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5 Astounding Women’s Color Trends That Will Reign in Autumn/Winter 2023


As the leaves begin to turn and the temperature drops, fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the latest autumn and winter color trends. As retailers gear up for the autumn and winter season, staying on top of the latest color trends is important.

This season, women’s fashion color palette is all about balance, with a mix of dark and moody shades that convey longevity, as well as gender-inclusive hues, winter brights, and dusted pastels that offer versatility and trans-seasonal appeal.

These trends provide a range of options for small businesses and retailers to incorporate into their collections, catering to a diverse range of customers. Read this article to explore more details of women’s color trends in autumn and winter 2023.

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Summary of the women’s fashion industry
5 top-trending women’s colors for autumn/winter 2023
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Summary of the women’s fashion industry

The global women’s apparel market registered a US$ 915 billion value in 2021. But research predicts the industry will reach US$ 1,165 billion by 2027 while exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.84% over the 2021–2027 forecast period.

The demand for aesthetically pleasing colors in women’s apparel has increased, leading to growth in the market. This trend has been supported by the increasing purchasing power of consumers and improved availability of these products.

5 top-trending women’s colors for autumn/winter 2023

1. Digital lavender

Lady in a lavender dress in lavender field

Digital Lavender is the color of 2023 according to WGSN and it will be the autumn and winter 2023 key fashion trend. It’s a soft and soothing lilac color that is calming and balances the bold fall and winter jewel colors in the palette.

Gen Z and Melinalis are hard-core lovers of this chic color and they are pushing the narrative that lavender is only a spring color. And this color was restricted for formal wear for a long time.

But now this powerful pastel has made its place from runways to parties office wear to casual wear. Women are donning the color of the year in multiple ways.

Lilly Collins in a Lavender dress in Emily in Paris scene

Lilly Collins is an evergreen fashionista. She wore beautiful Lavender dresses and accessories in the show “Emily In Paris”, which is a drama that is a hub of the latest fashion trends. This means that many people take style inspiration from her.

Skirts and shirts are always office wardrobe staples. And this season women are adding splashes of lavender to their basic office closet. They are wearing lavender shirts with skirts and pants for a polished look.

Fashionistas are showcasing their feminine side with sleek beautiful lavender dresses. The most popular dress styles are a lavender corset maxi and a one-shoulder mini dress. Girls are spinning their formal looks with soothing lilac shades.

Ladies are layering a lavender sheer long flare cape and silky pants to create a hyper-feminine and romantic look. This shade looks amazing when wearing its own Y2K bodycon casual dress in the fall and winter seasons. Stylists are recommending it to wear accessories like bags in this color to emulate the fall look.

Stay fit this winter and autumn period by regularly hitting the gym wearing stylish and comfortable Lavender hues gym wear. Brands Nike, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Kelin have introduced many lavender athletic wears this year. Ladies are staying warm and on top of the trend by layering their outfits with a lavender cardigan.

2. Sweet pink

Lady in a pink dress

Valentino’s introduced hyper pink in their fall 2022 fashion show, after which this color spread to every corner of the world. And now, in 2023, this youthful color has emerged as a fresh replacement for hyper pink.

It’s a soft and delicate shade of pink that’s feminine, romantic, and playful. In the autumn and winter of 2023, subdued and paler shades of pink are trending. These shades reflect self-care and love.

This season designers have focused on pretty pink jumpsuits and tailored suits with dresses. Jumpsuits and suits are binders in women’s business wear closets. Women who want to stand out in their office outfits are opting for a two-piece bright feather detailing pantsuit.

Feathers are building momentum this fall and winter seasons. So ladies are injecting this hottest piece of the season into their closets. Ladies that keep their office outlook subtle are choosing the light color pink blazers. A pink jumpsuit is the perfect fall and winter outfit for women of all ages.

A women’s wardrobe is incomplete without a pink dress. Customers looking for formal pink dresses are buying trendy sheer pink dresses. Consumers are elevating simple outfits by accessorizing with pink earnings. 

Sweet pink cord set is the trendiest pick of the season-minimalist yet chic. The Barbie doll aesthetic is a popular social media trend. To incorporate this trend consider pairing pink pieces with other sequined pieces. 

A pink scarf is a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit without going overboard. Girls are creating a cute and casual look with a pink T-shirt and denim lowers in the fall and winter period.

3. Sunny yellow

Lady in a yellow dress holding a sunflower

Dopamine brights are going nowhere in 2023 as brands like Burberry, Nina Ricci, and Jil Sander have showcased a variety of sunny yellow outfits on the runway. It’s a bright and cheerful shade of yellow that represents optimism, energy, and happiness.

