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The Viral Coquette Aesthetic: Everything You Need To Know

Two-piece lace-embroidered coquette dress

The coquette aesthetic is one of TikTok’s major fashion trends, with 1.3 billion views on the platform currently, and its rise has made coquette outfits some of the most sought-after of the moment. 

The term “coquette” is usually used to describe a flirtatious, playful, romance-centric woman. Therefore, the coquette aesthetic leans into these features via soft, flirty, and hyper-feminine fashion. It embodies everything that gives women a particularly “feminine” look, from lace blouses paired with mini skirts and knitted stockings to pretty hair accessories, flushed cheeks, and chunky heels. Pastel colors also help to add a touch of innocence, contributing to its appeal in contemporary internet and social media culture.

This blog will provide an in-depth analysis of this growing trend and an overview of how businesses can stay up-to-date with these trends and stock popular items accordingly.

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Coquette clothing market outlook
5 elements that make coquette aesthetic timeless and trendy

Coquette clothing market outlook

The coquette fashion trend has experienced soaring popularity in recent years, with data showing that interest in related clothes grew by 69% over the past year, reaching 35,000 monthly searches overall. Various factors are driving this interest, including:

  • Coquette aesthetic aligns with broader cultural shifts, emphasizing self-expression, creativity, and individuality.
  • Coquette fashion allows people to experiment with retro fashion, classic beauty, and timeless aesthetics, thus evoking a sense of nostalgia among its adherents. This encourages them to blend modern and vintage styles to create unique fashion that stands out. 
  • The increased impact of social media marketing, especially with celebrities and influencers adopting and promoting the coquette aesthetic, has helped to further drive this trend into the mainstream.
  • Coquette’s aesthetic embraces diverse expressions of femininity and beauty, thereby aligning with the ongoing body positivity and inclusion movements.

5 elements that make coquette aesthetic timeless and trendy

Girl in a pink mini skirt decorated with lace and ribbons

The coquette fashion trend encourages creativity, allowing people to add a never-ending number of unique elements to their style. Although the Lolita fashion from Japan originally inspired the trend, the coquette aesthetic takes further inspiration from other styles such as royalcore and ballet clothes. This combination of multiple fashion trends and accessories culminates in a fashion that is about embracing one’s beauty, elegance, and love. 

Some common coquette clothing elements that are currently popular include:

Hair bows and ribbons

Hair bows and ribbons are some of the most essential accessories for achieving a coquette girl look since they add a sense of playfulness to hairstyles. They also symbolize innocence and femininity and evoke a nostalgic flair that resembles more vintage styles. Bows and ribbons also have the benefit of matching with practically everything, including decorative clothes and purses. A sense of creativity with these coquette elements can help the wearer to create a style that aligns with their individual preferences and personality.

Pearl necklaces

Woman wearing a coquette pearl ribbon necklace

Women across the world have worn pearls for centuries as a symbol of elegance and purity as well as a celebration of feminine resilience and grace. Therefore, pearl necklaces play a significant role in the coquette aesthetic thanks to an evocation of classic elegance that flawlessly fits into the aesthetic’s nostalgic charm.

Lace dresses and tops

Pink coquette aesthetic lace top

Lace dresses and tops also embody a delicate and romantic sensibility, emphasizing playfulness and vintage-inspired elegance. Incorporating lace into coquette dresses or tops balances innocence and allure, contributing to the style’s widespread appeal.

Sheer tights and stockings

Woman wearing coquette fishnet ribbon tights

As with the other items on this list, sheer tights and stockings add a touch of flirtatious allure and emphasize both femininity and sophistication. They highlight the wearer’s curves and add a sultry look to the skin, making the wearer’s legs appear firmer, smoother, and unblemished. These aspects, alongside their subtle transparency, complement the playful and romantic elements of the overall coquette style.

Soft girl makeup

Young model wearing soft makeup

The coquette style’s “soft girl” makeup also emphasizes a natural and youthful appearance achieved via pastel tones, blush, and a soft focus on features. In addition, this style complements vintage-inspired clothing choices, creating a cohesive and harmonious appearance. The popularity of soft girl makeup within the coquette aesthetic is driven by its ability to enhance the wearer’s facial features while maintaining a subtle and romantic allure that resonates with contemporary beauty standards. 


The coquette aesthetic is gaining traction worldwide, making it one of the most popular fashion trends of the moment. Coquette clothes and accessories create a visually appealing look that reflects individuals’ personalities, making it suitable for social media content such as those seen on TikTok and Instagram. Younger generations, especially Gen Z, perceive this fashion trend as a tool for self-expression, allowing them to unapologetically embrace their identity and interpret beauty and elegance in their own way. This perspective aligns with the growing inclusivity and body positivity movements, further increasing the popularity of coquette aesthetics.  

Businesses in the fashion and apparel industry can leverage this fashion trend to provide products that match the current needs and preferences of consumers. For example, retailers may want to consider selling bows and ribbons, pearl necklaces, lace dresses and tops, sheer tights and stockings, and makeup and cosmetics products. These items can help businesses tap into the growing coquette niche, thus building competitive leverage and enhancing business performance. 

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