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10 Robot Industry Parks in China


By 2025, China will become the birthplace of global robotics technology innovation, the hub of high-end manufacturing and the new highland of integrated application according to the 14th Five-Year Plan for the robot industry development. The operating income of the robot industry will increase by more than 20% annually, and the density of robots in the manufacturing industry will double. 

After years of development, China has built a robot industry chain ecosystem. According to their conditions, all regions of China respond actively to the call to construct robot industry clusters. According to the public information, Ofweek Robot Department has sorted out the situation of ten robot industry parks here. 

Shanghai Robot Industry Park

Approved by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information in 2012, and then successfully incorporated into Baoshan Park in Zhangjiang High-tech Zone in 2014, Shanghai Robot Industry Park became the first pilot zone for transformation and improvement in Shanghai. It integrated robot research and development, design, production, integration, application, exposition, service and training as well as built an internationalized, specialized, intensive, and standardized highland of the robot industry in Shanghai and a benchmark area for the clustering and development of robots and intelligent manufacturing industries in China. 

The Industry Park focuses on professional industries such as Robot+Intelligent Manufacturing. Giant robot companies such as ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, and Yaskawa have their headquarters or bases in Shanghai. Meanwhile, research institutions such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University, and Shanghai Electrical Central Research Institute have been engaged in relevant research for a long time to accumulate energy for the development of the industry. 

Dongguan Songshan Lake International Robot Industry Base (XbotPark)

By linking up resources such as universities, research institutes, companies, and upstream/downstream suppliers in mainland China, Hong Kong, and the world, and by building a complete ecosystem of robots and intelligent hardware, XbotPark, founded in 2014, enables the teams and enterprises to have a core competitive advantage.

XbotPark has successfully incubated more than 60 scientific and technological companies with a cumulative total output value of more than 5 billion yuan. Over 400 robot companies have clustered in the area. The Songshan Lake International Robot Industry Project (Phase I) has also been completed and put into production. The base is to move to a new site in June 2022. And more than 100 entrepreneurs will be nurtured and hatched. 

Shenzhen Nanshan Robot Industry Park

Shenzhen Nanshan Robot Industry Park is the first industry park in Shenzhen with robots as its main body. It makes robots, wearable devices, new sensors, and numerical control equipment as its development goals. It can also break through some technologies such as intelligent sensors, intelligent control, intelligent manufacturing, and information processing as its support. Through technological innovation, demonstration, and application, the first-class domestic industrial base of robots and intelligent equipment with Shenzhen characteristics has been in the park. 

The 14th Five-Year Plan of Shenzhen Scientific and Technological Innovation, published in 2022, points out that technological research should be implemented in new strategic industries, including high-end manufacturing equipment. Specifically, Shenzhen should focus on four strategic emerging industrial clusters, including industrial locomotives, intelligent robots, laser and augmentation manufacturing, precision instruments, and equipment. It will focus on the technical issues in high-end numerical control machine tools, robot-human interaction based on intelligent perception technology, laser chips, stereo-printing, core components of precision instruments and equipment, high-end general scientific devices, construction robots, and so on. 

Changzhou Robot and Intelligent Equipment Industry Park

Changzhou Robot and Intelligent Equipment Industry Park, located in Wujin High-tech Zone, is divided into two parts, including the transformation base of scientific research achievements and the production base of the intelligent equipment industry. It focuses on developing industrial robots, numerical control machine tools, intelligent spinning machines, etc. Companies such as Yaskawa, Nabtesco, Ston, Quick, Jaka Robot, and Aubo have settled in Changzhou. 

In 2022, the government of Wujin District, Changzhou City, issued Several Policies on Supporting the Development of the Robot Industry, and proposed that the sales revenue of the robot industry in the whole region will reach 30 billion yuan by 2025, forming a complete research and development, testing, manufacturing, integrated application industry system, and explicitly set up special funds to guide the development of the industry. 

Shunde Robot Valley

The Robot Valley Project, located in Beijiao Town, Shunde, is invested in and constructed by Shunde Bozhilin Robot Industry Investment Co., Ltd. and is a major industrial construction project in Guangdong Province. The Project focuses on robots and intelligent manufacturing. The company plans to invest at least 80 billion yuan in the field of robots within five years, making robots more widely used in various scenarios, such as construction, community services, house, and home, to create a high ground for the whole industry chain of robots. 

