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18 Reminder Email Templates & Examples To Keep Your Audience Engaged in 2024

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Reminder emails are often underestimated, with marketers overlooking their potential as potent marketing instruments.

Reminder emails increase engagement, boost event participation, and drive conversions.

In this article, we’ll highlight the importance of reminder messages and explore 18 simple but effective reminder email templates and examples that get recipients to act in 2024. 

What is a reminder email?

A reminder email is a message that gently prompts recipients to act on something they’ve previously been informed of. It ensures that important information or tasks are not overlooked due to busy schedules or crowded inboxes.

Sending a reminder email is ideal if you want to:

  • Remind someone of an upcoming event or meeting
  • Follow-up after an important meeting
  • Re-engage a subscriber after a break in communication
  • Alert a client about a pending invoice or payment
  • Notify a customer about an upcoming sale or discount

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How to write a reminder email?

Do you want to learn how to send a reminder email that engages recipients? The following are tips to craft an effective reminder email, without sounding too demanding:

  1. Clear subject lines: Use pre-header texts and subject lines that clearly state the purpose of the email. Include relevant details, and if you need help you can use a subject line generator.
  2. Highlight urgency (when relevant): If it requires prompt attention, use words that convey urgency in the subject line and body of the email.
  3. Concise message: Get straight to the point. A lengthy reminder email distracts your recipient from the main purpose of the email.
  4. Friendly tone: Maintain a professional but friendly tone throughout the message. Use words that are firm but not too demanding.
  5. Clear CTA: Strategically position your CTA. Ensure that it clearly conveys the desired action to the recipient.
  6. Show appreciation: Thank the recipient for reading your message and acting accordingly.

Note: Don’t send a reminder email too early. As a rule of thumb, wait at least 24 hours since the most recent communication before sending a reminder email.

10 reminder email templates to keep your audience engaged

In this section, we’ll explore professionally crafted reminder email templates. They’re easy to customize and inspire you to create messages that prompt your recipients to act. 

1. Friendly reminder email

As you may expect, a friendly reminder email uses a friendly tone — but it can also be firm. For instance, a company can send a client a friendly reminder to follow up on an unanswered business email.

Dear [first name],

We just wanted to circle back concerning [subject of email]. If you’ve had a chance to review it, we’d appreciate your thoughts. Your input is valuable to us.

Looking forward to your response.

The [brand name] team

2. Meeting reminder email

A reminder email for a meeting informs recipients about an important meeting. However, this email should also contain specific details such as the time, location, and expected deliverables.

Hi [recipient name],

I hope this email finds you well. This is just a quick reminder about our meeting coming up this [date and time].

I look forward to discussing [meeting purpose]. In the meantime, please confirm your availability for the meeting.


[Your name]

[Position held]

3. Urgent reminder email

This reminder email often uses words that convey a sense of urgency. It’s time-constrained, prompting the recipient to respond as soon as possible.

For example, you could send it to a colleague to approve an upcoming project, or to a client for urgent confirmation of project details.  

Dear [recipient name],

This is an urgent reminder concerning [purpose of email]. We’d like some feedback on this matter as soon as possible.

Please let us know if there will be any further delays so we can plan accordingly.


Team [company name]

4. Payment reminder email

You can send a payment reminder email to notify a client about an overdue payment or invoice. If the payment is due within a few days, you can forward it so the consumer can pay in advance.

Dear [customer name]

This is a gentle reminder of your overdue payment for [invoice number]. Please complete this payment to avoid any disruption to your services.

If you experience any difficulties processing your payment, please reach out and we’d be happy to help.

[invoice attached]

Best regards,

[Company name]

5. Reminder email to a client

If your clients’ delayed response is holding up a project, send a gentle reminder email. 

Dear [client name],

Hope you’re doing well. Between your other commitments, have you had time to take a look at the [project details] I forwarded earlier?

As I cannot proceed without your approval, please let me know your thoughts as soon as possible.

Best regards,

[Your name]

[Position held]

6. Reminder email to colleagues

Not every reminder email goes to a client. Sometimes, you send a reminder email to a colleague to request project updates or follow-up actions.

Hi [colleague name],

I hope you are doing well. Just a quick reminder concerning the project updates for [project details], as we discussed in our last meeting.

Please send them at your earliest convenience.


[Your name]

[Position held]

7. Deadline reminder email

If there’s a project due soon, you can send a deadline reminder email to the team members involved. This notifies recipients of the deadline and confirms if they can deliver on time.

