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4 Best Pet Tech Products in 2022


Currently, 70 percent of U.S. households own a pet, up from 67 percent in 2019. With more and more people willing to own a pet, a wave of high-tech pet products is revolutionizing the market. Every entrepreneur and wholesaler in this domain should pick the pace and stock up the smart pet products to capitalize as much as possible.

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The lucrative pet products industry
Four pets products that attract most pet owners
What is next in pet tech products?

The lucrative pet products industry

Every owner shares a unique bond with their furry friend. Besides this, the growing animal healthcare awareness has increased the demand for animal supplies. The recent introduction of smart pet products has taken pet care to a new level. They provide added safety, convenience, and peace of mind to pet owners.

According to Global Market Insights, the pet tech market size surpassed USD 5 billion in 2021. It is now set to grow at a CAGR of about 20 percent from 2022 to 2028. Also, the global industry shipments will exceed 130 million units by 2028. The markets are stocked with several smart pet tech products such as collars, feeders, harnesses, and cameras. This article highlights the most profitable smart pet products that pet companies should stock.

Four pets products that attract most pet owners

Automatic feeder and food dispenser

A busy person with a bored dog by his side

All pets live busy lives. From chasing their tails to going for cat naps, there is one thing they never forget – asking for food!

Likewise, some pet owners have a hyperactive social and work life that disables them from catering to their pets well. This is where an automatic pet feeder and food dispenser come in handy. They serve consistent food portions at regular intervals and give pet parents the liberty to go away for a night or a weekend without worrying about their fur friend starving alone at home.

An attached mic and speaker in some food dispensers enable pet owners to interact with their fur kids and comfort them remotely. In addition to keeping the pets well-fed, some feeders offer options like a laser dot chasing game and food bowls to keep the dog and cat stuff.

A product that lets pet owners get rid of the guilt and gives them the liberty to stay outdoors stress-free is an ideal pet product to invest in. Always prefer the ones with enhanced features and easy functionality.

Smart cat litter box

A stinky cat litter box

Scooping litter has always been a gruesome task for pet owners. To their ease, a variety of smart cat litter boxes are now available in the market.  

An ideal pet product in this domain will dispose of the litter and work with a self-cleaning mechanism. The efficiency of scooping relies on the quality of the smart litter box. Keeping a range of options is a good business decision as people might be looking for various price options.

A clean litter box lets little felines feel safe and comfortable. Perhaps this is why the best pet product brands have focused on cleanliness more than anything. Some pets and owners are finicky regarding pet products like dirty litter boxes or even pet leashes. Products with an odor-controlling feature are an excellent option for users who wish to minimize their trips to the trash cans. Some litter boxes are designed to be used with washable granules that rarely need replacement. Also, a few cat waste boxes have an odor-neutralizing and simple clean-up system that can go as long as a month without changing.

Stainless steel pet water dispenser

A cat drinking from water fountain

A well-hydrated pet tends to stay happy and healthy. The water dispensers are an incredible option for all pet owners who wish to keep an eye on their little munchkin’s water intake. A stainless steel water dispenser often contains features that improve water quality and clean up the ions. Some dispensers will automatically turn the power-off protection when the water is short in the tank. Also, most of these fountains contain a filter to provide clean water to the felines.

Many customers prefer food-grade quality when searching for such pet products, but not everyone has the luxury of visiting the Nashville Pet Products Center frequently. Offering these pet products online will be a sound move by wholesalers and pet product retailers. Ideally, these water dispensers should be easy to clean and assemble. Ensure that the dispensers enable users to control the speed and volume of water.

Intelligent LED pointer toy

A cute cat playing indoors

Cats need mental stimulation to thrive. Without it, they will likely become bored, anxious, and lazy. Eventually, these emotional imbalances compel cats to find other ways to occupy themselves. This translates into destructive behaviors like inappropriate digging, chewing, or urination.

An indoor LED pointer toy could be a sound purchase for cat owners. An exciting light beam moves randomly on the floor, targeting the cats’ natural hunting instinct. This provides cats with a wonderful activity indoors and keeps them proactive. Some toys have a silent motor for changing the light direction. This prevents discomfort for the fur babies and keeps them occupied in the game.

At the same time, some pet products let the pets exercise at a fast pace. For instance, there is a faster light movement that the pets try to catch. This lets them blow off some steam and reignite their strength. On the contrary, snoozer pet products provide a cozy sitting for the pets to rest and restore their energies after an intense game. Many pet owners prefer buying toys and snoozer products simultaneously to ensure their fur kids have all it takes for good growth and simulation.

What is next in pet tech products?

The smart pet products industry is steadily moving towards maturity. This means that entrepreneurs and wholesalers should keep an eye on what is coming in the future. Some highly anticipated trends are:

  • Facial recognition controls for electronic feeders and pet doors
  • Audio-based devices
  • Advanced solution for dog and cat litter
  • Smart wearables to monitor pets’ health
  • Personalized diets and foods
  • Ancestral database of pets

Considering the pace at which smart pet products are growing, there will be many innovations to make lives easier for pet owners. It is integral for suppliers to stock the recent products to ensure their sustainable presence in the market. Staying in the learning loop is necessary to ensure a viable market reputation and fulfill prospects’ needs.


Pet owners are always looking for ways to enhance the comfort of their little buddies. When they find smart pet products to secure their munchkins, they cannot resist the temptation to buy. Pet product suppliers need to maintain an updated product list. When buyers and sellers are on the right page, it is a win-win for all. Over time, they can also conduct surveys and market evaluations to understand what helps them maintain their market relevance.To know more about the smart pet products that are in the rage these days, check out Alibaba.com.

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