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Your Essential Guide To Selling Face Cleansing Brushes in 2024

A white face cleansing brush with a silicone-lined head

Many consumers are into face cleansing, which has become quite popular in the beauty industry. On top of this, many beauty enthusiasts consider these brushes essential tools for skin care. And with their impressive results, face-cleansing brushes really do deserve all the hype.

However, face cleansing brushes come in many variations, meaning that some businesses may find it tricky to choose the perfect ones to sell. This article serves as a guide to help sellers find the ideal options to ensure their consumers get the most of this magnificent cleansing tool. 

Table of Contents
What’s the size of the face cleansing brush market?
Why are face-cleansing brushes in vogue?
What are the different types of face cleansing brushes?
Things to consider when choosing face cleansing brushes
Bottom line

What’s the size of the face cleansing brush market?

With many consumers suffering from various skin conditions, It’s no surprise that facial cleansing brushes are one of the top products available. Experts say the face-cleansing brush market will reach US$ 33.213 billion by 2033, growing from US$ 9.5 billion in 2022 at an 11.0% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

According to the above research, experts predict the market will register a tremendous boost due to increased skin-related illnesses and rising purchasing power. Additionally, the increasing disposable income will also see consumers spending more on skincare goods and services, helping to boost market growth. Here are other market highlights discussed in the report:

  • Demand for facial cleansing brushes increased by 11.0% from 2017 to 2022.
  • Facial cleansing brushes are in high demand throughout India, with experts predicting the regional segment will grow by a 10.2% CAGR.
  • In the European facial brush cleansing market, Germany occupies the leading position with a 23.2% share.

Why are face-cleansing brushes in vogue?

A face cleansing brush on a woman's face

Skin issues (especially aging and wrinkling) have been rising lately, with many suspecting air pollution as the main culprit. Since such causes are way beyond the average consumer’s control, women have turned to skin health management products as the perfect solution. What does this have to do with facial cleansing brushes? Many consumers choose these products as the go-to for constant skincare routines.

Cleansing brushes are great for exfoliating the skin and unclogging pores blocked by debris, brown haze particles, and other impurities. These tools provide a deeper and more effective cleanse than using only hands or clothes. Google Ads data revealed that 201,000 beauty enthusiasts searched for these cleansing brushes in January 2024. They are a must-have for consumers who take their beauty seriously. 

But there are more reasons why facial cleansing brushes will be a top beauty product in 2024. These tools are also multipurpose! They can scrape, shed, saturate, and work on the skin’s surface. They also offer rubbing features to promote skin flexibility and flow—one of the most effective ways to reduce wrinkles. Furthermore, face-cleansing brushes can accommodate various skin types! Most models also run on batteries, which increases their convenience and travel-friendliness. 

What are the different types of face cleansing brushes?

Electric rotary brushes

Multiple electric rotary face cleansing brushes in a case

These are some of the most popular face-cleansing brushes. They use a rotating motion powered by electric motors to clean the skin deeply. Electric rotary brushes often come with soft bristles or silicone tips designed to remove dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin’s surface and pores. Here is the best part: the rotating motion of these brushes helps enhance the mechanical exfoliation of dead skin cells, promoting a smoother and more radiant complexion.

Sonic brushes

A blue sonic face cleansing brush

Not everyone likes the rotating techniques. When consumers want a more optimized facial cleansing, they turn to sonic brushes. Unlike traditional rotary brushes, sonic variants rely on rapid vibrations to remove impurities. They also come with brush heads with bristles or silicone nodules. Since these brush heads oscillate at sonic frequencies, they can range from several hundred to thousands of vibrations per minute. Many consumers also use sonic-powered brushes to cleanse their skin without harsh exfoliation.