Sunny yellow is considered a summer color but this year it will brighten gloomy fall and winter wardrobe. Autumn and winter  2023 yellow shades are towards versatility, gender inclusiveness, and trans seasonality.

The key trend to wearing sunny yellow is to add a statement to the look by either wearing it head to toe or combining it with other soft pastels or seasonal dark for a fresh combination.

There are a variety of yellow pieces to wear as a head to toe. Girls that love to wear it as a statement piece are wearing it in these ways:

  • A yellow jumpsuit lends a refreshing look
  • A stylish lapel outfit and long trench coat offers timeless sophistication
  • A structured yellow mini dress is great for cocktails and parties
  • A yellow long dress for is ideal for a romantic touch

On top of this, ladies who love unique autumn looks are pairing yellow blazers and printed yellow pants, while prints add a great twist to any look.

For an unexpected pop of zest, women are wearing yellow jackets with white pants, while those who are slightly more subtle about it are adding it to their accessories, like yellow boots and sunglasses.

Yellow turtlenecks add a touch of vibrancy to an outfit. Girls are pairing them with black pants or soft pastel pants to stay trendy this fall and winter season.

4. Neutrals

Lady in a neutral pant suit sitting on a chair

Women’s autumn and winter wardrobe is incomplete without neutrals. And they are here to stay in the autumn and winter 2023 women’s wardrobe. Many influencers are creating Instagram and Pinterest feeds with neutral-shade outfits.

As it fits well with the current minimalist trend, offers a timeless and chic look, and creates aesthetically pleasing Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds.

Neutrals have gained popularity in the cold season as customers are buying thoughtfully and purchasing more versatile, practical, and sustainable pieces. And neutral shades serve all purposes. This fall and winter the favorite neutral shades are oat milk and parchment.

The key to standing out in this color is to style it from head to toe.  Women are creating multiple classic pared-back looks with neutral shades.

Corsets have a major moment in 2023 and women are happily adding this edgy piece to their closets. Women are rocking it as a solo piece and layering it over an elegant dress. Women are pairing a neutral corset top with a brown-shade skirt for an effortlessly elegant look.

Girls are pairing neutral straight-leg trousers with brown cami tank tops for a put together look. Women that love simple and casual looks are wearing T-shirt style short dresses.

Pretty feminine, elegant comfort and lowkey luxury are 2023 famous fashion trends. And women are fully enjoying these trends with their neutral shades outfits.

Girls are incorporating a pretty feminine theme with a halter mini dress. Skirt dresses are waistline best buddies and execute old-school charm.

Fashionistas are acing an elegant comfort theme in pleated top skirt outfits and midi pencil skirt outfits. Ladies are nailing a low-key luxury trend with layering pieces like knitted turtlenecks and power pant suits.

5. Luscious red

Lady in a red dress in desert

Luscious red is the unapologetic most vibrant and bright color of autumn and winter 2023. It continues to dominate as commercial and familiar bright with the trans-seasonal appeal.

This bold and daring color adds drama to any outfit and makes a statement. Ladies are wearing it head to toe to create an eye-catching and bold look.

For a head-to-toe, red look women are pairing the red coat with the red dress and a red button-down shirt with a red mini skirt. For an extra glamorous look, they are adding red heels and red socks. Socks with heels are trending on runaways and social media.

Girls are using it in simple silhouettes for commerciality such as red knitwear sweaters, long cardigans, and mini dresses. Boudoir dressing, refined punk, and refined fetish are current fashion themes.

Red is the official color of Christmas and new year parties. Fashionistas should choose luscious red to harness these themes in this party season.

Boudoir dressing is a style that incorporates lingerie-inspired clothing and delicate fabrics.

To nod to the boudoir dressing theme women are choosing delicate short lace dresses and off shoulder lace dresses.

Refined punk refers to punk-inspired fashion that’s elevated and sophisticated. Red velvet and long half sleeve ruffles and sequin dress are perfect options for this theme. Refined fetish is a style that incorporates leather, latex, and other fetish-inspired elements, so wearing luscious red in this context adds a seductive and daring element to an outfit.

Red faux skirt midi and leather biker jacket are a true match to follow a refined fetish theme. Customers have started searching for autumn and winter appeals and accessories so it’s the best time for retailers to add red products to the stock.

Final thoughts

As women are making more considerable purchases retailers need to create a palette that balances seasonal newness and longevity. Select versatile and trans-seasonal appeal colors.

The key is to be playful with colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with dopamine bright this season for a fresh touch. Digital lavender is the color of 2023. Embrace this color and add it as a mandatory color to your collections to attract more customers.

Balancing the color palette is paramount this fall and winter period. Retailers can therefore invest in sunny yellow, sweet pink, neutrals, and luscious red to connect with buyers and generate more sales in autumn/winter 2023.

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