Shunde Robot Valley is a 1+3+3 intelligent technology industry system with the robot industry as the core, with intelligence information, intelligent manufacturing, and construction technology industries as the focus, with personalized and accurate supporting scientific and technological services, productive services, and lifestyle services as the support, and strives to become the first class highland for research and development of robotic technology and industrial clustering in the world. 

Wuhu Robot Industry Park

Wuhu Robot Industry Park is the first national-level of robot industry development clusters in China, with 200,000 m2 of robot manufacturing area. The effect of industrial clustering is becoming sufficient more and more, which covers six major sectors, including industrial robots, core components, system integration, service robots, artificial intelligence, intelligent equipment, and so on. It has formed a whole industry chain development ecology with R&D, investment and financing, application and promotion, talent support, and industrial chain coordination. 

From 2013, there were five companies with an annual output value of fewer than 400 million yuan. By 2020, there were 140 companies in the industrial chain, 82 of which achieved a total output value of 24.12 billion yuan. Wuhu Robot Industry Park has formed a characteristic industrial chain of the whole machine, key components, system integration, and demonstration application, and its robot products are well sold at home and abroad. 

Xiaoshan Robot Town

Established in 2015, Xiaoshan Robot Town is the first provincial-level characteristic town named Robot in Zhejiang Province. At present, well-known companies such as ABB, Siemens Industrial 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center, Kaierda, CITIC HIC Kaicheng Intelligence, and Qianjiang Robot have settled in Xiaoshan Robot Town, which has formed an initial scale of the whole robot industry chain. 

Among them, ABB Group and Yaskawa Electric Machinery set up their bases in the town, and many well-known companies and research institutions such as Siemens Industrial 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Center, Korea Robot Center, CITIC HIC Special Robot, Qianjiang Robot, Robot Hoenix, Zhejiang Intelligent Robot Research Institute have deployed in the robot town. 

Qingdao International Robot Industry Park

Qingdao International Robot Industry Park, located in Qingdao High-tech Zone on the north coast of Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao, focuses on attracting excellent domestic and foreign Robot R&D, manufacturing and application companies, and related supporting companies to settle in as well as introduces more than 200 projects of a high-quality robot industry chain. Robot companies include ABB, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Nachi-Fujikoshi, Siasun, MESNAC Group, Kinger Robot, Baojia Intelligent, etc., located in Qingdao.

Qingdao International Robot Industry Park focuses on building the maximum industrial robot production base in North China. By the end of 2023, the industry park will grow into a robot demonstration park in Shandong and even around the Bohai Sea, featuring R&D, design and application services to cover the entire industrial chain.

Chongqing Liangjiang Robot Industry Park

Chongqing Liangjiang Robot Industry Park, located in the Soil and Water High-tech Zone of Liangjiang New Area, gathers new strategic industries such as semiconductor integrated circuits, biopharmaceuticals, digital medical devices, big data and cloud computing services, robots, and intelligent equipment, and has integrated multiple new strategic industrial projects. It has ABB, Kawasaki, Kuka, Fanuc, Huashu Robot, and other domestic and foreign robot brand companies.

The Work Program for Promoting High-Quality Development of the Robot Industry in Chongqing (2021-2025) proposed that the sales revenue of the robot industry in Chongqing would exceed 50 billion yuan by 2023 and 80 billion yuan by 2025, building a first-class demonstration base for the application of robots and a demonstration zone for industrial innovation and development in China. 

Hunan Industrial Robot Industry Park

Located in the Yuhua Economic Development Zone in Changsha, Hunan Industrial Robot Industry Park has introduced more than 800 companies of all kinds with an investment of more than 40 billion yuan, forming a leading industry of new energy vehicles and parts and a characteristic industry of artificial intelligence and robots. According to public data, the operating revenue of the intelligent industrial robot industry chain in the Yuhua District of Changsha exceeded 10 billion to 10.2 billion yuan in 2019 for the first time, up 27% year on year. 

In terms of the industrial development trend of the park, the robot industry in the Yuhua District of Changsha presents two different development directions, including the industrial robot industry represented by Han’s Laser and CTR Robotics and Automation. The service robot industry, represented by Cofoe, Zixing  AI, and other companies, has formed a large-scale industrial ecosystem.

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