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Wood Granulators: A Complete Buying Guide


A biomass granulator or pelletizer is a machine that can squeeze rice husks, peanut shells, branches, trunks, bark, sawdust, crop stalks, rubber, cement, ashes, and other materials and fertilizers into combustible particles. Burning biomass particles for heating is the most economical and convenient way for household heating. So read on for a guide to buying the most suitable granulator for your needs.

Table of Contents
What is a wood granulator?
Factors to consider when selecting a wood granulator
Advantages/disadvantages of wood granulators
Final thoughts

What is a wood granulator?

Wood granulator pellets

Granulators are rotary grinders that grind and join waste, such as wood, plastic, and rubber,  into appropriate shapes and sizes based on one’s needs. Wood granulators use wood waste, such as sawdust, to produce pellets. They can use crops and agricultural waste to produce energy. 

Factors to consider when selecting a wood granulator

It is important to consider a few factors when purchasing a wood granulator. Below is a list of factors to consider:

Motor brand

When choosing a granulator, it is important to choose one made by a brand that is well-known and reputable. This ensures the machine purchased is of good quality.

Granulating effect

The granulating machine should be able to give the desired effect. Therefore, ensure which type of wood granulator is needed.


Naturally, the price of the granulator should be within the set budget. However, it is important to remember that cheap is expensive, and though one granulator might be cheaper than expected, it might prove faulty in the long run and end up costing more.

Purpose of the wood granulator

A wood granulator is used to extrude wood, sawdust, chaff, and other material into combustible biomass particles in the right shape for household warming, feed, or fertilizer.

Supply capacity

The supply capacity of a wood granulator is essential. It is important to purchase a granulator that can maximize your production. A wood granulator with a supply of 5000 sets per month is ideal.

Granulating rate

Wood granulator - grinding plate

It is important to factor in the granulation rate of the granulator to be purchased. A suitable wood granulator offers a granulation success of up to 90%.

Voltage use

The energy consumption of the granulator is essential. 220v/380v of voltage use is a granulator’s ideal voltage. Not too high to consume too much energy.

Machine model

There are 6 models to meet different production demands. Some models include scissor cut, v-type cut, helical cut, open rotor, solid rotor, and motor speed.

Application scope of the wood granulator 

A biomass granulator can be used to produce different types of particles such as: rice husks, sunflower seed husks, peanut husks, and other melon hulls; branches, trunks, bark, and other sawdust; various crop stalks, rubber, cement, ashes, and other material and fertilizers that are squeezed into combustible particles.

Quality certification

A significant factor to consider when purchasing a wood granulator is if it has quality certification. An excellent and legit granulation should have the CE certification.

Advantages/disadvantages of wood granulators

Here is the list of advantages and some drawbacks of wood granulators.

Advantages of wood granulators

Simple machine operation

Wood granulators are machines that are easily operated and have a high granulation rate offering a maximum yield.

Cheap and easy to find raw materials

The raw materials used in a wood granulator are cheap and easy to find since they are all waste products.

Sustainable production

Wood granulators are sustainable and eco-friendly. They can recycle waste that is not biodegradable and keep the planet clean. They are also used to produce fertilizers that are good for the environment. 

Disadvantages of wood granulators

Lack of diversity

While the granulators offer different uses, they tend to be limited only to those uses. Should a new need arise, one must purchase another granulator.

Final thoughts

Wood granulators come with different specifications and features. It is necessary to be aware of features in advance in order to make the best choice when purchasing a granulator. For more on wood granulators, visit Alibaba.com.

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