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Key Items – Women’s Evening & Special Occasion Pre-fall 23


Women’s evening wear is making a comeback—so much so that 39% of fashion executives say special occasion wear will be in the top three most popular style categories in 2023.

Women’s evening wear especially stands out this year. After enduring the pandemic, many women are ready to sport their most lavish gowns. That is why more fashion brands are already preparing for the pre-fall seasonette (April-May) rather than focusing on spring/summer.

What items should businesses stock? Here are some key items in women’s pre-fall evening & special occasion fashion in 2023.

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Overview of women’s evening & special occasion wear pre-fall
Women’s pre-fall evening & special occasion trends to expect

Overview of women’s evening & special occasion wear pre-fall

The women’s evening 2023 pre-fall seasonette will focus less on the optimistic and colorful styles of the post-pandemic and will revert to modest designs. Instead of prints and patterns, businesses should focus on styles featuring embellishments, sequins, and beading.

Pre-fall women’s special occasion is also marked by the cost of living crisis, meaning businesses should invest less in clothing. Some trends, such as the sheer blouse, are affordable, versatile enough for the office, and as exquisite as other blouses. Other trends, such as the goth style, will enter women’s evening wear.

Women’s pre-fall evening & special occasion trends to expect

Businesses should know certain styles, such as the minimalist column and soft structured dresses. Special occasion staples like the minidress will also be in the spotlight. Understand the significance of the goth style and the sheer blouse, especially regarding the high cost of living.

Minimalist column dress

Woman wearing a white gown overlooking a lake

The minimalist column dress is a simple piece emphasizing elegance and comfort. This dress continues the previous jersey dress trend, though it is more high-end than the typical party dress.

The minimalist column dress works for many consumers since it is a full-coverage dress. Opt for a long-sleeve dress that ends at the ankles. The belt detail in this gown still accentuates the feminine silhouette, so this will work as a formal dress.

Since some regions will still be cold in the pre-fall seasonette, businesses can sell sweater dresses that fit this category. This gown is the perfect example; it is a full-coverage dress made of a warm material that looks luxurious.

The minimalist column dress is the perfect trend for women who fit the modest style, such as consumers who need a dress for Ramadan. Consider these consumers when buying gowns. This evening dress features sequins, embroidery, and lace but is still modest enough for Muslim women.

Soft structured dress

Two women wearing floral pleated dresses while out in nature

The soft structured dress has long been a classic evening wear staple. The piece flares out, making it a better choice for certain body types. These dresses also fit nearly every style out there, so consumers can always find one that fits their liking.

This daytime-meets-nighttime dress is the perfect example of a soft structured dress. The gown is in a lovely floral print, making it a glamorous choice for the pre-fall season. The long and pleated gown makes this dress exquisite enough for a wedding or other special event while still comfortable for all-day wear. 

Floral prints may be too loud for some, so offer this dress style in solid colors, such as this trending shade of green.

Other soft structured dresses are better for a party. This comfortable dress is the perfect example; this shade of yellow is popular for the pre-fall and spring/summer seasons. Since the dress is short, it is better for a party or date than a formal occasion. 

Businesses should also offer this dress style in an alternative color, such as red, since yellow may not work for all consumers.

Since numerous cost of living concerns exist, consumers will opt for this dress for the office and evening. This black dress is a good example; it fits most office dress codes and is still exquisite enough for a special occasion.


Woman wearing a minidress while posing against a tree

The minidress has always been successful in the evening wear sphere. Since it is a few inches shorter than typical gowns, the piece is sexy enough for dates and parties but can easily be dressed up in leggings and heels for a special occasion.

Since businesses mainly find minidresses in the clubwear category, fashion brands can continue to capitalize on this style with dresses like this one. Statement dresses, such as this one, are also timeless.

As these dresses are for the pre-fall season, businesses should also choose gowns in popular styles and colors. This dress is white with frills, which are always trending during the pre-fall and spring/summer seasons.

#Gothlite evening piece

Woman wearing an exquisite black gown

The goth trend has seen a massive revival over the past few years. However, goth eveningwear differs from the look in scary movies. Goth special occasion wear is softer though it still features dark colors and sultry styles.

This dress is the perfect example. It is a black minidress but is pleated to fit different body styles. Its black color and lace detailing make it a perfect evening wear piece. Users who want their goth special occasion dress to follow some of the other styles here, such as the soft structured dress, can opt for this dress.

One can still follow the goth evening wear trend without wearing black. Wine red is another color associated with the goth look that is appropriate for the pre-fall seasonette. The velvet fabric is exquisite and sexy enough to fit the goth style for evening wear.

Sheer blouse

Woman wearing a sheer black blouse holding an orange flower

The sheer blouse was a major trend last year and is still tapping into the 2023 pre-fall special occasion seasonette. It is a great alternative to cocktail dresses since it can extend from daytime to evening wear. Sheer blouses also capitalize on the lingerie trend, especially when they feature embroidery and lace.

Prioritize selling items that work for the spring/summer season, such as this blouse. White is a popular color for warm weather, and the sheer style will work for nearly any region. Consumers who want a sexier option can choose a black sheer blouse such as this one. With the right undershirt, this look can work in the office and into the evening. Consumers may not want to wear black during the pre-fall seasonette, so gray is another neutral perfect for layering.

Consumers will also want a more exquisite blouse for special occasions like weddings. Sell blouses like this one with embroidery, gemstones, and other types of flair.


Women’s pre-fall special event and evening wear consists of timeless staples, new trends, and some looks emerging from current events. Some looks, such as the minimalist column dress and #gothlite evening piece, are continuations of previous trends. 

The soft structured and minidresses are past staples that are re-emerging due to the increased cost of living and the desire for a more versatile wardrobe. The sheer blouse also fits this category since it is the perfect solution for the office and special occasions.

Fashion businesses should keep up with the latest trends to stay competitive. Continue reading the Baba Blog and stay updated on the most in-demand styles.

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