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7 Bathroom Makeover Ideas of 2022


Table of contents:
Japandi style bathroom
Vintage accents
All-in-one shower & bath
Merge a bathroom with the outdoors
Spa-like features
Be bold with color and accent pieces
Create contrast and highlight storage space
Make a striking statement

A bathroom remodel can significantly improve the look and feel of a home, allowing consumers around the world to enjoy and appreciate their home more.

After the kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in a home, which means they need regular maintenance and the occasional update or even a complete overhaul. But choosing a brand-new look isn’t always easy. There are so many factors to consider, including the size of the room, fixtures, and flooring materials. And, of course, we can’t forget about the budget.

A bathroom is meant to be a retreat, regardless of the amount of space available. So, let’s look at some bathroom makeover ideas and tips for interior designers to inspire home improvement projects.

1. Japandi style bathroom

Woman in a bathtub next to a plant

In this interior design style, Japanese minimalism merges with Scandinavian functionality. Japandi bathrooms combine the best bits of both styles into the perfect blend of form and function. Here are some japandi style elements to incorporate into a bathroom.

  • Have a tub at the very center of the room. This works best with large graceful tubs like a Japanese-style submersion tub that features long, clean lines. Complete the bath area with plants to create an organic feel.
  • Draw inspiration from Scandinavian elements when it comes to the vanity and countertops. A mix of darker wood and stone countertops will add a touch of hygge to a bathroom.
  • Bring the outdoors in by bathing the room in lots of natural light. From sunlights above showers with full glass walls to outdoor showers, homeowners are looking to let in as much light as they can.

Use natural materials like stone and wood to introduce different textures to the room. Focus on using intentional and functional items.

2. Vintage accents

Accent pieces often add great decorative elements to a home. They don’t even have to boast a practical or utilitarian purpose as long as they draw the eye and add drama to a bathroom space. Incorporating vintage accents into a modern, clean-lined bathroom adds a bit of flair to the room, plus helps create artful yet cozy moments.

Vintage light fixtures, mirrors, and hardware in deep, rich colors will make a bathroom exude warmth and transform it into a sanctuary.

3. All-in-one shower & bath

Modern bathroom interior with freestanding tub

Now, worry not. This isn’t the traditional walk-in shower and tub combo. Rather than a cramped tub featuring a rain head plus shower curtains, try to combine the two bathroom essentials without having to compromise on style. Swap out the curtains for sliding glass or swinging door enclosure to expose the beautiful tile work.

There’s no limit to the choice when it comes to faucets. With motion sensors, mixer taps, or vintage designs, replacing the faucet in a bathroom is a good way to change the feel.

Homeowners are moving away from stainless silver to matte black or vibrant copper. Matching faucets can be used throughout the bathrooms in the house to create a cohesive vibe, or each bathroom can be themed with faucets matching the feel of the house.

As for the tub and shower, combine them or have them in the same space but separate if there’s space. The all-in-one shower and bath is an excellent option for homeowners who enjoy maximizing practicality and convenience.

4. Merge a bathroom with the outdoors

Person in white bath towel sitting on white bathtub

Here’s a great idea for a master bath. Blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors is hardly a new concept in interior design. However, few homeowners have indulged in the luxury of merging their bathrooms with the outdoors.

Bring an outdoor feel to a bathroom by replacing one of the walls with sliding glass doors. If there’s a need for privacy, consider installing a skylight to bring in natural light and improve ventilation. Replace the top half of the walls with long windows or simply bring the bathroom outdoors by making part of the garden or porch more private.

Vanities and customized sinks are set to soar in 2022. Whether homeowners opt for wood designs, marble, or thermally treated laminate, the drawers act as a fantastic organization tool, where extra towels can be stored, or cosmetics and toiletries.

5. Spa-like features

Modern interior design of bathroom with bathtub

Free-standing smart appliances are set to reach homeowners in 2022. From wall-hung toilets that self-clean to freestanding baths, true freedom comes from placing fixtures wherever the mood strikes.

Adding natural elements like plants or pampas grass can create a calming spa-like atmosphere, allowing a homeowner to relax and destress. For deeper, richer colors in bathrooms, having a slab of rich malachite green marble as an accent piece can work some calming magic just as well.

But for a small bathroom, it’s best to expand the space by painting the walls white and mixing them up with blue tiles to give the bathroom a stylish, watery feel.

6. Be bold with color and accent pieces

White ceramic sink and accent pieces

Forget minimalism and basic beige; this bathroom décor style is the polar opposite of japandi. Colored ceramics and brassware allow for braver, bolder design choices, while patterned tiles add depth and texture to a bathroom. Whether it’s hot pink, lime green, or matte black, using loud and bold bathroom tiles can help make a big statement in the house. Let’s face it; there’s something quite exotic about maximalism.

Use big swaths of color, fish scale tiles, and large-scale patterns to bring the ideal bathroom to life. For instance, an eclectic blend of red and white tiles can be as chic as it is unique. Going big and bold is a great way to turn a bathroom into a luxury retreat.

7. Create contrast and highlight storage space

Modern bathroom interior with bath and washbasin

Sometimes less is more. Clean and cohesive tile placements are a fantastic choice for smaller bathrooms as there isn’t much space to work with. Match bold brass accents with traditional white subway tile to create a beautiful bathroom. For a light and airy space, go for ultra-thin grout lines and a bright white color palette.

For extra storage, add bathroom mirror shelf units with cut-out side panels for a contemporary twist. A wall-hung sink is yet another stylish update that can help match or contrast other bathroom fixtures. Highlighting a wall or cabinetry by painting them a different color can transform an otherwise dull bathroom by giving it a modern glam feel.

Make a striking statement

Use these renovation ideas to transform a bathroom into a room of escape. The Japandi trend can help create an indulgent spa-like bathroom complete with double vanity, luxurious bath, and high-performance showers.

But clean lines and a minimalism-inspired aesthetic don’t quite work for everyone. If neutral colors and white paint aren’t an option, don’t hesitate to go loud and bold. A bold bathroom can make a striking statement and still be as calm and comforting as a spa-inspired bathroom.

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