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5 Fashionable Felt Hat Trends Consumers Love in 2023


Hats never seem to go out of style. Spectacular and trendy options keep surfacing, and fashionistas are ready to rock these different styles. It’s up to businesses to keep up with demands by providing refreshed offers, and felt hats wouldn’t disappoint in this regard.

This article discusses five felt hat trends designed to fit any occasion. Fashion retailers can focus on these hat styles to make the best offers in 2023. Keep scrolling to find relevant stats on the hats market.

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An insight into the market size of hats
Five astounding felt hat trends that are lucrative in 2023
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An insight into the market size of hats

The hat market continues to thrive as the products’ ability to protect hair and skin continues to attract consumers. These items offer decent appeal, with various designs and styles helping to entice more customers. In the U.S alone, experts state the hats market reached a $2.5 billion value.

Moreover, reports predict that the global hat market will grow at a CAGR of 6.3% from 2023 to 2027. Despite several setbacks, the industry stands strong while gaining a lot of potentials. Classic items are getting updates, and innovative options are rising, all helping to boost this market to a good position over the forecast period.

Experts predict North America will hold the highest regional market share throughout the forecast period. They also expect Europe to follow closely behind by having a significant presence in the market. Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa will contribute positively to the industry’s growth.

Five astounding felt hat trends that are lucrative in 2023


Man rocking a brown felt hat

Homburgs were one of the most popular hats of the 20th and 21st centuries. However, due to its similarity to other familiar styles, the homburg is often classed together with fedoras and bowlers. But the item has its unique charm making it a top-selling accessory throughout modern history.

The crow and brim are two features that distinguish the homburg from its felt cousins. These hats have crowns with rounded edges and a single dent running down the center. Like other hats popular in its time, homburgs have upward curled brims that look elegant.

Striking the perfect homburg look has more to do with the position than the outfit. These hats look eye-catching in specific angles but still look fantastic when consumers add a personal touch with creativity. Flat is the standard way to rock this accessory. The style is ideal for most formal and special occasions.

Man in an orange top wearing a felt hat

Declined styles are neither casual nor formal and make a statement wherever and whenever. Inclined is a more relaxed position and has become the most popular way to wear a homburg hat.


Woman in a black beret holding a flower basket

Berets are highly controversial items. They’re more fashionable than protective and can be a versatile hat in any wardrobe. However, the true beauty of berets only shines when consumers wear them the right way, making them slightly tricky to pull off.

These elegant flat and round caps have soft textures that make them star as part of uniforms. But their stylishness is not limited to organizations—berets also have a place in streetwear and many wardrobes.

The visorless hat may not offer the best protection, but it’s not entirely lacking in that department. Felt berets deliver a good amount of warmth during winter. In addition, these accessories match perfectly with heavy scarves. It’s a great way consumers can supplement the beret’s lack of protective features while rocking the elegant style.

Woman wearing a red beret

Berets have an iconic angle that looks flamboyant regardless of the outfit. However, consumers can style them in more trendy positions reclined to the back of the head—or make a bold statement with upright and proud styles.

Cowboy hat

White bearded man wearing a cream cowboy hat

The cowboy hat is incredibly iconic as western attire. These wide-brimmed items originally protected ranchers from harsh weather conditions. However, these felt hats are now proud members of modern fashion, and they’re killing it. The crown style and brim shape are the distinctive features of cowboy hats.

Cowboy hats don’t refer to one specific item. In truth, many styles and types roam the Western world today. The cattleman is the most classic variant in the felt cowboy hat family. It typically features slightly curled brims and top crown creases.

Another incredible style is brick cowboy hats. Though they’re merely modified versions of the traditional cattleman, brick styles have some distinctive features. For starters, they feature squarer crowns and a rectangular dimple giving the style a unique top.

Woman wearing a black cowboy hat

These hats also have a style for every season. While straw variants are summer essentials, felt cowboy hats are ideal for chilly western outfits.

Bowler hat

Serious looking man wearing a black bowler hat

Iconic and classic are two words revolving around the bowler hats. While they’re rare in contemporary fashion, the hats remain classics in menswear fashion. Bowler hats have a long history and have taken on many names. Despite the several variations, these items are essentially stiff hats made from wool felt or fur felt for the best quality.

The bowl-shaped crown of these hats makes them easily recognizable. They’re more similar to top hats and homburgs than classic fedoras. Bowler hats usually have curved brims with a tight pencil roll. These hats originally starred as working-class items but fell out of fashion due to toxic manufacturing processes.

Man in a bar rocking a black bowler hat

However, more recent iterations are safe for consumers and still look chic with business suits. They can also accentuate stroller suits and lounge suits for fancy business events. Bowler hats don’t fall behind in the casual category. In addition, these items match well with iconic jackets and trench coats.


Woman wearing a pink croche hat

Cloche hats are like female versions of bowler hats. They can add a touch of grace to any dressy or casual outfit. These hats are snug enough to stay on the wearer’s head, even at an angle. Usually, ladies wear cloche hats in styles slightly covering the face.

Felt cloche hats present much dressier items for formal activities. Some models look great as casual accessories since they also exude laid-back styles. Ladies who prefer a vintage flair will love wide-brimmed cloche hats. They highlight a classic bell shape leaning towards nostalgia. More modern fashionistas may perfect these items with updated adornments and details.

Blonde wearing a blue cloche hat

Cloche hats can accentuate any hairstyle regardless of length. Women with longer-medium hairdos may consider experimenting with different angles. An ideal position would let the hair flow down to the shoulder. These hats can also carry different ribbon styles, each making an individual statement.

Wrapping up

Felt hat trends aim at consumer comfort mixed with visual interest appealing to men and women. They tend to fit most outfits and can easily set a positive mode. Hat styles such as homburgs, berets, cowboy hats, bowler hats, and cloches are the ones to watch out for this season.

With a shift towards business-casual lifestyles and fashionable work attire, felt hats will adopt updated looks that will satisfy consumer demands. Fashion retailers must consider capitalizing on these trends to avoid missing out on huge sales and profits.

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