabilities which makes them perfect for parties. It’s also important that they include a cover for when they’re not in use.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between June and November 2023, searches for “inflatable pool spa” increased 23% with the most searches coming in January at 1900.

Inflatable party pool

People watching movie from inside inflatable party pool

Adults love the inflatable party pool as it adds a whole new level of entertainment to a space for social gatherings. The large size of this inflatable pool allows for multiple adults to relax and socialise in the same space and the lounging areas or built-in seating adds a level of comfort to the pool that regular paddling pools don’t offer.

Depending on the size of the pool there may be different sections built into the design with varied depths and some even include canopies to help shelter users from the sun when it’s being used outdoors. More advanced versions of the inflatable party pool often include entertainment options such as lighting features, speakers, and even a built-in bar space.

Google Ads shows that over a 6 month period, between June and November 2023, searches for “inflatable party pool” increased 55% with the most searches coming in August at 1600.


Light blue and white inflatable pool sitting on grass

These unique inflatable pools for adults are all designed to add an element of fun to a space, whether they’re being used for family get-togethers or for a large social gathering such as a party. Inflatable pools are the perfect budget-friendly and space-saving alternative to permanent pools that require little effort to set up and can be stored away when the bad weather comes. These pools are only set to increase in popularity as consumers look for unique ways to cool down and add some relaxation to their routine.

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