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Taaleri Energia Joins Landinfra Energy To Co-develop 1.1 GW Solar Power & 800 MW Wind With Energy Storage Capacity in Sweden

  • Taaleri Energia has picked up 50% stake in Landinfra Energy’s 1.9 GW renewables portfolio in Sweden
  • They plan to co-develop this capacity as 1.1 GW solar and storage, along with 800 MW wind and storage
  • Taaleri Energia will invest proceeds from its SolarWind III fund for this partnership

Sweden’s bustling solar market has another news to share: Local renewable energy developer Landinfra Energy has entered a partnership with Finland based renewables fund manager Taaleri Energia to co-develop 1.1 GW solar and storage along with 800 MW wind and storage capacity in the country.

Taaleri Energia has acquired 50% stake in Landinfra’s 1.9 GW portfolio that’s mostly spread across SE4 in Sweden and remaining in SE3. These are 2 of the 4 bidding areas that Swedish electricity market is divided into with SE4 occupying Malmo and SE3 including Stockholm region. Landinfra retains the remaining 50% stake.

All of 1.9 GW capacity is currently at development stage. Initial projects are expected to be commissioned in 2025. Landinfra says once fully online, this portfolio will have an investment volume of over €1.5 billion and feed close to 2.5 TWh annually to the national grid.

“Solar power and wind power are the fastest and most cost-effective technologies to address the challenges in the Swedish energy market and combined with energy storage, the variable energy production from wind and solar can be further evened-out and distributed over the day meanwhile also providing balancing services to the electricity grid,” said CSO and Co-founder of Landinfra, Linus Fransson.

Taaleri Energia plans to invest proceeds from its 6th renewable energy fund SolarWind III that closed in November 2022 for its LandInfra partnership.

“These projects will be part of the SolarWind III Fund’s seed portfolio of between 30 and 40 wind, solar and storage development projects from across the fund’s target markets. The first close of the SolarWind III Fund is expected to take place April-May 2023,” shared Managing Director, Taaleri Energia, Kai Rintala.

SolarWind III fund of Taaleri is designed to invest in utility scale onshore wind, solar PV and battery storage assets in the Nordics and Baltics, Poland, Southeast Europe, Iberia and Texas.

Rystad Energy sees a bright future for Sweden that it forecasts will become a powerhouse energy supplier to Europe, along with Finland and Denmark by 2030 as the trio report a cumulative 74 GW onshore wind and solar PV capacity, including 12.8 GW solar PV.

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