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Women’s Reconsidered Tailoring: 5 Exquisite Trends  for Autumn/Winter 22/23


Formal and business casual apparel for women is the talk among fashion enthusiasts and fashion retailers for the autumn and winter seasons. They pride themselves on providing comfort as well as a clear fashion staple that women can take to the streets in unapologetic gait.

This article delves into five trends that are promising to take over the market this year and explores how women can style them with other clothing to create the perfect looks.

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Overview of the global women’s formal wear market
5 mindblowing women’s reconsidered tailoring trends for 2022/2023
Rounding up

Overview of the global women’s formal wear market

The size of the global women’s formal wear market was estimated at US $170 billion in 2021, and from 2022 to 2027, it is projected that this market will reach roughly US $226.52 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9%.

During the forecast period, the market for women’s formal wear in North America is expected to contribute significantly to revenue. The rise is attributable to the presence of numerous women’s formal wear brands in the region. Additionally, North America has some of the most advanced economies in the world, which has left consumers with substantial sums of disposable income.

In the upcoming years, Asia-Pacific is expected to be one of the regions with the fastest growth for women’s formal wear. This is due to the region’s sizable demographic base as well as the expanding middle-class consumer buying power.

5 mindblowing women’s reconsidered tailoring trends for 2022/2023

Reworked suit

Woman wearing a beige suit set with waist belt

While classic black will never go out of style, this season is all about color, and there are plenty of vibrant reworked suits available that are ideal for chic business attire. This version is far more approachable because it substitutes modernized silhouettes that go well with modern tastes for the stiff, planned proportions of any classic suit.

Finding the ideal style and shape to flatter the wearer’s figure is crucial if women want to feel both beautiful and at ease. This can include anything from high-waisted or cropped trousers to an oversized blazer. It’s important to select the greatest shapes and fits for one’s figure when styling a suit for work, as well as the ideal undershirt.

Woman wearing an orange cropped reworked suit

The cropped reworked blazer is great for women who have no issues with showing some skin. The studded leather miniskirt and crop top or corset top are all worn with a beige super-cropped wrap-style blazer.

The matcha green cropped blazer worn over a fitted black crop top and mid-rise jeans with diagonal waist bands is another fantastic design choice. To create a block, all-one-color effect, women can accessorize their outfit with precisely matched items. When worn with any suit that isn’t entirely black, this works quite well.

In order to maintain a formal appearance, women can wear a chic tan suit with striking notched lapels and a white high-neck blouse underneath.

Paneled sweater

Lady wearing a multi-colored panel sweater

Paneled sweaters are a must-have for business casual and smart-casual outfits. Women can put on a white button-down shirt with a shawl collar and wear this with a pair of chinos. 

They can make their sweaters a focal point by picking a striking hue. A slim-fitting black midi skirt and stockings or suede pants to go with a double-bright, warm sweater is great for the season. In order to improve and dress up an outfit, women can also wear paneled sweaters with elaborate motifs like embroidery or beading.

Because women don’t have to think about how to pair various components of an ensemble, matching sets are fantastic. They are a one-time transaction. However, as they only come in pairs, they will need to go out and get them, making them ideal for those who get thrilled to upgrade their wardrobes. Although beige and gray are popular neutral colors for these sets, they also look stunning in mustard and green. These sets are frequently found in monochrome hues.

Ladies can go from casual to professional by layering a tailored jacket or blazer over their winter paneled sweater. A chic leather jacket over a traditional cable-knit turtleneck sweater looks beautiful anytime, anywhere.

Lady wearing a paneled multicolored sweater

A sensitive eye is required to master the technique of layering. Finding the items in one’s closet that will go together in that effortlessly fashionable way that all adore requires experience. 

Women would need to spend some time sifting through the wardrobe, but probably won’t need to go shopping to recreate a layered outfit. So, it’s the responsibility of the seller to present lovely pairings of the paneled sweaters to give consumers an array of options.

Utility A-line

Woman wearing a white top and red-striped A-line skirt

Midi skirts are elegant and flattering fashion staples that are a big part of the utility A-line trend. These skirts are perfect for almost all body shapes, and are a stylish intermediate length between mini and maxi skirts. 

