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Why Are Bucket Hats So Popular?

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Bucket hats, also called boonie or fisherman hats, have experienced a resurgence in popularity. They were once downgraded to function over fashion but are now viewed on streetwear fashion blogs and runways. Generally, the popularity of bucket hats is associated with their suitability when used as an accessory for various outfits. 

They are lightweight, making them easy to pack and convenient travel accessories. Additionally, many people attribute bucket hats to a laid-back lifestyle that gives a sense of desire to embrace a simple way of life. This article will explore what you need to know about bucket hats, including their history and the key types available today, helping buyers discover why they have become popular.

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What are bucket hats?
The history of bucket hats
Types of bucket hats
Why are bucket hats so popular?

What are bucket hats?

Bucket hats are a kind of hat with a soft, unstructured crown and a wide, downward-sloping brim. Typically, they are made from lightweight, breathable materials like denim, cotton, or nylon. They have eyelets on the sides for ventilation purposes. These hats can be worn by both men and women but are particularly popular among younger generations who appreciate fashion more. 

The history of bucket hats

The history of bucket hats began in the early 1900s when Irish fishermen and farmers first wore them. They wore them to protect themselves from rain. Fast forward to the 1940s, the US military started using bucket hats called the boonie hats. They were the breathable and lightweight option to the traditional army helmet. In the 1960s, civilians in the UK increasingly adopted the bucket hat fashion. 

Also, bucket hats experienced another surge in popularity in the 1960s when they were associated with hip-hop music and a symbol of urban style. Furthermore, bucket hats remain popular as designers have focused on creating various styles. They use different colors and materials suitable for different occasions and tastes. The evolution of bucket hats has continually captured the desire of fashion-conscious folks worldwide.  

Types of bucket hats

1. The fashion

Fashion bucket hats give a sense of style and are a practical accessory for different outfits. They have increasingly gained popularity due to their style, materials, and design variation. The materials used to make them include nylon, cotton, denim, leather, and fur. They feature various colors and patterns ranging from subtle and understated to bold and bright. Some bucket hats have a shorter brim for a streamlined look, while others have wider brims for additional sun protection.

2. The classic

Classic bucket hats involve a simple, timeless design that has lasted for generations. They are made from lightweight, breathable materials like cotton twill or cotton to provide comfort for outdoor activities. The brim is downward-sloping with a width of about 2-3 inches. The crown is soft and unstructured, fitting closely to the head to give a casual and relaxed look. They are available in various colors, from neutral shades like navy or beige to more vibrant and bright colors like yellow or red. 

3. The sport

Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts commonly use sports bucket hats. Their design protects them from the sun and rain. They are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable for physical activities. Materials like spandex and polyester wick away moisture and sweat to keep the wearer dry and cool. 

These bucket hats have a wider brim for maximum protection from sun and rain. Many sport bucket hats have ventilation holes and mesh panels to maintain airflow. The adjustable fit using a strap or drawstring at the back allows wearers to customize comfort and security during outdoor events. Additionally, they provide UV protection to minimize sun damage to the skin. 

4. The outdoor

Outdoor bucket hats are designed to offer protection from the wind, sun, and rain. They are lightweight, breathable, and durable for camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor events. Materials like polyester are water-resistant and durable, while some hats have added moisture-wicking and waterproofing features. They have wider brims and w are well-ventilated. 

Some outdoor bucket hats have a flap or extended brim to give additional ear and neck protection from the sun. These hats are mostly available in camouflage or nature-inspired patterns fit for nature enthusiasts. Also, they can easily be packed due to their design which takes up minimal space. 

Why are bucket hats so popular?

1. Practicality

Practicality comes with the ability of bucket hats to offer sun protection. They have a wide brim that offers excellent protection from the harmful sun UV rays. The hats are made from lightweight and breathable materials that provide maximum comfort in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, they have a relaxed fit to be worn over extended periods. As a result, they are an excellent choice for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and gardening.  

2. Unisex appeal

This means men and women can wear bucket hats. They feature a gender-neutral design that is simple and suitable for anyone. The round crown and wide brim can be worn flipped up or down. Historically, bucket hats have been embraced by both men and women, making them a symbol of individuality and nonconformity that goes beyond gender boundaries. The various styles, materials, and colors cater to different preferences, regardless of gender. 

3. Versatility

The versatility of bucket hats means they can be worn in various settings and with various outfits. Materials like cotton, nylon, leather, and denim are used to make bucket hats for suitability for different seasons and occasions. 

Different patterns and colors enable matching bucket hats with various outfits, like wearing a plain black bucket hat with a suit. Bucket hats can be easily worn up or down, depending on the event. Generally, they complement other accessories like sunglasses, necklaces, and scarves.

4. Usage by celebrities

Generally, celebrities influence bucket hat fashion trends. If a celebrity is seen wearing a certain bucket hat style, it can quickly become popular. This is due to the high visibility of celebrities in the public eye, whether on stage, the red carpet, or on social media. They also have a cross-genre appeal involving various sports, music, and fashion industries. This helps boost the popularity of bucket hats.  

5. Nostalgia

Wearing bucket hats could evoke a sense of nostalgia. For instance, retro-style bucket hats have been worn since the 1960s; thus, wearing them now could evoke a sense of nostalgia for those times. The increase in popularity of hip-hop music has contributed to the culture associated with bucket hats. 

Additionally, most outdoor activities are attributed to bucket hats. Most people wear bucket hats during hiking, camping, and fishing. The bucket hats evoke memories of these experiences and adventures. 


Bucket hats have become a popular fashion complement over time. This is due to the availability of hats in various styles and designs that suit different needs and tastes. Considering classic, sport, and outdoor styles, bucket hats provide style and functionality to be worn in various settings. Buyers are spoilt for choices when it comes to bucket hats. To find a wide range of quality bucket hats, visit Alibaba.com

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