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Top 5 Skateboarding Accessories to Purchase in 2024

Man performing tricks while fully decked in accessories

Skateboarding without the right accessories is like buying plain ice cream without toppings—a big part of the experience is missing. While skateboards may come with cool designs, nothing beats the experience and look of a fully decked out board. Beyond aesthetics, consumers also need these accessories to stay safe from injuries and accidents! So keep reading to discover five trendy skateboarding accessories in high demand in 2024!

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A brief look at the skateboarding accessories market
Skateboarding accessories: 5 items to add to your inventory in 2024
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A brief look at the skateboarding accessories market

Forecasts say the global skateboarding accessories market will hit US$ 275.2 million by 2027. Experts predict this valuation will grow at a 3.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period. The market owes its growth to the rising participation in outdoor activities and the growing popularity of skateboarding globally.

Deck accessories generated the most sales in the global market, accounting for 54.4% of the total revenue. The offline distribution channel registered the most sales, dominating the market with a 76.2% share. Meanwhile, the online distribution channel will grow at 4.2% CAGR over the forecast period. North America emerged as the dominant regional market, registering a 46.4% share of the total revenue.

Skateboarding accessories: 5 items to add to your inventory in 2024


Man wearing a black skateboard helmet

Skateboarding is all about pushing limits—but sometimes those limits involve tumbles. Helmets act as shields, absorbing the impact of a fall and distributing the force over a larger area. These accessories help protect the skull and brain from serious injuries like fractures, concussions, and even worse. Even a seemingly harmless tumble can have consequences.

Helmets can significantly reduce the risk of head injuries, whether consumers take a spill while learning an ollie or wipe out mid-grind. Here’s the best part: many helmets feature Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology. MIPS adds a special liner that allows for slight rotation on impact, further reducing rotational forces transmitted to the brain—safety with a cutting-edge twist!

Gone are the days of bulky, boring helmets. Skate helmets now come in vast colors, designs, and styles to match different personalities and boards. Consumers can rock a classic black helmet, choose a design that complements their grip tape, or rep their favorite skate brand—safety and style can go hand in hand. Skating helmets are in high demand in 2024! Google data shows they averaged 22,200 searches in February 2024.


A pair of orange wheels on a skateboard

They might seem simple and easy to overlook, but those little polyurethane cylinders determine how skateboards will function. Hence, all skateboard wheels are not the same. Wheels come in various sizes (diameter), hardness (durometer), and materials, each with unique characteristics. This variety allows consumers to customize their ride based on their preferred skating style (cruising, street tricks, vert ramps, or longboarding).

The right wheels can make a world of difference in the skateboarding experience. That is why most skateboarders experiment with different wheel sizes and hardnesses, allowing them to find the perfect balance between speed, control, comfort, and grip, depending on where and how they like to skate. Softer, larger wheels provide a smoother ride, perfect for cruising or tackling rough terrain. On the contrary, harder, smaller wheels offer more control, which is ideal for street skating and technical maneuvers like grinds.

Believe it or not, wheels even affect how the board absorbs impact. Based on that, softer wheels offer cushioning, while harder wheels provide a more responsive feel for tricks. Skateboard wheels are also racking up a lot of interest, with Google data showing they got 33,100 searches in February 2024.

Skateboard underglow

A skateboard with green underglow lights

While Skateboard underglow might not be essential for skateboarding in the same way wheels or shoes are, they can add fun and functionality to the ride. The biggest perk of Skateboard underglow is the ability to make skaters more visible in low-light conditions.  Cars, pedestrians, and other skaters will easily spot consumers cruising down the street or shredding the park after dark. Safety comes first, especially when sharing the road or skatepark.

The best part is these lights can instantly transform any board into a glowing beacon, turning heads and making consumers the center of attention. Skateboard underglow lights are perfect for consumers who love showcasing their skills or want to add flair to their skating sessions. Even better, Skateboard underglow comes in many colors, some featuring multi-color and flashing patterns. Consumers can choose a color that matches their personality, deck, or mood, making this accessory a fun way to personalize boards.

Skateboard underglow lights are typically easy to install, requiring no special tools. Consumers can transform their board from regular to radiant in minutes. Many variants boast strong adhesive and long battery life, allowing users to enjoy multiple skate sessions simultaneously. These accessories also garner high attention, registering 49,000 searches in February 2024.


Man with a red backpack holding a skateboard

Skateboarding is all about freedom and expression, but sometimes, consumers need to carry stuff or a place to keep their boards when biking/walking. That’s where skateboard backpacks (9,900 searches in February 2024) come in. Unlike regular backpacks, skate backpacks have straps or compartments specifically designed to securely hold skateboards, keeping them out of the way while consumers do other activities.

Manufacturers also pack them with features like breathable materials, padded shoulder straps, and adjustable waist belts, ensuring consumers enjoy a comfortable, stable fit that won’t bounce around while they bust a few tricks. Even if consumers are not skating, a skateboard backpack can be a great everyday bag. The spacious compartments and comfortable design make it perfect for school, work, or running errands—the perfect all-in-one accessory!

Tail lights

A skateboard with red tail light

When consumers don’t want all that attention from Skateboard underglow but still want night visibility, tail lights become the next best alternative. The biggest advantage of this accessory is that it makes users visible to drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians from behind. Most manufacturers design skateboard tail lights to easily attach to board decks, helmets, or even clothing (like backpacks).

This flexibility allows consumers to choose the most visible placement! But that’s not all. Skateboard tail lights are usually compact and lightweight, so they won’t interfere with consumers’ skating or add unnecessary bulk. Even better, some tail lights offer different colors and flashing modes for a touch of personalization. Tail lights are one of the more popular skateboarding accessories. According to Google data, they attracted 74,000 searches in February 2024—a 20% jump from 60,500 in January.

Final words

Skateboard accessories serve many purposes. They can make the skateboarding experience fun, increase safety, and improve board aesthetics. That’s why consumers are always on the hunt for different types! But not all accessories are made equal. Thankfully, if business buyers want to stay ahead of the curve, they can focus on helmets, skateboard underglow, wheels, tail lights, and backpacks. These are the top five skateboarding accessories with high demand in 2024.

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