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4 Most Popular Wall Lamp Design Trends for 2022


No matter what the style preferences of customers are, wall lamps play an integral role in making rooms warm, livelier, and inviting. Evidently, these lightings are also in continuous demand across the globe. From minimalist and simple designs to Victorian curves, from precious glass shades to antique metals, wall lamps come in various sizes, shapes, forms, and styles. But how do you go about the selection process? Read on to find out the top trending wall lamp designs in 2022 and choose the best wall lamps for your customers.

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Overview of the wall lamp market
Top trending wall lamp designs in 2022
Wall lamps are here to stay

Overview of the wall lamp market

Wall lamps are modern lighting solutions, serving various functions and contributing to the beauty and mood of an interior. The demand for wall lamps across the globe is ever-increasing, inspiring manufacturers to introduce modern and beautiful designs that rate high on functionality. The surge of environment-friendly lamps for the eco-buyer is an example of that. As a result, the spectrum of choice has widened, but market trends are carefully mapping the buyer’s preferences. 

Research shows that the decorative lighting market has the potential to grow by USD 6.91 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 4%. Driven by the ease of LED technology, buyers are increasingly opting for premium decorative lights. According to Cognitive Market Research, wall lamps across the board show consistent growth towards 2025.

Top trending wall lamp designs in 2022

The world of wall lamps is ever-expanding. From designs to suit various aesthetics, technology that fits various needs, and innovativeness that is a relief to the environment, the market is flooded with new products every day. The increasingly competitive global market calls for keeping up with the latest product trends and making full use of them to help increase sales in the future. Hence, it can be a good idea for wholesalers on a global scale to stock up on these trending products to cater to the growing wall lamp buyers in 2022 and beyond. 

Read on to discover the perfect wall lamps suited to individual and professional buyers such as designers, contractors, sub-contractors, and retailers.

Industrial designs

Industrial wall lamp for modern interior spaces

Industrial lights bring to the space the classic vibe of old industries and factories, where lights were made using unfinished and strong materials. The designs are therefore antique and often have a history. Industrial wall lamps use strong and enduring materials such as ropes and chains and combine them with more intentional designs to suit contemporary spaces. 

The metallic designs, often made of dark-toned steel, are put together with rough, unfinished wood that brings a minimalist feel along with sturdiness to wall lamps. These designs also have a reputation for being vintage. Although historically inspired, industrial designs blend in perfectly at modern homes and are also a suitable fit for nautical interior styles. Industrial wall sconces with exposed bulbs are dominating the market these days.

Linear Lighting

Linear wall sconces for interior and exterior spaces

Linear lighting uses exaggerated lines and silhouettes to achieve a contemporary and refreshing look. The simplified look of linear-shaped lighting is quickly replacing more complicated designs in the market. No doubt, delicate curves have their elegance, but the benefits of linear lighting make them a functional substitute, especially at offices, warehouses, dining rooms with long rectangular tables, etc. They are often long in length and therefore effectively spread light over a narrower area. The lines also allow for great versatility to put together unique shapes and designs. 

Linear lights are also very flexible and can be mounted easily on different surfaces. They also adapt to a wide variety of contemporary and modern interior styles and are available in various color temperatures. Their efficacy is definitely a plus one to the slim, sleek, and minimalist look.

Decorative and sculptural designs

Decorative wall lamps

Delicate, curvy sculptural designs are increasingly sought to bring an artistic feel to modern interior spaces. This trend of decorative wall lamps is expected to continue throughout 2022. According to Etsy, the platform has seen a 27% increase in searches for sculptural or decorative lighting in the last three months, as compared to the same time last year. Taking many forms that suit a wide variety of functional needs, decorative wall lamp designs exceed in beauty and often find inspiration in nature itself. 

Delicate and intricate, they are useful in providing complimentary glow or mood lighting to contemporary interior spaces. They are especially suited to classical interior styles and themes drawing from art and history.

Minimalistic Modern Designs

Modern Minimalistic Wall Lamps

Sleek, minimalistic wall lamp designs don’t need an advocate. By combining primary colors such as black, white, and gray with uncomplicated symmetrical designs, these wall lamps bring a minimalistic feel to modern interiors. Many buyers like to remove unnecessary details from their lighting and maintain a simple consistency in the design through clean lines, basic rectangular and spherical shapes, and lack of clutter. 

In addition to looking great by themselves, modern wall lamps also enhance the beauty of intricate centerpieces. Often made of sturdy material such as stone and metal, minimalist designs are well suited to classic as well as ultra-modern interiors. 

Wall lamps are here to stay

From industrial designs that offer a retro look and linear sconces for contemporary homes to modern wall lamps for creative spaces, wall lamps are here to stay. The trends indicate that wall lamps will remain an essential part of room interiors for the times to come.

If you’re planning to include wall lamps in your product portfolio, banking on the trends discussed here can help you narrow down your research, predict your buyers’ needs, and choose wall lamps that your customers will love to spend money on.

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