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10 Game-Changing Salesforce Appexchange Apps To Drive Sales in 2023


Salesforce, however mighty system it is, obviously envisaged the probable future-proof issues and, besides many other important things (say, API-friendliness, Apex, Lightning, etc), built their Salesforce AppExchange store where community enthusiasts and trailblazers can offer their visions of the platforms enhancements in the forms of extensions — in short, apps.  

Extensibility is more than just a term: in 2023, it’s a vital design and architecture principle. Given the lightning-fast rate at which technology advances, it’s crucial to ensure that your software environment can accommodate a significant growth in capabilities without requiring a whole rewrite of the underlying code or a redesign of the underlying infrastructure. 

In short, it implies that it can withstand the test of time, and be future-proof. How does it work? When enterprises prioritize extensibility throughout the creation of new technologies, they can rest certain that their software will be able to change and grow in response to new requirements and advancements in the industry without needing a major redesign.

How extensible is Salesforce?
The most popular and admin-friendly Salesforce AppExchange apps for sales and marketing teams

How extensible is Salesforce?

Salesforce is well-known for its high level of extensibility thanks to the wide variety of tools and functionalities it provides to developers. A significant part of these tools helps to proceed with seamless 3rd-party integrations. And the following are some of Salesforce’s most important extension options:

  • Apex Code: It is a robust programming language created by Salesforce for the sole purpose of creating unique enterprise apps.
  • Lightning Web Components: It is a cutting-edge framework for developing high-performance, intuitive, and highly customizable online apps on the Salesforce platform.
  • APIs: Salesforce provides a range of APIs that provide the means through which third-party developers may connect their applications to the platform.
  • AppExchange: It is a Salesforce marketplace for third-party applications that add new features to the default functionality.

Enterprises may extend Salesforce with their own business logic, user interfaces, integrations, and apps and solutions because of the platform’s modularity and APIs. Because of the large developer community and abundance of available apps, Salesforce has become known as a highly customizable platform.

In this post, we’d like to focus on Salesforce AppExchange and the apps amplifying the sales strategy. And, in case you’re utilizing one of Salesforce’s clouds, we’ve compiled a small selection of our favorite, tried-and-true AppExchange apps for your consideration.

The most popular and admin-friendly Salesforce AppExchange apps for sales and marketing teams


Groove app for Salesforce

Groove is widely recognized as a leading software in the Salesforce’s constellation, particularly in the area of sales engagement. It offers sales specialists the ability to execute smart and flexible strategies, contributing to their overall performance. 

Also, in the context of customer lifecycle, Groove app enables Salesforce users to enhance their efficiency and productivity by leveraging automation, enabling them to achieve greater results with fewer resources. 

This Salesforce application’s primary objective is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the seller’s communication with prospects and customers, with the aim of increasing revenue. 

Groove offers a wide range of tools and capabilities to enhance sales interaction, including email monitoring, automatic sequencing, real-time syncing with Salesforce, analytics and reporting, and more.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight app for Salesforce

This AppExchange app provides seamless integration with personal information management services like Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365. Overall, the application significantly simplifies and amplifies the general CRM-related tasks. 

Cirrus Insight allows Salesforce customers to do anything from managing contacts and calendar events to monitor the success of campaigns without ever leaving their inbox. 

A variety of tools, including email monitoring and scheduling, team analytics, sales enablement, email templates, are available on the app to aid in the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams. 

On top of this, Cirrus Insight application for Salesforce monitors and analyzes team performance across several channels of engagement with customers.


Dooly app for Salesforce

One more remarkable sales enablement app available on the Salesforce’s AppExchange is Dooly.

The app’s capacity to produce personalized sales playbooks and automate repetitive tasks, together with its user-friendly note-taking and collaboration tools, make it well suited to increasing sales teams’ productivity and the number of deals they close.

Dooly enables sales professionals to take notes throughout the sales process and automatically sync them with Salesforce, ensuring that all team members are constantly using the most up-to-date information. 

Salesforce admins leverage the app to improve team communication by enabling real-time collaboration and sharing. Sales reps can effectively plan and execute calls by utilizing discovery call templates and other sales enablement tools.

Dooly’s analytics and insights amplifies significantly the comprehension of the selling procedure for Salesforce users.

ZoomInfo SalesOS

ZoomInfo app for Salesforce

ZoomInfo SalesOS is a cutting-edge B2B marketing app available in the Salesforce’s AppExchange. 

In addition to a worldwide database of business and contact details, the application also provides sales intelligence, sales automation, data cleaning, and workflow tools. 

With the sales marketing features of the app, users can find the best leads and contacts for their business, speed up their pipeline and income, and improve their productivity by accessing and using up-to-date contact information. 

The ZoomInfo API makes it easy for Salesforce and other top sales and marketing tools to work together. ZoomInfo’s lead development tools can be used to fill out empty customer profiles and find useful information.

SalesOS is designed to aid in the success of B2B sales and marketing teams by facilitating more efficient prospecting and sales.