Woman using a manual face cleansing brushes

All this high-tech can be tiring for consumers who just want something simple and easy to use—so some may want to return to the trusty manual style, which is why manufacturers also make manual facial cleansing brushes for these consumers. Usually, they feature carefully crafted, sleek designs with high-quality bristles to offer an amazing cleanse. Their ergonomic handles make manual brushes great for gently removing makeup or other residue. 

Things to consider when choosing face cleansing brushes


Consumers always prioritize their size needs when choosing their perfect facial cleansing brush. It’s necessary because the right size gives them more control over their face cleansing session. Most beauty experts recommend choosing something slightly smaller than the target consumer’s hand size. That’s the best way for them to get into all the hard-to-reach or congested areas while handling larger portions like the cheeks and forehead.

Here’s a table showcasing the different brush sizes and who they’re perfect for:

Brush sizeDescriptionPerfect for
Mini (travel-sized)These brushes are typically around 2-3 inches in diameter. As a result, they’re more compact and portable.These brush sizes are perfect for traveling consumers, sensitive skin, and precise cleansing around the nose and eyes.
StandardThese brushes are larger than mini variants, around 4-5 inches in diameter. They’re the more common size, offering good coverage for most face shapes.Standard brushes are good for general cleansing.
LargeThese brushes are slightly bigger than the standard, measuring 5 to 6 inches in diameter. They often feature longer bristles, making them great for deeper cleansing and covering large areas quickly.Large brushes are the go-to for stubborn makeup removal.

Skin type

Some brushes can work for all skin types, while others come with designs for specific ones. Here’s the lowdown on what consumers look for based on their skin type:

Skin typeBest facial brushes
Sensitive skinThese consumers will always choose brushes with exceptionally soft bristles to minimize the risk of irritation. Businesses can offer them brushes made from synthetic materials, as they tend to be gentler on sensitive skin.
Remember to consider brushes with hypoallergenic labels to ensure compatibility with sensitive-skinned consumers.
Oily skinThese consumers prefer brushes with slightly firmer bristles. They are more effective for deep cleaning pores and removing excess oil. They’ll also need easy-to-clean face cleansing brushes to prevent bacteria and oil buildup.
Combination skinSince these consumers have delicate and oily areas, they need cleansing brushes with interchangeable heads. That way, they can switch between bristle types for various skincare needs. For instance, combination-skinned consumers can use heads for softer bristles for their sensitive side and ones with firmer bristles for their oily areas.
Normal skinThese consumers have more flexibility, meaning they can choose any face-cleaning brush they prefer. They don’t pick based on skin type but on their desired application technique.

Vibration or rotating technology

As mentioned earlier, most facial brushes use rotation or sonic (vibration) technology. But which would consumers choose? The answer is it depends on their cleansing technique and budget.

Rotary facial cleansing brushes rotate at high speeds to loosen and remove impurities. While they are great at exfoliation, they don’t offer any extra advantages. However, rotary brushes are the most affordable after manual variants.

On the other hand, sonic facial cleansing brushes use vibrations to cleanse and offer other skincare benefits. These vibrations help break down dirt, oil, and makeup while helping to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. But here’s the catch: sonic facial cleaners may be more effective but are also the most expensive.

Adjustable settings and battery life

Another thing most consumers love is brushes with adjustable intensity settings. Customizing the speed and power of their cleaning brush allows consumers to tailor their beauty routine to their skin’s needs and prevent overstimulation.

Battery life is another important part to consider. Offering consumers longer battery lives ensures they get consistent performance without needing frequent recharging. More importantly, rechargeable face-cleaning brushes are the better options because they provide more convenience and are cost-effective in the long run.

Bottom line

Skin issues may arise, but face-cleansing brushes are a consumers’ secret weapons to combat them. These awesome beauty tools can handle everything from exfoliation to lymphatic drainage—though it depends on the type consumers get. Even better, face-cleansing brushes are performing excellently, growing to 49,500 searches in January 2024 from 33,100 in 2023. There’s a rising demand for these tools, so businesses should act fast to avoid missing out on sales in 2024.

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