A utility A-line midi skirt is a piece of clothing with a hemline that extends from mid-calf to just below the knee, as well as pockets. Silk, leather, chiffon, cotton, and rayon are among the textiles that can be used to make flowy or fitting midi skirts. A woman’s lower figure will be accentuated and lengthened by these calf-length skirts that cinch the waist.

For a business-casual look, ladies can choose a fitted mid-length skirt. Form-fitting midi skirts called pencil skirts are frequently worn at work. For a timeless look, ladies can team this skirt with a button-down and shoes or booties. 

To draw attention to the waist, they can French tuck or tie the end of their long-sleeve shirt in a stylish knot. If it’s chilly outside, consumers can replace the button-down with a turtleneck to complete the look. 

Some midi skirts are appropriate for formal settings depending on the material. For formal occasions like weddings and holiday parties, women may pair a silk, satin, or chiffon A-line or pleated midi skirt with button-downs.

Woman wearing a pink blouse and black A-line skirt

For social occasions like cocktail parties or dating nights, ladies can wear midi skirts. A tight black midi skirt can be dressed up with sparkling accessories or made more edgy by pairing it with a top in leopard print and a leather jacket. 

Women can stay cool in a flowing midi skirt without showing as much leg as in a tiny skirt. They can consider pairing a lightweight skirt made of linen, cotton, or chiffon with a crop top or a tank top. An oversized T-shirt goes well with a lightweight midi skirt. Women can tuck their graphic tee inside their skirt for an additional layer, and finish off this laid-back outfit with a denim jacket.

Split-hem leggings

Woman wearing faux leather split-hem leggings

Split-hem leggings are soft clothing that is form-fitting and stretchy for all body types. Women can wear leggings and get style points for incorporating this wardrobe essential into their looks.

Leggings are tight-fitting pull-on pants with an elastic waistband that secures them in place rather than zippers or buttons. They come in a variety of designs, from moto leggings made of faux leather for a night on the town to athletic pairs made of sweat-wicking and flexible materials for yoga or other sports. 

These are available in lux materials like velvet, suede, or leather as well as thick jersey or Ponte. Some leggings mimic traditional pant designs, such as leather leggings or jeggings, which are a great fusion of denim pants and leggings. The majority of leggings end at the ankle, while some end at the mid-calf or knee.

The split-hem leggings can be used as cozy loungewear because they are soft and stretchy. In the fall and winter, ladies can merge an oversized sweater or cardigan with dark-colored leggings for a cozy, laid-back vibe. 

Lady rocking a white tank top and black split-hem leggings

They can also be worn with athletic clothing for a casual athleisure style. Brightly colored or printed leggings are a staple in training attire. Ladies cab pair a basic white tee or short top with cropped leggings or high-waist leggings with a patterned sports bra. During winter, they can combine a full set of leggings with a long-sleeve shirt and sweatshirt.

They can also replace tights with wool or cotton leggings to sport skirts and dresses. Women can also pair leggings below an oversized tunic top or sweater dress. Alternatively, they can wear black leggings underneath a skirt and a turtleneck or long sweater.

Modular trench coat

Woman wearing a beige modular trench coat

Trench coats are a winter-wardrobe essential; they never get old and can be worn forever. What makes trench jackets so great? They give things a posh feel. Women can try wearing their favorite sweats with a corset top, sneakers, and a trench to avoid feeling like they just rolled off of the bed.

Pairing this essential with sexier items like a crop top and miniskirt will give it some flare. For winter, it strikes the ideal mix between displaying a little flesh and layering.

Lady wearing an army green leather trench coat

Playing with hemlines is the best way to make the tried-and-true trench stand out this winter and autumn. Messing around with hem lengths and layers to create depth to this piece is key, whether you choose to wear it with a miniskirt or a maxi dress over jeans.

Rounding up

Women’s winter coats and dresses are lining up for a time in the spotlight for fashion enthusiasts and fashion retailers. These styles toe the line between warmth with comfort and fashion ingenuity with creativity. 

Businesses should take note of these trends as they will take over the winter market in no time.

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