Dear [first name],

This is just a gentle reminder that your project [project details] is due by [deadline time and date].

Kindly confirm if we are still on track and if you can meet this deadline.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


[Your name]

[Position held]

8. Appointment reminder email

This reminder email contains a confirmation text to alert a client about a scheduled appointment. This message ensures the client doesn’t miss the appointment or reschedules ahead of time if necessary. 

We hope this email finds you well. Please be reminded that you have an appointment [appointment details] with us on the [precise date and time] at [appointment location]. Kindly confirm your availability.

We look forward to seeing you!

Best regards,

Team [company name]

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9. Subscription renewal reminder email

If you offer subscription-based services, send a gentle reminder email for your customers to renew their subscriptions. This message lets your clients enjoy uninterrupted access to your services.

Dear [customer’s name],

We hope you are enjoying our [product/service details].

Your subscription will expire on [expiry date and time]. Please renew your subscription to continue getting access to our [products/services].

To stay connected, simply [renewal link/instructions]. Let us know if you encounter any difficulties during payment.

We appreciate your continued support.

Best regards,

Team [company name]

10. Discount expiry reminder email

This reminder email informs customers that their discount code or sale prices are about to expire. It encourages them to shop at discounted rates while they still can. The template below shows how to use a last chance email subject line to prompt the recipient to take action.

Dear [customer name],

We hope you’re enjoying your most recent purchase from us. Please be aware that your discount will expire by [expiry date].

You can still use this code and save on your next purchase before [expiry date]. Hurry now while the offer still lasts!


Team [company name]

8 best reminder email examples for your inspiration

In this section, we’ll show you 8 strategic reminder email examples to help you create your own scroll-stopping reminder emails. 


This is a daily reminder from Duolingo. It addresses the customer by their first name and gets straight to the point of the email. This reminder email makes it easy to take action by keeping it short and easily scannable.

It also uses an engaging visual to show viewers how far they are from their goal. For quick navigation, the CTA easily links viewers to complete the challenge.

Reminder email example by Duolingo

Hotel Drisco

This is an excellent reminder email sample for a hotel reservation at Hotel Drisco. The subject line is warm and welcoming, captivating readers and enticing them to browse through. It also includes multiple contact details to enable the recipient to reach out easily.

This reminder email provides the necessary reservation details. It facilitates a smooth check-in process for the hotel guests and improves the overall booking experience.

Reminder email example by Hotel Drisco


This email from Grammarly is a good example of a subscription renewal reminder email. You can send it before your client’s subscription expires.

It addresses the customer in a friendly way and shows appreciation for their loyalty. The email informs the reader of their subscription renewal and also includes some of the benefits of that subscription. This increases the chances of renewing.

This email also prompts recipients to update their billing information if necessary. It ensures that the subscribers will automatically pay without any hitches.

Reminder email example by Grammarly


This is a typical discount reminder email sample. Its bold subject line entices the recipient with an attractive offer of a free $50 gift. It also uses short, direct copy in the body of the email.

Besides using an attractive CTA and subject line, Handy’s reminder email also nudges recipients into action. It highlights the benefits of its services, which include a 100% money-back guarantee.

Reminder email example by Handy

The School of Life

This reminder email combines a slight sense of urgency with an element of FOMO. The headline offers an attractive discount with a deadline. All these encourage the recipients to buy.

The email highlights the benefits of purchasing the brand’s products and sheds more light on its vision. It also displays highlighted gifts to simplify purchases.

Reminder email example by The School of Life


Frontier’s flight reminder email contains crucial travel information and outlines a helpful trip checklist.

Frontier’s friendly reminder email also includes links to purchase other necessary items for the trip

Reminder email example by Frontier


Tattly’s reminder email combines an attractive discount with short and engaging copy. It’s a friendly reminder email example that also shows how you can use visuals in your message.

Reminder email example by Tattly


This is a booking reminder email from the RV rental company, Outdoorsy. The preheader text is exciting and inviting, which draws the reader in. Although it’s a lengthy email, it captures attention with valuable instructions and information the recipient should know about their trip.

This professional reminder email also contains a convenient map for easy pickup, navigation, and other booking information to streamline the rental process.

Reminder email example by Outdoorsy

Wrap up

A reminder email should be firm but friendly and compelling. Ensure your reminder email contains valuable information about the deadline, meeting, or appointment.

When crafting a reminder email, keep your message direct. Lastly, strategically position your CTAs for the recipient to easily take action.

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