ClearSlide app for Salesforce

ClearSlide for Salesforce is one more highly effective sales engagement app designed to cater to the needs of sales teams working in the Salesforce environment. 

The application offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses content, communication, guided selling, and engagement insights. The app seamlessly integrates with Salesforce’s Lightning Experience, providing valuable sales enablement and productivity tools including content management, analytics, and email integration. 

ClearSlide provides sales teams with the ability to monitor engagement and evaluate effectiveness through real-time analytics, which can assist in expediting deal closures and fostering stronger customer relationships. The app additionally provides guided selling features that assist sales representatives in efficiently locating suitable content for each prospect. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with email services, enabling the sending of personalized messages directly from the Salesforce platform. 

ClearSlide for Salesforce provides users with a user-friendly interface that can be easily customized to meet individual needs. It also offers convenient access to important data and insights through mobile devices. 

LeanData Matching & Routing

LeanData app for Salesforce

LeanData app available on AppExchange helps businesses route leads faster and more accurately in Salesforce. The app enables users to automatically match leads to accounts, ensuring that sales reps have the right context for each lead.

LeanData also offers account-based lead and contact routing, which helps businesses achieve consistency and better alignment across teams. The app provides real-time insights and analytics, allowing users to track lead routing performance and make data-backed decisions to improve processes.

With LeanData, users can also streamline the lead-to-account matching process, improving sales productivity and reducing errors. The app is Salesforce-native, making it easy to incorporate into existing workflows.


Leveleleven app for Salesforce

Leveleleven has its Salesforce app designed to enhance the effectiveness of sales teams by optimizing sales performance and management processes. It offers a range of solutions to support teams in setting goals, monitoring performance, and enhancing coaching procedures, among other valuable features.

Leveleleven helps sales teams see how they’re doing against their targets so they can make adjustments as required to boost efficiency. Remarkable thing about Leveleleven is that it provides a range of valuable resources, including webinars, training videos, and a blog, to assist users in maximizing their software experience.

Leveleleven provides a comprehensive and data-driven approach to sales management, enabling sales teams to effectively identify areas of potential improvement and enhance their sales strategies.


Qualified app for Salesforce

Qualified app was created with Sales Cloud users in mind and it is Salesforce-native. Its main focus: proactive sales interactions, data-driven insights, lead scoring, and other tools are also available. 

The Qualified app for Salesforce offers a wide variety of integration for sales and marketing teams to improve efficiency. The app may also easily be integrated with other popular services Marketo, HubSpot, and Drift.

Leveraging the Qualified app, Salesforce users streamline tasks, enhance lead routing, and foster better engagement with potential customers. The app has built-in support for major video conferencing tools like Zoom and GoToMeeting, facilitating easy and effective online conferences. 

Also, Qualified offers a diverse range of features including chatbots, lead scoring, and advanced analytics, which can greatly assist businesses in enhancing their sales and marketing processes.

With Qualified flexible API, organizations may experiment with customized solutions designed to match their unique requirements.

On top of this, when it comes to user friendliness, Qualified is the best-rated app on the Salesforce AppExchange.


Pandadoc app for Salesforce

PandaDoc app for Salesforce offers a convenient solution for efficient document creation and management. Users have the ability to conveniently generate proposals, quotes, and contracts, while also being able to easily monitor their progress.

The app additionally provides the valuable benefit of real-time analytics and insights, which can greatly support data-driven decision making.

PandaDoc’s eSignature feature offers a streamlined signature process for contracts and documents.There is also a range of customizable templates that can greatly enhance the ease of document creation.

On top of this, this AppExchange app offers the flexibility to customize permission settings, enabling users to effectively manage document access.


ActiveCampaign app for Salesforce

ActiveCampaign app for Salesforce allows companies to simplify their customer relationship management and advertising campaigns.

With this AppExchange app, information about your customers may be easily sent back and forth between the two systems. Using the ActiveCampaign app, admins will have a better time keeping tabs on client activity and managing promotional efforts.

Additionally, admins may create different groups of contacts depending on how they engage, allowing for more precise marketing. Web tracking and lead scoring are two examples of the integrated features that provide richer understanding of customers.

As an added bonus, the app makes it possible to build marketing automations within the Salesforce ecosystem. 


Jotform AppExchange app

Jotform is a no-code dynamic form builder that allows users to supercharge their business with a number of subproducts and features. Some of their most useful features include auto-generated reports and dashboards, an analytics tool, e-signatures and payment collection. Data collected through Jotform automatically populates Salesforce, eliminating manual data entry. 

Users are able to create dynamic forms and surveys with the intuitive design interface or choose from the thousands of templates available. Teammates can collaborate on different projects and share workspaces. 

Furthermore, the Jotform app can be used as a CRM or project management software as well as an online store. There is no more need for manual data input thanks to the integration between Jotform and Salesforce. Jotform also allows users to automate their sales processes by creating approval workflows, prefilled forms, or integrating with many other marketing and sales tools.

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