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7 Top Women’s Denim Trends for Spring/Summer 2023


Denim is an essential fashion staple in most women’s wardrobes. The market is constantly evolving and focusing on introducing new and innovative trends. The season’s key women’s denim trends are maximalism, loose fits, and relaxed silhouettes.

This article will break down the latest women’s denim trends for spring and summer 2023 to help businesses boost their sales.

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An overview of the women’s denim market
What are women’s denim trends for spring and summer 2023?
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An overview of the women’s denim market 

The market value of denim fabric was valued at 21.8 billion US dollars in 2020, and it’s predicted to hit 26 billion US dollars in 2026, registering a CAGR of 2.81 % from 2020 to 2026.

Moreover, the women’s denim market share is larger than the men’s and will reach over USD 70 million at the end of 2023.`According to the same report, Blue jeans are the most-selling denim item, and their sales value will increase to approximately 71 billion US dollars in 2027.

Acceptance of casual wear in the workplace, sustainable material, and multiple ways to wear it are the major reasons for denim’s popularity.

Also, the growing interest in casual wear is another key factor that contributes to the women’s denim market.

What are women’s denim trends for spring and summer 2023?

Denim cargo pants

 young lady rocking a distressed cargo pants

The 90s-inspired cargo pants are trending but with more comfort and pocket designs. This trend has ruled Cophenhagen fashion week and worldwide street style fashion.

Denim cargo pants will be one of most favorite garments of 2023, thanks to their durability and functionality. In S/S 2023, consumers will see more cargo pants with a relaxed fit and baggy shapes.

Female youthful consumers who love unconventional styles are styling cargo denim with denim corsets and denim bralettes. Shades of indigo, bleached, washed, and overdyed green adds style and freshness to cargo jeans.

Denim cargo pants are versatile as women customers can wear them for day and night outfits. 

Denim dress

light wash loose fit denim dress

Dresses are always women’s first choice to look elegant and classy. Recent designer catwalks prove that more women invest in denim dresses during spring.

Big fashion houses, including Ganni, Chloe, Loewe, Burberry, Diesel, and Saint Laurent, included feminine denim dresses in their spring 2023 shows. “One-piece dressing” is a strong theme for summer/spring 2023, with denim dresses leading the way.

Strappy denim dresses, maxi denim dresses, and flared denim dresses are the most popular denim dresses for this hot season. Recycled cotton, Tencel, laser treated organic cotton are preferred materials for spring-summer denim dresses.

Designers have transformed denim dresses from casual dresses into well-constructed structured gowns. Bleached-out denim dresses are also part of many designers’ collections. 

Denim shorts

woman in denim shorts

Denim shorts are timeless fashion staples that can never go out of the spring-summer season trend. Mini denim shorts are summer wardrobe essentials, regardless of the trends.

Women’s long denim shorts are swiftly making their place in trendsetters’ closets. They are also known as Bermuda denim shorts and are the most in-demand trend of summer/spring 2023.

Chic Bermuda shorts are a good alternative to full-length jeans. They are perfect for comfy parties and heavy duties activities.

As this is a utility-influenced denim era, long denim shorts include details like triple-needle stitching, patch pockets, and double-knee reinforcement. In addition, women are going for recycled cotton and tencel blend material for a more premium look.

Denim skirts 

long denim skirt and women's legs

Another notable denim item for spring and summer trends is the denim skirt.

Recent fashion runways of 2023 fashion expos showcase the different lengths of denim skirts in their collections. Maxi skirts, mini skirts, and knee-length skirts have their major moments on catwalks.

The low-waisted longer lengths will be dominant over other skirts. Valentino and Chanel debuted their fashion shows with low-rise skirts. At the New York spring fashion week 2023, Altuzarra, Marni, and Ulla Johnson supported denim maxi skirts with cargo pocket details. Interestingly, denim maxi skirts are a perfect option for modest wear.

To cater to Gen Z’s appetite for customization and upcycling, fashion designers have introduced patchwork skirts made from surplus fabrics and multi coloured skirt.

Female fashionistas are channeling the bohemian vibe by wearing denim patchwork with different color skirts and multi-color denim skirts. Influencers are also rocking the patchwork denim skirt on the streets and on social media.

Young female customers prefer mini skirts for a cute and casual look. Gen Z is also investing more in Grunge-style mini skirts.

To add freshness to the outfit, Gen Z is ditching typical blue color mini skirts for pink denim skirts and black mini denim skirts.

Denim jackets and blazers

Woman wearing an embroidery denim jacket

Basic is out, and novelty is in for spring and summer 2023. Female consumers are looking for more unique denim jackets this season, like, pearl, cropped, monogrammed, printed, and embellished denim jackets with ripped and frayed styles. Moreover, customers also prefer pink, flaxen, green, and bleached blue shades for denim jackets.

Wide Cuffs, crochet sleeves, collarless jackets, abstract desert landscapes across the back of jackets, and big pockets are the main details of 2023 women’s denim jackets.

Females can opt for denim blazers, if they feel these trendy denim jackets are flashy. High-contrast 80s-inspired wash highlights the sharp shape of a denim blazer. It’s a perfect option for office wear, giving ladies a more polished and classy look. A denim blazer also gives a more put-together look for virtual or online meetings.

Bootcut jeans

This season, bootcut jean has taken the street-style world by storm, keeping up with the trend of the early 90s and vintage fits. As a result, more female customers are drawn towards bootcut jeans with creased details, carpenter pockets, and front stitch details. 

The front stitch enhances the shape of simple bootcut jeans. Nowadays, more manufacturers are adding front stitch with pintuck and cut & sew techniques to create a defined look. In addition, sellers should consider investing in sustainable fabrics like cottoned hemp blended with Tencel to reduce the amount of virgin cotton. Also,  recycled polyester is another excellent option that adds comfort and stretch.

Laser finish acid wash boot cut jeans with over-dyed shades like brown, turquoise, and pink are the most in-demand spring-season item.

Denim on denim 

Woman wearing a denim on denim bottom and top

The denim-on-denim trend, also called the Canadian tux, will continue to rule in 2023, and all spring fashion shows pointed to this trend.

This fashion staple is a Britney Spears-inspired double denim trend reminiscent of Y2K captivated fashionistas. GenZs and brave-hearted female consumers love thistrend because it’s beyond the basic jeans and denim shirt combo.

In short, consumers will go crazy for this trend in 2023 with different denim combinations like unique skirts over pants, and jeans with denim bra tops and bodices.

Wrapping up

Women’s denim seems to be a ruling trend in spring/summer 2023 runaways, with big brands adding them to their top collections.

Throughout spring fashion weeks, grunge, goth, and alt-girl fashion trends gained more popularity. During these showcases, there were many denim outfits featuring graphic finishes, bleached, acid-washed, and slashed treatments that give an angsty vibe.

The colors in this trend range from dark and moody to bright, saturation-filled colors like electric blue and orange, giving an apocalyptic theme. 

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